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Thread: Improved Grab

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    Default Improved Grab

    What easy ways are there to get Improved Grab on a character? I've got a fun concept I'm looking at, but I need Improved Grab to make it work.
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    Default Re: Improved Grab

    Barbarian Variant: Bear Totem. I think you give up Fast Movement for Improved Grab.
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    Default Re: Improved Grab

    Illithid Heritage + Any Illithid Heritage feat + Illithid Grapple gives a natural tentacle attack that can also grab on a hit. It's from Complete Psionic, and is pretty stupid and feat heavy, but the tentacle attack grabs enemies within 1 size category, instead of just 1 size smaller.

    Scorpion's Grasp. Easy prereqs for a grappler, and works with unarmed strikes and light weapons. From Sandstorm

    Bear Warrior prc from Complete Warrior gets the ability to turn into a Brown Bear every rage, which has improved grab. Druids can also wildshape into animals with improved grab.

    Lastly, there's polymorph.

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    Default Re: Improved Grab

    Geomancer can get it as a stage 4 drift (available earliest at Geomancer level 7, which is not as bad as it sounds since it gives ful spellcasting progression, but only if you can get easy entry by Precocious Apprentice or Alternate Spell Source).
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