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    Default Adventurer Base Class Help

    I am currently making an adventurer class. It is a sort of "pick your class features" thing. Sort of like the adventurer from BESM d20.

    Anyway, what i have so far is:
    *Medium BAB
    *One good save of their choice (like the generic classes)
    *A central specialization (arcane, divine, stealth, martial [as in martial adept], wild, incarnum, and psionic [other specializations are undecided])
    *Certain class feature choices at each level (maybe a point system?)
    *And, for arcane or divine specializations, 0-6th level casting

    I need help with how to distribute the abilities among the levels.

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    smile Re: Adventurer Base Class Help

    Have you checked out the generic classes in unearthed arcana? If not look them over they sound allot like what you are doing.
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    Default Re: Adventurer Base Class Help

    Given that the Class would allow somebody the freedom of choice, What is to make them use it over The other classes? Say Somebody wanted to be a Arcane Caster.. Once they've made that choice, what would turn them towards the adventurer class v.s. say going Wizard? Or did you mean to use it as the only class and have the players all go off of that?
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    Default Re: Adventurer Base Class Help

    The adventurer is customizable, imagine a divine spellcaster with the ability to rage and find traps.

    There are many combination that can be made that are uncommon and can make a good yet flavorful character.

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    Default Re: Adventurer Base Class Help

    How about something like this for the point system: You could pick anything on the list if you have enough points for it and certain things would have certain values. For example:

    Arcane spellcasting: Advances your spellcasting as if takeing one level of Wizard. (4 points)

    Rage: Allows you to rage as a first level Barbarian. (2 points)

    Improved saves: Boosts your bad saves by 1 point. (1 point)

    You would gain more points as you level, and abilities that fit in with your chosen specialization would have a reduced point value.

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