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    Default Anima Mage (Binder) Appreciation Thread

    So I was flipping through Tome of Magic again, but instead of jumping around the back to Truenamer like I usually do, I decided to give the Binder a second look. It still seemed rather... quirky... to me. But then I saw one of the greatest PrCs I'd ever laid eyes on: the Anima Mage.

    It was love at first sight. Both the mechanical and roleplay opportunities are endless. At first I thought binders had weaker flavor than shadowcasters and truenamers but the sheer oomph of this class knocked the wind clear out of me.

    Mechanical Bonuses:
    Turn vestiges into metamagic;
    Full DUAL caster progression;
    Trading vestige abilities for spell slots (of any level you can access!);
    Gain an (unnamed!) Initiative bonus every time you make a good pact;
    Immediate action any spell once per day, which becomes Stilled and Silenced for free (if I read that right...)

    Roleplaying Opportunities:
    Hiding eerie signs from your party members;
    A laundry list of wacky influences (which are even optional, although penalties apply;)
    Opportunities to play riddles/word games/arm wrestle/staring contests with your DM, with circumstance bonuses to your binding check riding on the outcome;
    Keeping a wary eye out for witch hunters in every village;
    Living a double life: mild-mannered party wizard by day, covert summoner of the unknowable by night (or whenever each particular vestige demands to be summoned

    Has anyone ever played this class and come away with some stories to share? Are there any good builds I should know about? Is there another class with this much crazy flavor and mechanical goodness? (Besides Planar Shepherd obviously!) Is it possibly too good to be true?

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    Default Re: Anima Mage (Binder) Appreciation Thread

    Played it, it leads to some crazy interactions. And trust me Binder is the best of the 3 base classes in that book for flavor, and mechanics. The shadow caster, oh blah, blah blah, I like shadows, bla, bla SLA prgression, bla, bla, Not particularly original. The Truenamer is just buggy. Binder, amuzing flavor of a person effectivly allowing themselves to become partially possessed to gain a form of magic. All of the vestiges have interesting stories behind them. Binder is the best 1/3 of the book. Anima mage is probably the best dual progression class that i have seen.
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