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Thread: Dwelfs! [Race]

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    Default Dwelfs! [Race]

    I originally posted this in the d20 forum, but when things got moved, mine went to Friendly Banter and then disappeared (apparantly). So here they are again...


    "What do you get when you cross a dwarf with an elf?"
    "Cold fusion!"

    The almost-unheard of crossing of Dwarven and Elven genetics means that currently only the most staunch researcher has heard of Dwelfs (not Dwelves). Despite this, they are becoming more and more common as both parent races become less xenophobic. Dwelfs stand four and a half to five foot tall, weigh around 140 to 180 pounds on average, and have brown or gray eyes. Males usually have trim, short beards. They have no body hair besides that on their head and face. Dwelfs maintain some of their Dwarven parent's toughness and their Elven parent's grace; however, they face several genetic problems.

    Dwelfs do need to sleep, but the mingling with Elven blood gives the entire fledgeling race a propensity towards insomnia. Let it never be said that Dwelfs are morning people. The Elven metabolism also voids any Dwarven resistance to toxin; quite the opposite is true. Dwarves rely on small purifying glands in their bloodstream for their enhanced toxin resistance, and with these glands noneffective in their progeny, Dwelfs are the cheapest drunks you'll ever meet. They maintain a very long lifespan, quite nearly that of their Elven parent. Finally, the wildly differing muscle structure of their parents make Dwelfs less powerful than they appear to be.

    Most Dwelfs are raised in either Dwarven society, or else in fringe outsider communities. The lack of Dwelfs that live in Elven society is more due to the parents' worrying about rejection than it is about actual rejection - while most peoples' minds boggle at the idea of the pairing, the handful of Dwelfs that exist face little in the way of scorn from their fellows. Curiously, for a race that has no patron god of their own, Dwelfs have a very strong spiritual bend. Those that do not enter the clergy are nonetheless zealous in their chosen faith, although rarely overbearing or "preachy".

    *+2 con, -2 str. Dwelves are hardy, but their musculature isn't as efficient as it should be.

    *Medium size

    *Base speed: 30 feet. Dwelfs can maintain their speed when wearing medium armor or heavy armor and a light load.

    *Dwelfs are humanoid with both the Dwarf and Elf subtypes.

    *Dwelfs are entitled to a search check (as Elves) when passing a hidden door.

    *+2 on Balance, Move Silently, and Tumble checks. Dwelves are naturally graceful.

    *Darkvision (30 feet), Low Light Vision

    *Insomnia: If a Dwelf is roused from slumber before getting a full night's rest, then they take a -1 penalty on all rolls for three hours after awaking.
    (Alternate rule: Dwelfs need an extra two hours to get a full night's sleep. If they are roused early, they take a -1 penalty on all rolls for a number of hours equal to 1 1/2 times the number of hours they were awakened before time.)

    *Toxin problems: Dwelves take a -2 penalty on Fortitude saves against any sort of poison, and a -3 against the effects of alcohol in particular.

    *Automatic languages: Common, and Elvish or Dwarven. Additional languages: Elvish, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Orc, Giant, Goblish.

    *Favored class: Cleric.


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    Default Re: Dwelfs! [Race]

    This is a truly unholy union... It's just wrong... So very, very wrong....

    I love it. >=)
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    Default Re: Dwelfs! [Race]

    my god. slightly distubing. but also... awesome
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    Default Re: Dwelfs! [Race]

    Two year necromancy?

    That's like epic spells...
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    Default Re: Dwelfs! [Race]

    +2 Dex
    -2 Con
    +2 Con
    -2 Cha

    Why should the net result be +2 con, -2 str?
    +2 dex, -2 cha would be way better flavor & logic wise

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