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    Default [d20]Priest class

    Found no thread that fit, so it's a new one.

    For my homebrew setting, the standard D&D clerics don't seem appropiate to me. So I decided to make a new priest class.

    Essentially, it's the cleric, but with d6 Hit Dice, 4 Skill points, and only simple weapons and light armor and shields. Domains and turn undead remain as they are. Priests of any alignment can spontaneously cast both cure and inflicht spells.

    My idea of the priest, is a mostly supporting class. They are not meant to deal much damage or to kill enemies themselves at all. In combat, they are meant to stay back and support the action with their spells.[*]Healing wounded party members.[*]Making party members stronger.[*]Increasing party members protections.[*]Slowing down and hindering enemies.
    I think they can also get some minor direct damage spells like searing light, so they can contribute when there's nothing that demands their assistance during the round. But no Holy Word, Slay Living, or Firestorm.

    Obviously, this class is a complete whimp when thrown into 1 on 1 battle against... well almost anything. But in our group, games are not so much about completely devestating and anhilating armies of monsters. It's much more about explorations, discovery, and plots, where it's acceptebale and often required to retreat or negotiate, as bloodshed is usually at best avoided if possible. It's also rather low- to mid-level.
    So it's not that important that the priest can take on enemies alone, but can contribute significantly to the parties success.

    I guess this class is very similar to the shaman from Oriental Adventures. Maybe someone has some experiences with that class and knows if it has faults that I should avoid with the priest. But I would also like to hear some suggestions about what spells to add or avoid to this class, or if there are some feats that would go very well with it, that I should take a look at?

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    Default Re: [d20]Priest class

    You might want to take a look at my homebrew priest class. It's essentially the same concept, but I also added a few abilities that relate to the concept of the priest as a community leader (distinct from the community divine domain).

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