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    Default A Simple "Thank You"

    I know it is only one-droll over loot card, however I offer it to you, Rich and the rest of the team, which created this awesome game! Thank you for enabling us to spend hours and hours playing it, laughing and enjoying all the fun you prepared for us, players all over the world.

    It was rather difficult to get it to Czech Republic, it lasted 4 months, however it was soooooooooooo worth it! I am glad to be among those, who own this game, because you have made a good job creating it and I am most thankful for that...


    (I am sorry if I was supposed to post it somewhere else, however I could'nt find any other place to post it...)
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    Default Re: A Simple "Thank You"

    I'll second that. I finally got my D&D group to play a game this past weekend after months of trying to convince them that they would love it (they all read the comic). As I knew they would, the guys had a blast. It was a nice change of pace from playing with my wife and non-D&D friends... finally some PvP combat! Dorukan's Amulet changed hands quite a bit.

    And as I am wont to do in nearly every post in this sub-folder, I'm curious if anyone out there knows anything about the expansions we heard about so long ago...?

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