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Thread: Ooze BBEG idea

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    Default Ooze BBEG idea

    Okay, i'm not sure what to say, as this is my first character posting, but I decided to try creating a sentient ooze using the Fiendish and Phrenic templates (in that order). By regular CR rules, it is a CR 16 (7 base for Black Pudding, 6 from levels, +3 from fiend template, +2 for psionics, for a total CR of 16), consisting of an unoptimized fighter, rogue, cleric, and wizard party of around that level.

    Basically, the idea is that this creature has figured out it can self-replicate, given time to grow under the surface. Its "offspring" focus on consuming metals (it does not matter which), as well as trees and people from the outside world whenever it is nighttime. Not sure if a black pudding can survive in the sunlight for long, even if it is fiendish.

    It makes full use of psi-like abilities for offense, domination, healing, teleportation, and shielding. I'm not sure how you should rule its splitting power. Should they split uses of psi-like abilities, share them from the same pool as before splitting (not sure I like that), or be able to use them in concert (tested)? Even so, should separate pieces regenerate HP and powers given time and sustenance?

    Battles are usually began with it ambushing from ceilings and above cracks (crushing or grappling foes potentially, but i'm not sure how the former works), and having proportions of itself escaping through thin tunnels should the battle go awry. I just tested this, and while the party defended itself without any losses, two portions escaped as planned beforehand.

    The party's gear was destroyed easily though, thanks to continued grapple damage (yes!)

    I am nowhere near satisfied, however. I need to know, is it perhaps too weak? I do plan on giving it more HD, but that should be a last resort, really. I want to see if I should switch levels, perhaps go for some other class.

    Here it is. Rwatnewere, the Fiendish, Phrenic Black Pudding Fighter. I am still wondering if I should get another class, like Ranger.

    The gold at the bottom is WBL of a level 20 character. I don't see how an ooze could hold items (susceptible to acid unless made of stone), so I spent the money on stat increases from manuals and tomes (+5 to STR, CON, and CHA). I know feats and skills are not done. This is still a work-in-progress.
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    Default Re: Ooze BBEG idea

    Please, please, please do not give it WBL for a level 20. If your players defeat this...they are going to be wealthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Shadows View Post
    Spell Mastery. Seriously a Wizard without Spell Mastery is like a Fighter without Weapon Focus: possible, but why?

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    Default Re: Ooze BBEG idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Olo Demonsbane View Post
    Please, please, please do not give it WBL for a level 20. If your players defeat this...they are going to be wealthy.
    The gold is merely "effective" for tomes. They get no actual treasure at all; ignore the gold that's there now. The ooze would have consumed any gold it had in the first place to propagate spawn.

    The Well of Many Worlds is something to explain how it can spread from plane to plane. I wonder if there's a less tangible way (or some way to anchor it in place).
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