Since my Search Fu failed me, I'm now asking for help.
Like everyone those days does, I am working on my little own 3.75E. It is a mixture of fixes I found and liked (such as Fax' Paladin), own ideas and generally accepted corrections.
Now one of my attempts to balance spellcasting a little bit better is to tone wizards and sorcerers down to max. 7th lvl spells (while giving them class features) and make specialized casters (similar to Beguilers or Dread Necromancers) that cannot learn spells not on their list but have access to high level spells. (I know this idea isn't exactly new)
At the moment I think I'll have Warmage (Evocation, Buffs, Combat spells), Beguiler (Enchantment, Illusion), Necromancer (Necromancy, Debuffs), Summoner (Conjuration, Buffs) and Transmuter (Transmutation) while Abjuration and Divination spells are distributed as fitting (maybe I'll decide to make a Diviner and/or Abjurer as well, not sure yet).

Now I have some problems:

1. D&D 3.5 has THOUSANDS of spells. I would need to make a list of any spell in any book that ever was, then maybe nerf and/or reschool it and see which caster(s) should be able to lern it.
My dear lords and ladies, that is too much for one alone.
2. What should I do with Druids and Clerics? (apart from makings the cleric's personal buffs into touch range spells). And what with Psions? Aren't those much more powerful then?