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    Default MacArthur's Folly IC

    MacArthur's Folly


    July, 1950, the Korean War is in full swing as UN troops march across the 38th parallel into North Korea. The day after, Chinese forces in Manchuria mobilize and enter North Korea. As fighting begins, General Douglas MacArthur places a phone call to U.S. President Harry Truman. MacArthur suggests a full nuclear strike against the Chinese, and after several hours of argument, prevails on Harry Truman to once again order a nuclear attack on America's enemies.

    In August of 1950, American bombers based in Japan drop atomic weapons on Beijing and a number of other important Chinese cities. The government of China is effectively beheaded, and degenerates into a series of feuding successor governments.

    The Soviet Union's retaliation is swift, though their newer and smaller atomic program has only produced smaller numbers of less powerful warheads, they use their own warheads on the UN troops in South Korea, Seoul, and Japan. Soon both superpowers' nuclear bombers are striking targets all over the world, and World War Three, the world's second nuclear war, is in full swing. Both the US and Russia are on the receiving end of a number of atomic weapons, and much of industrialized Russia and the Eastern Seaboard of the US are in flames, but the real loser is Europe. As Soviet troops sweep across Europe, conquering the United States' allies, atomic warfare becomes the norm on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

    World War Three: An abridged history

    August 1st, 1950: American bombers destroy important Chinese cities and the Chinese army in the wake of the Chinese invasion of North Korea. By September, what remains of the Chinese government is consumed by civil war.

    August 2nd, 1950: Soviet bombers drop atomic weapons on U.N. Forces in Korea, and, after a brief air battle against the surprised U.N. forces, major cities all across Japan and South Korea. Soviet forces stream across the Iron curtain all across Europe, taking Berlin and pushing into central Europe and western Germany.

    August 3rd - 31st: The conflict effectively ends in the Pacific theater when American forces decimate the Soviet pacific fleet, destroy Vladivostok and its associated cities, and occupy what remains of the Soviet pacific coast. The advance stalls a couple of miles from the coast, as supply lines across the Russian steppes would be too long to support a full-scale invasion without further planning.

    Full-scale nuclear war ensues in Eastern Europe. Both sides deploy tactical atomic weapons with impunity, and most of European Russia is destroyed when American air superiority pushes through a group of atomic-armed bombers. The Soviet war machine on the ground pushes into France on the western front, and as far south as Yugoslavia. London, Paris, Rome, Marseilles, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Kiev, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and many other cities disappear beneath mushroom clouds.

    September: Unsupplied and facing imminent atomic destruction, the Soviet forces are on the verge of surrender when a daring raid by the Soviet air force sneaks through the US radar net (compromised by the American Communist Party) and destroys most of the Eastern Seaboard. In the confusion, the Soviet army escapes and establishes defensive positions in the Alps and Western Germany.

    October 1950 – December 1952: A war of attrition ensues in Europe, as neither side has many more atomic weapons (though the occasional mushroom cloud lights the sky) or much of an air force remaining. The battle lines remain mostly static, though naval warfare picks up when the Soviet navy sneaks through the Arctic in summer of 1951 and cuts off the American forces in the Eastern USSR, forcing the US forces to retreat into Korea. Wave after wave of emigrants flee Europe, mostly for the southern hemisphere, particularly Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa.

    January 1953 – July 1953: The United States launches a massive offensive in Europe, landing in the Baltic and Adriatic seas and hitting the entrenched Soviet forces from three directions. The outnumbered, starved and undersupplied Soviet forces are forced into full retreat, withdrawing from Europe very quickly. It looks like the final defeat of the Soviet Union is at hand.

    August 2nd, 1953: Argentina detonates an atomic weapon on Gough Island, in the south Atlantic, becoming the third nation to develop nuclear weapons. Argentina, Brazil, India, Australia and South Africa all call for an immediate ceasefire, and threaten war on both sides in very blunt language unless they get their way. The USSR readily agrees, and President Eisenhower reluctantly bows to overwhelming public support for peace.

    August 5th, 1953: Brazil test-fires an atomic weapon on Gough Island; the CIA and KGB uncover that much of the Southern hemisphere was working cooperatively on an atomic program during the war, using secrets leaked from fleeing scientists from both superpowers.

    August 7th, 1953: A ceasefire is signed between the US and the USSR. Europe is temporarily split into two occupation zones.

    August 12th, 1953: South Africa test-fires an atomic weapon.

    August 18th, 1953: Australia test-fires an atomic weapon.

    August 25th, 1953: India test-fires an atomic weapon.

    August 30th, 1953: The Treaty of Pretoria, an armistice between the United States and the Soviet Union is signed. It is heavily influenced by the emergent Southern hemisphere powers, and surprisingly neutral in treatment of both parties. It calls for the staged removal of US and Soviet forces from Europe to pre-World War two boundaries. The few remaining inhabitants of Europe rejoice at this, though the devastation is immense.

    The game begins in 1954, with the world still devastated from the aftermath of WW2 and WW3. Nuclear winter is setting in, the global economy is a joke, and tension and suspicion run very high all over the world. The only real bright spots are South America, Australia and the Middle East, as the only areas mostly unscathed by the US-Soviet war or the lesser wars between them.



    Blue: The United States of America (NOT PLAYABLE)
    Red: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
    Orange: China, Communist (CC)
    Yellow: China, Nationalist (CN)
    Light Orange: China, Tibet (CT)
    Light Blue: India
    Dark Green: Argentina
    Light Green: Brazil
    Maroon: South Africa
    Dark Blue: Australia
    Purple: Mexico
    Salmon: Canada
    Tan: Egypt
    Light Brown: Iran
    Brown: Spain
    White: Israel



    Dashes indicate stats that cannot currently be improved, as technology is unavailable. Zeros indicate stats that can be improved through spending, but do not exist currently. Population may not be purchased.

    Stat explanations:
    Space and WMD obey special cost rules: they cost (10 - ½ the number of other nations to reach this level) wealth per point.
    WMD: A general indicator of the level of integration that atomic weapons have in your military. 0 indicates an active nuclear weapons program, - indicates no research or very preliminary research.
    1: The first test-explosion has been completed and small atomic weapons may be deployed from bombers
    2-3: Your stockpile has grown, and tactical weapons mounted on short-range missiles may be deployed by ground forces.
    4-6: Larger weapons are available, and the nation possesses a moderate-sized nuclear arsenal. Atomic bombers based on carriers are a standard feature of your navy. The USSR used an arsenal of about this size in WW3.
    7-8: You have a truly massive stockpile of weapons that can bring an enemy to their knees. The US used an arsenal of about this size during WW3.
    9-10: You have perfected staged-fusion weapons (Hydrogen bombs), and can deploy them from bombers (if you don't have a space program) or ballistic missiles (if you do).
    11-12: You have established multi-warhead technology and extremely high-yield nuclear weapons. Your stockpile is massive.
    13+: You nuclear stockpile is large enough to destroy the entire surface of the Earth at least once. Above this level, it just increases the number of warheads.

    - : Your nation does not possess the expertise or infrastructure to launch space expeditions
    0: Your nation has the technology to start a space program but has not yet done so.
    1: Your nation has launched small, unmanned, nonfunctional orbitals (think Sputnik). You have short-range ballistic missiles (range of ~1000 miles).
    2-3: Your nation can launch primitive spy satellites, moderate-range ballistic missiles, and may deploy its missiles from submarines.
    4-5: Your nation has begun to launch commercial satellites as well as more sophisticated spy satellites, and has begun a manned space program with Earth-orbiters. You also now have true ICBMs.
    6-7: Your nation may launch extremely sophisticated spy satellites. You have made manned moon landings by space level 7. Your space program launches exploratory expeditions to the Solar system's other planets. You may now purchase up to 2 points of WMD defenses.
    8-9: You maintain a permanent space station for military/research purposes. You have re-usable orbiters that routinely place satellites in orbit and service them. You may now purchase up to 4 points of WMD defenses.
    10: You have launched a manned expedition to Mars, and may expand your space program to include nuclear rockets (this shouldn't happen until at least the 1990's or so-- I'll cross this bridge when I come to it).

    Nuclear Devastation: Represents the level of destruction from nuclear war, either from direct attack or fallout from the blasts. May fluctuate as the game progresses (due, for instance, to nuclear winter), and may eventually be dealt with through careful environmental management (though not for at least 20 years after the game starts)
    1: Fallout has drifted into your country from a nearby source.
    2-3: One or two nuclear attacks have occurred in your country or fallout has caused significant problems with agriculture or general health.
    4-5: Many nuclear attacks have occurred in your country, and in addition to the cost in population and economy (which have already been adjusted), you will have severe social, agricultural, health and trade problems.
    6-7: You have been the victim of a determined, prolonged nuclear attack, or possibly nuclear attrition. Your country is almost completely devastated, and it almost certainly cannot feed itself. Waves of emigration leave it for less destroyed nations, though minor cities still remain and there may be self-sufficient areas.
    8-9: Every major urban area in your nation has been the victim of at least one nuclear/atomic strike, and those civilians that survived the direct attack have either left or died from starvation. The only food in the country is that which has been traded for, the only manufacturing that which is done in protected or hidden factories. Drinking water is both radioactive and toxic. Unless your country has significant natural resources (such as the Soviet Union), your government will probably not survive as a cohesive entity.
    10+: Your nation has been reduced to a glass-encrusted desert, in which not even the most robust of bacteria can survive.

    |Starting Situation:

    The United States of America
    Following the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the ceasefire, the US of A is lurching through a return to normalcy. After the destruction of the Eastern Seaboard and the reassembly of the government in Denver, almost the entirety of the US economy was channeled into the war effort. Agricultural exports have been badly hit by the fallout, and though it is still a net exporter of food, the US is not the breadbasket it once was. Truman and his vice president, Alben Barkely, were both killed in the Soviet attack on the Eastern US, and he was succeeded by the Speaker of the House, Samuel Rayburn. Protests of the war (similar to the protests of the Vietnam was in the 1960's-70's in the RL timeline) plagued the Rayburn administration, and resulted in a decisive defeat of the Democrats in the polls in the 1952 election. Republicans now control both houses of Congress and the presidency, though Eisenhower's campaign was nothing like it was in the normal timeline. Because of public outcry against the war, Eisenhower ran on a non-interventionist platform and coined “compassionate dynamic conservatism”; he promised to rebuild America's shattered cities while not involving the US in another horrible foreign war. His vice president, Robert A. Taft, is a noted isolationist and conservative, who decisively beat out Richard Nixon (who is now Secretary of Defense) in the Vice presidential convention. The Communist movement in America has disappeared or gone underground, largely because of the bombing of the East Coast in 1950. Still, anti-communist sentiment runs very, very high, and trials of suspected communists are very common.

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    After Stalin's death in the 1950 atomic attack on Russia, Nikita Kruschev did his level best to keep the USSR together. His government, based in Omsk, has largely fought a delaying action for three years, and tried to keep the remainder of the Soviet population from starving, leaving, or rebelling, and he has been (mostly) successful. The USSR is, except for its still quite large nuclear arsenal, opulent natural resources and elite espionage force, at best a second-rate power after WW3.

    China, Communist (CC)
    After the US's attack on China, the country was left reeling. Mao and his inner circle died in Beijing, and it was left to the periphery of the Party to resurrect the Communist movement. Following the attack, anti-communist forces touting Confucius's teachings about the Mandate of Heaven started a rebellion that quickly turned into a civil war. China is now split into three nations with constantly shifting borders and is actively engaged in fighting. The Communists control the devastated Yellow River valley and other previously agricultural and urban areas, and are clinging to them for dear life as Nationalist China tries to reconquer the country and Tibet tries to force both successor governments into recognizing its independence.

    China, Nationalist (CN)
    The atomic bombing was a huge blow to morale, and this quickly turned into out-and-out rebellion among many of the less fervent communist supporters in China. The Nationalist movement has seized much of the eastern coast of China and is actively fighting to regain control of the North. They advocate a return to traditional ways, and the restoration of the once-great Empire of China.

    China, Tibet (CT)
    In the power vacuum from the beheaded Maoists, the Tibetan rulers and the non-Han Chinese areas of Western China grabbed the opportunity to declare independence and dig into defensive positions. In the previous three years, the administration has done its best to fuel the conflict between the Nationalists and the Communists while it solidifies its position and strives for international recognition.

    In January of 1950, India declared independence from Britain. In August of 1950, Britain's government effectively vanished, allowing India's independence to proceed unchallenged. British immigrants did end up settling in India despite its independence (though many more settled in Australia), and it has benefited greatly from this influx of educated and skilled immigrants. India has the least unrest of any of the major powers, as it was not involved in WW3, it has a great deal of new nationalistic fervor, and it did not receive enough immigrants to cause major social problems. The situation in China may end up being a very big problem, as fallout tends to drift south and west in the northern hemisphere; directly over India. India is one of the new nuclear-armed powers that brought the US and the USSR to the table. India has a small but active Communist party, though the relative wealth brought about by its WW3-lead industrialization has kept it in check.

    Argentina was already one of the richest countries in the decades before WW2, and in the trade vacuum caused by the US's military problems expanded its agricultural exports massively, and took a very large number of immigrants from Europe. As one of the new powers that ended WW3, it has enjoyed international recognition and aims to play an increasingly large role in world politics. It has some social problems, mostly as a result of the fact that over half of its population is not a native-born Argentine. Argentina has a small atomic arsenal, and built a strong industrial economy during WW3. Argentina has a long-running rivalry with Brazil, including several actual wars in the 1800's and early 1900's. They established a loose cooperation in their atomic programs to bring an end to WW3, but the alliance has largely collapsed since (though it could easily be resurrected). Argentina has poor relations with Spain, one of the few European nations to emerge from the conflict relatively unscathed, and this may pose a problem in the post-war world. Argentina has problems with a large and angry communist movement that is based largely out of the immigrant population that is dissatisfied with its lack of voting rights and general destitution.

    Brazil, like Argentina, expanded its agricultural exports and manufacturing economy during WW3, and is now an emerging power. It took a large number of immigrants from Europe, though less than Argentina. It too has unrest problems due to its large immigrant population. Brazil has a small nuclear arsenal. Brazil has problems with a large and angry communist movement that is based largely out of the immigrant population that is dissatisfied with its lack of voting rights and general destitution.

    South Africa
    South Africa took a large number of immigrants from Germany, the low countries, and Scandinavia during the War, and has a massive immigrant population. It is one of the powers that forced the belligerents to the table in 1953, and maintains an atomic program. Apartheid is causing major social problems, in addition to those from the immigrant populations, crowding, and general problems associated with a suddenly ballooning population. South Africa has a very strong communist movement based in the oppressed black majority, and the sudden arrival of a very large number of white immigrants from Europe (who are similarly qualified for work, but receive preferential treatment in hiring) has done nothing to solve this problem. Without careful management, rebellion or civil war is a possibility.

    Australia was the principal destination for British immigrants during the war, and this greatly aided its economy, like the other four powers that knocked sense into the belligerents. Despite the recent immigration, it still has a very low population density, though many of its occupants still consider it more of an extension of Britain than a country unto itself. Australia is nuclear armed local superpower, and possesses the world's second-best Navy (mostly as a result of a large number of “borrowed” British vessels). Australia has a small communist party based mainly in unemployed immigrants, though the general availability of work and lack of large urban areas has curtailed its growth.

    President Manuel Avila Camancho was already presiding over a crackdown on workers' rights when WW3 broke out, and used the sudden lack of international criticism to expand his power base and the PRI's power base in general. A dictator in all but name, President Camncho now maintains an iron hold over a country in the midst of an economic miracle. Following the nationalization of many key industries in the 40's the government of Mexico encouraged international investment a great deal, and has taken a large number of European and even some immigrants from the United States. While not as powerful as the five new powers, Mexico remains in a good position. Mexico has an extremely strong Communist movement among its oppressed poor; Camancho's secret police are effectively engaged in a secret civil war.

    During the war, Canada also took a large number of immigrants, though less than it could have due to the devastation in the USA. Many US citizens who opposed the war moved to Canada to dodge the mandatory draft instituted in 1951. Canada was one of the few countries to directly aid the US war effort after 1951, though it escaped nuclear attack because the Soviet air force was unable to cross the Atlantic following their raid on the Eastern Seaboard in 1950. It is the only functioning government remaining in NATO other than the US.

    Following the degeneration of British rule after 1950, the Egyptian military declared Egypt a republic in 1951. Under the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt has been steadily modernizing following its independence. It sits in a position of power now that it controls the Suez canal, and has become increasingly aggressive toward Israel following the removal of the Israelis' support from Europe. Egypt has a moderately strong communist party.

    Another nation that benefited from British misfortune, Iran nationalized all British assets during the war. The Shah opposed the measure, and was shortly driven from the country by the Majlis' supporters. The US and the Europeans have not intervened, and don't seem willing to, as Iran's oil imports were vital to the US war effort. Iran has a small communist party.

    Spain, under Franco, was isolated before World War Three, and the war did little to open it up. Although Franco fiercly opposed communism, he remained neutral in the war, and opened Spain to take refugees, especially from France and Italy. Following the war, Spain is one of the few nations with a functioning government in Europe.

    Under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion, Israel managed to avoid engaging either side in direct hostilities during the war, though tensions with its Arab neighbors has escalated recently. Some of this pressure was relieved when the USSR attempted to advance through Anatolia in an attempt to cut off the US from Arab oil supplies, only to end in a battle in southern Turkey, in which both American and USSR tactical nukes were deployed. Still Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia are emerging nationalistic powers that have been suddenly freed from European colonial rule; its diplomatic situation is dire.


    The game structure:
    Rotating GMs:
    One GM will be active for approximately 15 game years, which can range from 3 to 15 turns (3 to 15 weeks), depending on when and if the "interesting times" rule is invoked. At the end of this period, the GM will evaluate all the players' scores, step down, enter the game somehow, and continue as a normal player. A GM, previously (though not necessarily) a player, will take over and continue the game from there. The old GM will inform them of any plots that are continuing, relevant espionage info, and begin play as a normal player.

    At the end of every GM tenure, scores will be added up and added to the running tally. The highest scorers will receive some benefits in the form of beneficial random events, and the reverse for the lowest scorers. Scores are persistent, though the benefits are assessed based on scoring in the current GM's tenure only-- a player with -50 points that scored 9 will still win a GM tenure against a player who has 50 points but scored 2. The "goal" of the game is to win the meta-game scoring, and to have fun telling an interactive story while doing so.

    Each player will control a nation in one setting or another, to be decided (I present some possibilities below), and may choose to control one for the entire game, move around at the GM-switch, make new nations, etc. at their own discretion. The focus of the game is to tell a story, and this can be independent of the fate of every nation the player has ever controlled.


    Each turn will normally be 5 game years and 1 RL week, though if a GM decides that the action needs more time to resolve itself adequately, they can declare "Interesting Times", and change the ratio to 1 game year per RL week.

    Rule System:

    This is heavily cribbed from Wizard of the Coat's Game of Nations, though it has been simplified, particularly the combat (it has been changed to almost entirely GM-fiat).

    The Stats

    Army: Ground forces of all types, which will change based on the era in question.
    Navy: Boats of relevant tech level.
    Air: Planes of relevant tech level.
    Space: Spacecraft, both military and civilian.
    Population: Number of people, at a scale that will change with setting
    Economy: The level of prosperity of your nation
    Resources: The amount of natural resources available.
    Spy: The skill of your faction's spies.
    Tech: The level of technology your faction possesses. Will influence the technologies available to you.
    Civil: The level of corruption and general shabbiness of your standard of living. The higher, the less there is.
    WMD: The level of tech-appropriate weapons of mass destruction in your nation.
    Defenses: The level of tech-appropriate defenses, both against WMDs and conventional attack.

    Wealth, Upkeep and Trade:

    Wealth and trade are simple:
    Wealth = Resources + population + economy + trade received. - Upkeep
    Upkeep = sum (Army + Navy + Air + Space + Spy + WMD + Defenses + Tech + Civil) / 4

    Trade capacity = resources + economy
    Trade can be given to other nations and they can use it as wealth at a 1:1 ratio, but not used yourself. Trade treaties can be negotiated and changed at any time.

    Wealth, trade, and interesting times:
    The above formula is wealth for normal, 5-year turns; divide by 5 to get available wealth per year of interesting times.

    Increasing stats:

    Stats can be increased by spending two wealth per point increased. This expenditure should usually be accompanied by some level of roleplaying explanation that may influence the level of success pending GM fiat. Exceptions to this rule are population, which may not be increased through direct wealth expenditure, and resources, which may increase with technology or exploration, but cannot be directly increased.


    Spies can be used to conduct operations entirely freeform, though the proportion of effort of your spy agency must be allocated, for example by making a spoiler including "my spy agency will spend 60% of its effort on Operation Tacitus (see PM), and 40% of its effort on counterespionage". The GM will resolve all spy actions.


    The Clue model: Who, with What, Where.
    Tell the GM who you're attacking, what forces you're using, where, and how they got there. Strategy included will be beneficial. Godmoding is highly discouraged, and players should not post their combat actions until they've communicated with the GM a great deal; in fact, the GM should post most major combat results. The GM will resolve the combat and show results, while giving a flavor account of the results.

    1) Maldiem
    2) Moody the Wise: South Africa
    3) Minchandre: Israel
    4) MorghorRB: Australia

    1) Bosh: Korea
    2) Narkis: Brazil
    3) nothingclever: Nationalist China
    4) drakeblood4: India
    5) Joeluma: Canada
    6) Silver Coin: USSR
    7) Jamin: Spain

    ((Yeah, I'm ok with being slightly music anachronistic))

    Dark Blue: MorghorRB: Australia
    Lightest Green: Reunified Korea: Bosh (USA OCCUPIED)
    Maroon: South Africa: Moody the Wise
    Lighter Green: Brazil: Narkis
    White: Israel: Minchandre
    Yellow: Nationalist China: nothingclever
    Light Blue: India: drakeblood4
    Purple: Canada: Joeluma
    Brown: Spain: Jamin
    Salmon: Mexico: Falconer
    Red: USSR: Silver Coin
    Blue: USA: GM Only
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    OOC Thread

    Treaty of Pretoria Takes Effect!

    With the start of the new year, US forces begin pulling back from the their defensive lines in Eastern Europe, liberating much of Poland, Bulgaria, and Central Europe. The treaty calls for a similar pullback of Soviet forces from their borders, and it remains to be seen if the Reds will keep their end of the bargain.

    USA Withdraws from Japan!

    With their bases in ruins and the war over, President Eisenhower has ordered the evacuation of all remaining American forces from Japan. The country, once an industrial superpower in and of itself, remains divided between Imperialist factions, democratic factions, the remains of its US-supported government, and local warlords. President Eisenhower announced today that the removal of US forces from Japan was part of a comprehensive plan to reduce US involvement in foreign affairs.

    Chaos descends as the American forces take the last of the order in the island chain with them, and tens to hundreds of tiny wars erupt overnight.

    USA Closes Many Bases in Korea, Turns Over Control

    As guaranteed by the Treaty of Pretoria, the US relinquished control of the Korean penninsula to the newly-formed unified government. The Koreans face the daunting task of rebuilding a country that has had atomic attacks on its two most important cities and many of its trading partners directly destroyed.

    Europe Still Smoking!

    The future of Western Europe remains in question as the date of autonomous government nears; none of the major governments managed to survive world war three, and the vast majority of the population left. There has been talk of a "European Federation", but at this point nothing remotely resembling order has arisen.

    Arabs Crowd Israel

    Anti-Israel sentiment has reached a fever pitch in the Arab world, and what the tiny nation will do with the sudden absence of many of its historical allies remains a very important question.

    Tibet Launches Offensive!

    The Tibetans take advantage of a standoff between the Nationalists and the Communists by launching a major assault on the Communist home territory. Their stated goal is to sack important cities on the Yellow River and trade their return for official independence.

    Ho Chi Minh Declares Victory, Indochina War Ends

    The Vietnamese Communist/Nationalist revolutionary has completely defeated the French and US-backed loyalists, which suffered massive setbacks with the atomic attack on France and the subsequent collapse of the French state.

    McCarthy Begins Trials of Suspected Communists!

    Wisconsin Senator Joespf McCarthy began trials today of several American figures who are suspected communists.

    Algeria, Laos Declare Independence

    With the collapse of the French state and its own increasing nationalism, official governments began rule of Algeria and Laos completely independent of colonial trappings. French immigrants, who arrived only recently, begin to leave en masse, largely for South America, Africa, and the Pacific.

    Marshall Plan Will Not Resume

    "The United States of America cannot, and will not, rebuild Europe a second time. It is utterly unconstitutional for the US government to expend such a massive effort to drag a feuding and devastated continent back into prosperity. I have discussed this at length with President Eisenhower, the cabinet, and congress. The Marshall Plan is dead."

    --Vice President Robert A. Taft, NBC interview, 1954

    NATO Dissolves

    "Despite my protests to the contrary, the President and Vice President have decided to propose withdrawing from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to congress. I expect that they'll pass it."

    --US Secretary of State, John F. Dulles

    Dow Jones Closes at 200.28

    This marks the first time the Dow broke the 200 mark since Wall Street's destruction in 1950, and a remarkable step on the road to recovery.

    Map of Communism Vs. Capitalism, 1954:

    Blue: Officially capitalist countries with weak or absent Communist movements
    Light Blue: Mostly capitalist countries with weak to moderate communist movements
    Grey: No strong alignment
    Pink: Socialist-leaning countries with active Communist movements but are not officially Communist
    Red: Officially communist countries.
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    "Lords and Ladies of the Council. I would like to bring to your attention the newest in the precedings, for this I present Finance Minister Shawn Collier."
    Grand Minister Baoll stepped down from the central podium, letting Minister Collier take his place, before the hemisphere auditorium.

    "Members of this Council, with the end of the War of Attrition, we find ourselves afloat with new citizens that have bolstered our population beyond the avaible infrastructure for industry. In order to improve the industry, and have our new people that are of Communist align settle, we shall be applying a new tax, the Infrastructure Construction Tax, ICT, of 8%. Now, building these new facilities may cover the nessecity of working citizens, but we must also increase the processing of our mineral wealth in order to keep ourselves independant of reliance on trade..."

    A gavel tapped, bringing Collier's speach to a pause. Foreign Minister Davis stood from behind his desk, where two attendants shuffled through the documents that Davis had been reading, bringing the requested papers to the fore.

    "Are you suggesting that we cut our honoured trade routes with New Zealand and Indonesia? The ones we have only began to see the true provisions of? The docks have just finished construction, and you intend to make them an invalid use of our finance?" Davis stopped, allowing Collier to respond after Baoll indicated for the discussion to move back to the Finance Minister.

    "Not at all, indeed I was earlier conferring with High Commander Lakewood about that very ordeal, and what we can repurpose those docks for..."

    (Spending six points on Economy, four on Navy. If I went and mixed this up, feel free to tell me so. Especially about the proper spelling of Indonesia. )
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Facing the glaring media lights, Nikita Kruschev stood on the podium and delivered his message from the Politburo.

    "Citizens of the Soviet Union. There is no denying the amount of suffering our glorious Motherland has suffered in the aftermath of World War III. But, just like from the ashes of World War II, we shall emerge stronger than ever through this ordeal. But you, our citizens, the people who labour for the betterment of our motherland must come first. It has been decided that this country requires sweeping reforms are needed."

    (Spend 8 points on economy, 8 points on civil. Remaining 8.5 into treasury. Extent trade offer to Iran and Communist China. Cuba, Vietnam and Mongolia as well if possible.)
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Rajendra Prasad began walking toward the podeum, the applause of a newly liberated India had brought great blessing to his people. They had gained independance, gained nuclear power, and even become a nuclear superpower. His smooth English accent serinaded the camreas as the world watched...

    "Hello people of India, and people around the world. I would like to begin by saying that I welcome any southeast Asian or Northwest african country, regardless of creed, into a new union I wish to form. The Fraternity of Middleastern survival. As a nuclear power, I promise to help in the counterstrike against any nation in said union. Also, all those who join will be permitted terrif free trade from any other participating nation. In other news, I would like to congradulate the parlament for their amazing work in the in industrial revolution. You have helped to make India a force to be reconed with."

    OOC in white
    18 points into Economy, the leftovers go to savings
    I make avatars if you ask nicely.

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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Chiang Kai-shek returned from Taiwan with the full support of the Kuomintang military after the nuclear attacks and took back much of south east China. Today he addressed China as a whole in his speech:
    “Mao Zedong and his supporters were godless oppressors of the will of the people and I firmly believe their deaths were caused by an act of God. China will never return to its former glory with the backwards thinking of the communists that persecute our businessmen, landowners and scholars. These people are just as essential to the order of the government and the stability of society as the farmers that work the fields. To persecute these people is to punish success. We should not try to force a false sense of equality on others through communism. Instead we should create a China where those of lesser social and economic status can rise up to the same level if they work hard enough. In addition the people in power must be held accountable and be able to fall from their positions of authority if they do not fulfill their obligations to the common man. Neither the upper or lower class should look down on the other because both are equally important to society. We must follow the teachings of the founders of the Kuomintang such as Sun Yat-sen’s famous three principles of the people. He said that the government must be run by and for the people of China as a whole and not the imperial elite or corrupt communist leaders. I, like Sun Yat-sen, welcome people of all ethnicities and walks of life to join our movement to reunify China as a fair democratic country.

    I will now specifically address the matter of religion and Tibet. I have always denounced the religious persecution of Mao and the communists and my vision of our great country is a China that accepts all religions. I ask the people of Tibet to join us in fighting the communists and to unite our lands so that we may remake China together. I am calling for an immediate ceasefire between all nationalists and Tibetans so that an agreement can be reached with our leaders. I recognize Tibet as a distinct society but I recognize it as one within China. True nationalists should want to preserve Tibet’s culture within China. One united China can have one national culture of pride and unity as well as many other equally important cultures. China needs to accept and evaluate ideas new and old to once again become a leading force in the world. The reason the China our ancestors lived in was so advanced is because its society encouraged thought and experimentation in all forms of study and life as a whole. The communists wish to discourage thought so that the country will become politically stagnant allowing them to rule forever. Embracing new ideas does not mean giving into the west. It means our vision for the future will stay competitive with the rest of the world so that we may once again become the greatest nation in existence.”

    Spoilered so it doesn't take up too much space.
    Nationalist China will wait for Tibetan China's response to see if the two can create an alliance to fight Communist China.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Louis St-Laurent

    The television sets in many Canadian households, and, indeed, in many other parts of the world are watching, as John Diefenbaker looks into the camera.

    "Good Evening, Canada. This is John Diefenbaker."

    Alertly looking into the camera, he continues.

    "We Canadians are a country with a unique history, and a unique opportunity."

    He leans forward. "In these past few years, we have seen the horrible power of these new weapons... we have seen a war to end all wars. Now, we are faced with an immense task. We must heal our wounds. We must heal the wounds of our neighbors. And we must ensure that this never happens again."

    He pauses, and frowns for a moment, then continues. "We must build a world of neighbors. And, like good neighbors everywhere, we must help each other."

    He looks at the camera intently. "There will be many trials on the road ahead. These will serve only to make our victories the dearer. Join with me, Canada. Together, we will not just face the future. We will make it."

    He smiles into the camera, and continues. "I have dispatched Canadian forces to Europe, not for aggression, but to help those unfortunates caught in the middle of conflicts, those caught in countries whose governments have fallen. These 'peacekeepers' will simply be there to protect the dignity of the weak, and to rescue those without hope. They will not overstay their welcome, and will co-operate fully with local militaries."

    Canada Announces Megaproject: Transcontinental pipeline

    Canada will build pipelines from it's valuable oil fields to throughout Canada, and across the border into the U.S. (pending U.S. funding of pipeline south of the border).

    Canada Announces Megaproject : Cadmus

    Project Cadmus: Study the effects of the nuclear war, project future results of the energy release, dust clouds, etc. Begin research into techniques to reduce the affects of radiation, etc. (game terms : try to find out how to reduce a countries' Nuclear Devastation, discover the Global Cooling problem)

    Canada Announces Immigration & Naturalization Project

    Two main investments:

    1)Automatic Citizenship, including funding to get to Canada, for anyone with Canadian relatives

    2) Jobs for any skilled trades or scientist types - effectively guaranteed jobs for any highly educated persons who decide to immigrate to Canada.

    Tertiary investments: Immigration offices at all Canadian Embassies.

    Military Action:

    Canada dispatches 2 Naval and 3 Army to Europe, entirely co-operating in areas with full governance. With them, is nearly the entire Engineering Corps, who prepare to assist as needed to restore vital infrastructure.

    European countries without governments have peacekeeping forces dispatched, Canadian ground forces help to rescue refugees from these sort of situations, offering them transportation to more civilized areas, and warmly offering them passage to Canada to become Citizens.

    The military forces will entirely avoid large-scale conflict, but will engage any disorganized attacks with crushing force.


    Wealth after trade and upkeep: 35.75
    Wealth spent: 34
    Unspent: 1.75
    How much wealth spent on what:

    Category 1: Technology, 6 Wealth Spent (cadmus)
    Category 2: Civil, 4 Wealth Spent (equality)
    Category 3: Economy 14 Wealth Spent (pipeline)
    Category 4: Europe 8 wealth spent (emergency relief)
    Category 5: Immigration 2 wealth spent (Immigration)

    Turn 1 Trade:

    I'm Giving:I'm getting (all confirmed)
    USA: 8:8
    Mexico: 3:3
    Australia 3:3
    Israel 3:4
    Spain 1:1
    England 1:1
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    An excerpt from President Camacho's letter to Francisco Angeles, the Chief of the National Security and Intelligence Agency:

    And furthermore, old friend, it is paramount that the Communist movement within our borders be broken. According to your last report, the arson in Oaxaca resulted in the destruction of two entire warehouses full of goods. While I understand this is hardly a national trend, we cannot afford for the people to see the Communists as winning, however small their victory.

    In order to increase the efficiency of your agency, I am placing the Propaganda Ministry under your control. Furthermore, this government will direct more funds NSIA. I expect you to use these resources well.

    In terms of propaganda, perhaps you can use the current economic climate: what prosperity does communism bring while our own nation's economy is booming and, thanks to the Camacho government, only continuing to grow?

    President of Mexico,

    Manuel Camacho

    A few weeks later, posters flood the streets of Mexico. The messages are many:

    Only YOU can protect Our Homeland from Communism!
    These terrorists dare to attack our cities and our people. You can save Mexico from the tyranny of Communism!

    Long live Camacho! Long live Mexico!
    Like the Heroes of the Revolution, Camacho has taken to heart the cries and needs of the people. Through his dedicated work, the flower of Mexico can truly bloom.

    Make Our Fathers Proud
    The great kingdoms and empires of this land are not dead! They live on in all of us! In you! In Mexico!

    Make Mexico great again! Trust in Camacho, the Leader of Our Homeland!


    Mexico launches the 5-Year Hidalgo Plan: An economic package meant to increase production and make the Homeland prosper. This program includes reforms in the banking system, the expansion of industry, and the creation of new jobs through public works.

    The Mexican military is also constructing forts in areas that are frequently attacked by Communist guerrillas. Such areas are primarily in the poorer states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.

    Trade Offers-PM to Accept/Decline/Whatever
    Nationalist China-5:5

    (Spend 8 points on Economy, 4 points on Spy, and 2 on Civil)
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    King Miraz's first speech as King
    My dear beloved friends I am here to warn you and to encourage you. We all know that we live in a world ruled by fear. Fear of the past, fear of the present and most of all fear of the future. Well I am here to say that we need not fear. Those who oppose Spain's rights as an once and future world power are the ones who should be afraid. We will not retreat into ourselves but will look outward. So I have 3 main goals to accomplish. First we must rebuild our broken neighbors. Using the Spanish manpower to rebuild will show the world that we are ready to be a world power. So I will be specking to the Canadian leaders to form a joint plan.Next we will need a more lucrative income of ourselves to help rebuild. I have plans to overhaul the Spanish economy. Last I want too..(message blocked)... but remember this my children never give in. Even if the enemy rains down fire and ash. Should the whole world turn on us. Even if the moon were to wage war on us. We will fight on until the last of us should fall with sword in hand defending his national family. We will remake this land into a land where our fathers died and make it great again. You grandchildren will remember our generation as the savors of Spain. The road will be hard but we shall overcome all that comes before us.
    May God bless Spain and its people forever

    1.5 on rebuilding Europe 6 on economy
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Chiang Kai-shek has contacted the Supreme Council of the now unified Korea and attempted to begin large scale trade relations and to form an official military alliance to defend against potential communist threats:

    "Although much of China and Russia have worked together to support North Korea my people are entirely against what they stand for and wish to help you rebuild your country. We are both currently small nations facing a constant threat from the communists so I believe it is in our best interest that we join forces. If you are willing we would appreciate your help in fighting communist China. If you help us now I swear that we will return the favor.

    I have spoken to the Tibetan faction of China and asked for its support in fighting the communists. If they agree to assist my men and your people do the same I am sure we can completely defeat them and eliminate a potential future threat to your land."

    (Asking to trade 8 points with Korea and for military assistance against Communist China.)
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Excerpt from An Idiot's Guide to Israel:

    The State of Israel, 1954 (Get it?)
    Israel in 1954 is a nation in turmoil. Barely 6 years old, the nation finds itself beset on all sides; though treaties have been signed, no one expects the peace to last. It is increasingly clear that the Arab nations will not assimilate the Arabs expelled from within the green line, and the economy is in shambles, especially with incredible effort put into maintaining a sufficiently powerful military in order to prevent the State of Israel from being one of history's shortest running.

    The greatest problem for now is the fact that Israel's population has grown by several hundred percent in the past few years, augmented by Jews expelled from Arab lands, as well as those seeking refuge from Europe, Russia, and the United States. The existing infrastructure was not able to deal with the influx. The kibbutz movement of farming communes, and a strong push to have families grow their own vegetable gardens has managed to keep people from starving, but conditions are far from ideal; the average Israel has running water and food, but is permitted only intermittent electrical power, and eats meat perhaps once a week.

    The political situation in Israel is complex. The Socialist-Zionist Labour Party (incidentally, the party of almost all of the nation's founders) managed to keep control after the first wave of immigrants, caused by Holocaust refugees and Jews expelled from Arab nations; the recent influx of Western Europeans, Russians, and Americans has more than doubled the country's population again, and many of these citizens are educated, middle class skilled workers who are growing bored with the lack of appropriate work and turning to politics. This influx - particularly of former citizens of NATO members - has essentially shattered Israel's attempt to stay neutral in the USA/USSR conflict, tipping the scales decisively towards the Western side of the equation.

    For their part, the Arab minority has gone from being a large minority to a very small one, constituting some 5% or so of the population. They fiercely guard their land, though the government has suggested it may forcibly purchase it, to provide space for the recent influx.

    Population of Israel by Country of Origin
    United States: 2,200,000
    USSR (including Russia, Ukraine, and Caucausus: 1,200,000
    Israel (including Ottoman vilayet of Beirut and Jerusalem Special Administrative Unit, and the British Mandate of Palestine): 850,000
    Germany (including Imperial Germany, Wiemar Republic, Third Reich, Free City of Danzig): 550,000
    United Kingdom: 310,000
    Romania: 300,000
    Morocco: 260,000
    Hungary (not including Balkan holdings of Austria-Hungary): 200,000
    France: 220,000
    Algeria: 140,000
    Iraq: 130,000
    Iran: 100,000
    Egypt: 80,000
    Tunisia: 80,000
    Bulgaria: 50,000
    Poland: 40,000
    Turkey (including Anatolian holdings of the Ottoman Empire): 40,000
    Libya: 35,000
    Arabia (including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait: 35,000
    Italy: 30,000
    Netherlands: 25,000
    Syria: 25,000
    Czechoslovakia: 15,000
    Austria: 15,000
    Lebanon (not including Zionist settlements in southern Lebanon): 10,000
    Other <50,000

    Total: ~7,000,000

    Edit: I ordered the populations
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    "Foreign Minister Davis." The two Council members sat in Boall's private office, a broad room with vaulted cielings and gothic arched windows, the walls lined with black marble. They reclined in comfortable leather chairs, Boall puffing on a fine cigar, Davis had turned down the offer of one for himself.

    "Yes, Grand minister?" He asked plaintively.

    "Send a representative to Canada. Tell them we accept the terms of the trade agreement."

    Davis turned to leave the Grand Minister's Office, when he heard a little tap on the polished oakwood desk, "And Davis? Send word to India, we're going to open trade routes, if they wish to take part."

    (Accepted Canada's 3:3 offer, offering 2:2 to India.)::Editted for fluff.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC


    US Completes Pullout of Europe

    On schedule, the last American forces departed Europe in early February of 1955. Small, local governments have sprung up in the remains, usually centered around a small intact urban or agricultural area.

    Canadians, Spanish Pick Up Where America Left Off

    Canadian forces move to re-establish order, particularly in central Europe where the devastation is most immense. Ireland, Britain and France are the least devastated areas, and have begun to set up provisional governments and restore a semblance of order (all three do no have significant famine, which is definitely helpful). Germany and Central Europe benefit from the presence of armed forces, but it promises to turn into an unwilling occupation if something isn't done about the famine; food riots have already begun in Germany, as civillians look greedily at the well-fed soldiers.

    Convicted Communists in US Army Executed, McCarthy Lauded as Hero

    Several high-ranking army officers were executed recently as they exhausted the appeals process for Treason and Espionage. Senator McCarthy, who made a persuasive case despite a paucity of evidence, has been awarded a presidential commendation for his efforts, and has already begun talk of a presidential run in 1956.

    Eisenhower Diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer!

    The president's health has rapidly deteriorated, and he is expected to live only a few more months. Vice President Taft is rumored to be drawing up plans for a major shakeup. Recent research indicates that exposure to low-level radiation may be hazardous to your health, and doctors hypothesize that Eisenhower's narrow escape from the bombing of Washington may have contributed to his condition.

    Dulles Visits Israel

    In response to a heartfelt plea from the Israeli government, secretary of State Dulles payed a visit to the tiny new nation over robust protests from the isolationists at home. President Eisenhower is in the process of negotiating an aid agreement now, and should be able to align congress behind him.

    Taft Blasts Dulles in Media

    "We're in this mess right now because of precisely this sort of interventionist nonsense," Taft remarked, while overseeing the start of work on the new Interstate Highway program, "If I were President, Dulles would be doing some serious explaining right now."

    Atomic Strike in Chinese Conflict!

    A 20 kiloton atomic weapon exploded in the middle of Communist lines in Northern China in late 1954, leveling their forces and driving their command structure into disarray. In the confusion, Tibetan forces were able to push through and capture several key Communist leaders. In the next several days, Communist leaders officially surrendered to the Tibetans, and relinquished all claims on Tibetan territory.
    The source of the weapon is unclear, as virtually every intelligence agency confirms that the Tibetans have no obvious nuclear research program.

    Tibetans Respond to Unification Calls from Nationalists

    The Nationalists' calls are met with icy silence, as the Tibetan army redeploys to guard their newly-more-legitimate borders.

    Communist Revolution in Iran!

    With the Shah's absence and a total lack of even token intervention from the West, the communist party of Iran overthrows the remnant of British rule and installs a new communist state.

    Secretary of Defense Richard Nixon calls the development "outrageous, contemptible and completely preventable. We need to go in there and rip out the Reds by their roots. We shouldn't have stopped on the Soviet Union's doorstep, and we shouldn't walk away yellow now."

    Crackdown on Communism in Mexico Widely Successful

    Government forces meet little resistance as they eradicate the semblance of communist insurgency that been growing in its poorer regions. What guerrillas remain are either in hiding or have fled to central America or Cuba.

    Laotian, Burmese Diplomats Lampoon India

    "That Indian fellow is one funny character," remarked a Laotian ambassador in the UN, "at least, I'm assuming he was telling a joke. The thought that we'd fight for decades for our freedom, only to voluntarily hand it over to a new imperialist power has got to be a joke, right?"


    Canada: 8:8
    Israel: 8:2

    Cuba, Vietnam, Mongolia, Communist China, Iran:
    All respond favorably to the invitation to trade; they come up with varied ways to ask you what you propose.

    Brazil, South Africa, India, Australia: Diplomats from Argentina arrive and propose 1:1 trade deals, up to 4:4 with each of you (which may be adjusted based on how the others respond). Argentine diplomats state that they want to continue the loose alliance that allowed them to end WW3.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC


    -8 for 8 trade deal with Nationalist China.
    -2 wealth to increase Spy and 2 wealth to increase civil, for an RP justification of this see below. The rest to treasury.
    -spies are ordered as follows:
    30% counter-espionage.
    20% to keeping tabs on dissident groups, specifically Communists (but no arrests, violence or crackdowns as of yet)
    50% to anti-corruption (use to violent methods encouraged, this is a top priority).

    Speech given by President Kim Chang-ryong, leader of the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction government of the unified Republic of Korea:

    "We have been divided time and time again. In ancient times the T'ang played the Three Kingdoms against each other until Silla prevailed, then the Mongols strode across the north after the Koryo kinds defied them, then in more recent times the Chinese, Russians and Japanese pulled our strings and we danced until the Japanese, with the connivance of the Americans stomped us down under the boot of their cruel tyranny. Then, we had barely heard of our liberation and the glorious news of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when we were told that we would yet again be divided with the Americans and Russians presiding over our humiliation. This division has born the fruit of horrors and brothers turned against brother, first on Jeju and then across all of our land.

    Never again! We will never let this happen again, if if all of our cities join Seoul, Busan and Pyeongyang in annihilation. Never again! The old capitols and the old divisions are dead and will never again rise to haunt us. Now let us build a new Korea here at Kaesong that will redeem the deaths of so many Koreans at the hands of the murderers who laughed as the world burned. For there will be one Korea, with one language, one people and one pure blood!

    The old divisions are dead and burned away and let us build a new Korea to capture the attention of the ghosts of the dead. The 6/25 War will be but a horrible nightmare that we are now waking from and as a nightmare fades from your waking mind, so let the crimes of the past fade from our minds. All actions carried out in the 6/25 War will be pardoned and former communists will be appointed to positions of trust within the government of the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction.

    But although we forget the past we cannot forgive those who do not. Any who attempt to revive the horrors of the past will be treated like the demons of nightmares that they are. All who try to divide the people and lead us to destruction will be shown no mercy. All those who steal bread from the mouths of the people will be shown no mercy. And all those who refuse to cooperate in the reconstruction of our beloved land will be cast aside."

    Daetongyong Mansae!
    Deahan Mingook Mansae!

    The words echoes from the mouths of the assembled crowd, both from those who believed and those who were too afraid to do otherwise.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    "Come gentlemen. In this time of crisis, it is necessary for the nations of the socialist world to stand together. Even now, we cannot bow to the Imperialism of the West. I am proposing here, a system of mutual aid intent upon strengthening our nations in the wake of nuclear war."

    Nikita Kruschev paused as he watched the reaction of the representative of their nations quietly.

    "I propose an exchange between the USSR and Iran, Monglia, China and Vietnam, trading food and raw material for technological products. Also, I has come to my attention that Nationalists in China seems to be harbouring ill intent towards our socialist friends, and as the representative of our Polituburo, I hereby officially extend an offer for military assistance in case of any form of armed conflict. We will also be watching the developments in the Western Hemisphere with careful interest."


    CC: 5:3 (Joined with Siberia, hard to get the capacity very high up, benefiting CC more)
    Iran: 12:12 (Shares border with most industrialised part of USSR after all.)
    Vietnam: 4:4 (gonna need the rice if my population is not going to starve )
    Mongolia: 4:4 (Food as well)

    Seems like I'm the only PC Communist country

    Offer CC Air force and Naval assistance in case of war with Nationalist China and Tibet, since army is harder to mobilise.

    (Continual reforms for the people of Soviet Union)
    2 points into Civil
    6 points into Economy
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    August 24:
    Brazilian president found dead
    President Getulio Vargas has committed suicide hours after resigning amid a deepening political crisis. Dr Vargas, who shot himself through the heart, left a dramatic suicide note that was broadcast on national radio just two hours after his body was discovered.
    In it he complained his efforts to "liberate" the people of Brazil had been hampered by foreign interests which he blamed for the economic crisis that is gripping the nation.
    His letter read: "Nothing remains except my blood. I gave you my life, now I give you my death. I choose this way to defend you, for my soul will be with you, my name shall be a flag for your struggle."
    It ended: "I take the first step to eternity. I leave life to enter history."
    The president's death comes at a time of serious unrest in the country.

    Discontent with Dr. Vargas came to ahead after the attempted assassination of opposition newspaper editor and Congress candidate Carlos Lacerda earlier this month.Mr Lacerda, a fierce critic of the Vargas regime, was wounded in the foot during the attack on 5 August and an air force officer was killed, sparking fury among the Brazilian military.

    Thousands attended his funeral at his birthplace in Sao Borja and there were riots in the capital, Rio de Janeiro that were soon quelled by the armed forces.

    Vice president João Fernandes Campos Café Filho has assumed the presidency following Dr. Vargas' suicide.

    August 28:
    President João Café Filho addressed the nation earlier today, on his first speech after taking the oath of office.
    People of Brazil,
    All I have I would have given gladly not to be standing here today. The greatest leader of our time has been struck down by the foulest deed of our time. Today Getúlio Dornelles Vargas lives on in the immortal words and works that he left behind. He lives on in the hearts of his countrymen. No words are sad enough to express our sense of loss. No words are strong enough to express our determination to continue the forward thrust of Brazil that he began.

    Under Getúlio Vargas' leadership, this nation has demonstrated that it has the courage to seek peace, and the fortitude to risk war. We have proved that we are a good and reliable friend to those who seek peace and freedom. And now the ideas and the ideals which he so nobly represented must and will be translated into effective action.

    In this age when there can be no losers in peace and no victors in war, we must recognize the obligation to match national strength with national restraint. This is the path that we shall continue to pursue. Those who test our courage will find it strong, and those who seek our friendship will find it honorable. We will demonstrate anew that the strong can be just in the use of strength; and the just can be strong in the defense of justice. And let all know we will extend no special privilege and impose no persecution. We will carry on the fight against poverty and misery, and disease and ignorance, in other lands and in our own.

    We will serve all the nation, not one section or one sector, or one group, but all Brazilians. We must be a united people with a united purpose. Our unity must not depend upon unanimity. We have differences; but now, as in the past, we can derive from those differences strength, not weakness, wisdom, not despair. Both as a people and a government, we can unite upon a program, a program which is wise and just, enlightened and constructive.

    Let all the world know and none misunderstand that I rededicate this Government to the unswerving support of peace, to the defense of the strength and the stability of the cruzeiro and to the expansion of our foreign trade.

    We meet in grief, but let us also meet in renewed dedication and renewed vigor. Let us meet in action, in tolerance, and in mutual understanding. Getúlio Vargas' death commands what his life conveyed—that Brazil must move forward. The time has come for Brazilians of all races and creeds and political beliefs to understand and to respect one another. So let us put an end to the teaching and the preaching of hate and evil and violence. Let us turn away from the fanatics of the far left and the far right, from the apostles of bitterness and bigotry, from those defiant of law, and those who pour venom into our nation's bloodstream. The need is here. The need is now. I ask your help.

    Thank you.

    September 22:
    In a long-awaited move, President Filho announced the reformation of the Brazilian nationality law. The proposed changes grant citizenship to every adult that has lived in the nation for one year and has the ability to speak and write Portuguese. The proposed law is expected to pass legislation despite the fierce opposition it has met.

    Gotta go now, last of '54 and '55 coming in the afternoon. Actions in very short:

    Spend 4 points in civil, 8 in economy, 2 in space. Accept the Argentinan trade offer, 4:4, and agree to enter negotiations for a renewed alliance. Extend trade offers to South Africa, India, Australia and Mexico, all 4:4.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    We will be using our trade form Canada to try and find new Resources and ways to use the ones we have better
    spend 2 on Resources
    if allowed
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    Davis was nowhere to be found this afternoon, and in the Grand Minister's office sat Lakewood, Collier, and Boall. Lakewood slowly dragged his feet onto the footstand, his ruined knee a momento of the Second World War.

    "So, Israel." Lakewood began, "We hardly want to drag our merchant fleet all the way around the southern tip of Africa. And those boys are going to need our help, and fast."

    Boall nodded, "Indeed. The loss of Israel, especially to communist hands... would be reprehensible." He tapped some of the ash from the end of his cigar, looking as if he would rather have Lakewood's mahogany pipe. "Prehaps sending the Navy to clear the Suez canal?"

    Collier frowned, "Weren't we dedicating those shi..." Lakewood cut him short with a glare. "Our local matters can wait, we're not going to be the ones responsible for losing a loyal country."

    Boall eyed his two councillers, and leaned back. "We might as well make a big show of it..."

    Within the next few days, recruitment papers, posters and war bonds flyers went out. In every local shop an Australian pride banner hung, here and there along the street they were stapled to light posts.

    Australia, going to war
    That's right! Our proud armed forces are going to be taking the Cruz Canal, opening a path to our brother-nation Israel, who is currently fighting off the local communist forces themselves! Could you be the one to let democracy, and the world down? Enlist! Join the fight today!

    Communist Middle-East
    You've heard the communist groups around here, quiet, peaceful. They might protest the happenings of today, but they do so with a quiet dignity quite alike to our common citizens. But over the big blue? Thier violent, killing, soulless animals! Would you let them plunder Israel?

    RAF, to the skies
    The British Royal Air Force has been moved here to Australia, and they've been working hard at training together with our fleet. The second largest navy, and the second-to-none Air force, we can take the Canal. But we need YOU. Our planes outnumber the pilots, and we can always have another brother join the squadron.

    Keep them free
    We just liberated them from the Nazi Germany, and now one of our best allies, they are surronded by the communist nations of the middle east, should we not save democracy? Should we not defend the Human Rights of those in Israel, so that there is another staunch defender of the democratic way of life? We should. And we will.

    A few local newspapers put out articles, mostly about a peaceful resolution, and how the Council had sent missionaries and embassaries to Egypt and the surronding countries.

    (Move 8 Navy, 5 Air, 3 Army to the Southern entrance of the Suez Canal. No engagements, blockading. Foreign Minister Davis, with guards, has gone to Cairo, Egypt.(Assuming that it's still the capital.))
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    From the Jerusalem Post

    Ben-Gurion Announces Massive Public Works

    In a press conference early this morning, PM Ben-Gurion announced a massive public works project to improve the lot of the common Israeli, and to expand our economy to levels where we are actually a viable force in the world. While a lot of the project is dedicated to expansions of the kibbutz and moshav projects, which continue to produce the bulk of our food, the true heart of it is a massive boost to industry, focusing on precision electronic and mechanical manufacturing.

    Also rumored to be in the works are a nation-wide public rail system, for both industrial and personal use.

    Finally, the crown jewel of the program is said to be a small nuclear reactor built at the Weizmann Institute. This reactor, while too small scale to provide much in the way of power, is expected to act as a pilot project for a larger reactor which is hoped to completely end Israel's electrical shortages, and do so in a way that reduces dependence on potentially-hostile petroleum supplies, as well as providing a demonstration of the Israeli population's superior education and dedication to peace, harnessing the power of the atom in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner.

    Point/Counter-Point: Iran
    Point: We must intervene!
    The recent Communist revolution in Iran is shocking and appalling. It is Israel's responsibility, to the world and to its own Persian citizens, to step in and help defend the legitimate government. Not only would such a move be the right thing to do, it would also benefit us. The Shah has historically been a great proponent of our state, and Iran remains the only other non-Arab force in the Middle East. With the recent fall of Egypt to radical revolutionaries, a rightfully governed Iran may be our only blanket against the Arab masses. Besides, there are Communist radicals in our own beloved nation, and taking a strong stance against them abroad will help to show them that we will have a sharp stance against them domestically, as well.
    Counter-Point: Intervention goes against the principles of this nation
    To intervene in the recent revolution in Iran would be incredibly hypocritical, as well as the height of foolishness. Our own nation is a free democracy, whereas the Shah ruled as a ruthless autocrat. That his people wish to depose him is proof of his incompetence. Even ignoring the grand hypocrisy of propping up a corrupt autocrat, there is also the issue that we simply cannot afford to become embroiled in a foreign war at this time. Children go hungry at night, and you wish to send them to fight someone else's war in someone else's land?

    Dulles visits Israel!

    US Foreign Secretary John Dulles recently visited Israel, apparently the harbinger of an incredibly generous aid package. Immigration Absorption Minister Shapira was famously so moved that he embraced the American, weeping openly. Though private sources suggest that any future American governments may not be so amenable, Ben-Gurion remains hopeful, pointing out that fully a third of Israelis were born in America, and that this gives our nations a bond that cannot be broken.

    Editorial: What happened to neutrality?

    Israel has recently signed large-scale trade agreements with Australia, Canada, and the United States. Sources in the Foreign Ministry say that a deal was recently sent out to India. Notice any omissions? If you thought, "The Soviet Union," you may not be as blind as our current government. In the years immediately following independence, our nation was careful to walk a path of neutrality between the two giants in the room. Now, however, that seems done; not only are we trading heavily with the three largest capitalist nations remaining, there are rumors that we are even to receive arms shipments from them! Part of this may be blamed on our new American, German, British and French citizens - Oh, apologies. We are all Israeli now, of course. Even those of our countrymen born in the Russian Empire or the USSR seem happy enough to effectively sever all ties with their nation of birth. Still, it seems foolish to me to so openly provoke a nation that is fully capable of wiping us off the map with scarcely a second thought.


    Details pending on precise spending figures, but for now, trade allocations:
    Canada: 4
    Australia: 4
    USA: 2
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    Government of Canada Announces shift of Focus

    Our peacekeepers in Europe report that the situation is more dire than originally thought. Airlifting of supplies is already underway to the harder-hit parts of Europe. We call upon the citizens of the world to join us in rescuing these regions from chaos, and Announce a new Initiative:

    Operation Helping Hand

    2:2 trade is offered to Britain (reducing trade with India, as it is the only currently unconfirmed trade)

    2 trade is given as food supplies to be distributed without prejudice across Europe.

    4 wealth is redirected from immigration to helping the Governments in these areas rebuild, with primary Focus given to Germany and Central Europe

    We will be co-ordinating our effort with any who care to lend a hand.

    We wish to recognize Spain for seeing this problem on the horizon, and taking early action.

    We call on our neighbors to lend their assistance also. Distribution centers are being set up in the more troubled regions, and Canadian Troop support will be available as necessary to support the legitimate governments of Europe.
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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC

    January 3, 1954 – Pretoria, South Africa
    Prime Minister Daniel François Malan makes a formal address to the country. He reads from his prepared remarks, and makes no eye contact with anyone in the assembled crowd. “The past few months have seen an unspeakable tragedy visited upon the world. The tragedy of which I speak is not the widespread use of nuclear weapons, but the degeneration of the White World. Northern Europe lies in ruins, a smoking crater. England may yet keep its feet, but still reels from the devastation wrought at the hands of the Asians. The dirty, poor refugees of Europe have flooded our country, and for all the dignity they command may as well be blacks.” Malan becomes visibly upset as he continues. “The ... future belongs to the darker races. But it is a future I will have no part in. As of this moment, I resign as Prime Minister. May God help you all.”
    The next day, Malan boards a plane for England, intent on living out the rest of his bitter, miserable life in exile.

    January 4, 1954 – South Africa
    The country reels from the news of Malan's resignation. European immigrants flood the streets, bitter and angry over having been abandoned and insulted. Black South Africans flood the streets, their emotions ranging from confusion, anger, joy, liberation. The Afrikaners mostly stay in their houses, scared stiff of the mobs raging outside.

    January 5-29, 1954 – South Africa
    The chaos begins to subside. Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress manage to prevent much of the violence by organizing along non-violent means, heavily influenced by Gandhian satyagraha techniques. Communal violence declines drastically, as the increasingly organized black movement refuses to retaliate with violence.
    A schoolteacher from Mogale, one Desmond Mpilo Tutu, is inspired by the actions of the ANC, and becomes an important figure in the movement, speaking to large crowds of people as if he were some kind of priest.

    January 30, 1954 – Bloemfontein, South Africa
    The ANC calls a congress to establish a new government. ANC leader Nelson Mandela is elected Prime Minister. A new South African constitution is drafted. Several important elements are discussed below:
    Citizenship: All persons born in South Africa are legal citizens. Aliens may apply for citizenship after two years of residency and service to the state.
    Legislature: The South African congress consists of only one house. Members are elected every two years, and may not serve consecutive terms.
    Nationalized Industries: The South African Development Council, consisting of 13 members appointed by the Congress, is responsible for the direction of state-controlled industries, which include food, water, housing, energy, and transportation. It is for the SADC that aliens work to fulfill their citizenship requirements.

    February 1, 1954 – Pretoria, South Africa
    From the same podium that Malan had given his last speech as Prime Minister almost a month earlier, Mandela now gives his first. “All people of South Africa, I am proud to stand before you today in service. The last month has been difficult for us, but we have overcome. And we have overcome in the spirit of truth, and reconciliation, not violence. We stand today as a nation with many scars, but our scars are well on the way to healing. You are and always will be the first priority of this government, but even as we bandage our own wounds, we must begin to look outwards, to our African brothers and sisters that so desperately yearn to feel what we feel today. In the coming years, we will make South Africa a place where all can live and prosper, and we will lay the groundwork for all of Africa to be so. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika!”

    July 3, 1954 - Pretoria, South Africa

    South Africa begins the first space program on the continent. The government explains that a competitive space program will be necessary to carry Africa into a new era. With so much of the government's efforts of the past months being devoted to economic and social reconstruction, and so much of it still being used in this manner, people can hardly complain about the excess of a space program.

    OoC (Trade)
    4:4 with Argentina (accepting an offer previously extended)
    10:10 with Assorted Southern African Neighbors (defined as south of the Congo)
    6:0 to closest neighbors (Besutoland [Lesotho], Southwestern Africa [Namibia], Southern Rhodesia [Zambia], Mozambique, Bechuanaland [Botswana], Swaziland)
    Total given: 20
    Total received: 14

    OoC (Spending)
    8 wealth to raise Civil from 5 to 9
    10 wealth to raise Economy from 11 to 16
    10 wealth to raise Space from 0 to 1
    2 wealth to raise Tech from 8 to 9
    Ramm in Lords of the Elements
    Russia in The World is Dark

    "I do not know what weapons we will use in World War Three, but in World War Four we will use sticks and stones."
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    Diplomatic Victory?
    Can our government make an agreement with the communists and hold face? I surely don't see how! After putting us all on war footing, why wold they back down now? Are they afraid of those forces that they were claiming able to crush? What is -really- going on in the Council Chambers?

    (Redirect forces to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, willing to make concessions for five square miles of waterfront. Also ; See PM)

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    Seeing that the Tibetan people remained silent to his offer of an alliance Chiang Kai-shek continued to recruit new soldiers to fight for the reunification of China with renewed vigor. He and his men campaigned across the land under nationalist control. He encouraged men and women young and old to fight for their land. His recruitment plan focused mainly on the peasantry, the poor, the homeless and the unemployed. Chiang promised everyone who fought along side his army that they would be paid in whatever means possible and receive food and shelter.

    "We must prepare for the great war that is surely coming. The Tibetan people have rejected our request for an alliance and they have defeated the communists without formal aid from us. Although this is an admiral feat regardless of the help they received from the nuclear attack on the communists we must be prepared to fight them. They will surely attempt to conquer our land as well. The Tibetans may be a distinct society but they are still a minority within China. We, the Han, the descendants of the Dragon, make up the vast majority of the people in this great land. Many of the people on the side of Tibet are betraying their true heritage and country. At this point I would even accept the communists into our land. They at least understand the concept of a unified China run by the Chinese. I ask that anyone regardless of political, economic and religious beliefs join our cause to restore China to its rightful owners."-Chiang Kai-shek in a recent speech
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    OOC: Am preparing to send 20% of my army (the infantry bits) as "volunteers" to China, they will be prepared to render all useful assistance. However, they will fight under the Republic of China flag and the Republic of Korea will disassociate itself from their actions.


    Dear Yu Subin,

    Thank you for your patriotic decision to volunteer for the Chinese Foreign legion, as the Republic of Korea recognizes that struggles that the Chinese nation is going through as it attempts to heal the wounds of the past, you are hereby granted a leave of absence from the Korean military for a period of one year. We look forward to your return to home in one years time and wish you luck in all of you...

    Yu Subin stopped reading, "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibal?! What is this? I never volunteered!"

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    Default Re: MacArthur's Folly IC


    Australian Adventurism in the Middle East!

    The Australian Grand Minister made a bold move recently, ordering a powerful Australian expeditionary force into the Red Sea. The fleet so far has set up blockades on traffic through the Suez Canal and menaced ports on the coast of Saudi Arabia.

    Suez Blockade Disrupts World Economy

    With trade through this vital artery cut off, major cracks appear in the global trade structure. Spain, North Africa, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel and Greece are hit particularly hard, as trade through the Mediterranean grinds to a halt.

    Thousands Protest Australian Aggression

    Protesters clog the streets of the Capital District in Australia, as native Australians and recent immigrants alike decry Australian interference in foreign affairs. "We just got out of a huge, world-ensnaring war," remarked one protester, "we need a government that does everything it can to avoid war!"

    Egypt Nationalizes Suez Canal

    In response to Australia's blockade, Nasser officially seized control of the canal from its British and other Western shareholders, citing naked aggression by the West.

    Arab World Unites in Condemnation

    In the UN and in embassies around the world, diplomats from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebannon all call for an immediate, UN-imposed halt to hostilities and withdrawal of Australian forces.

    Crops Fail Throughout Northern Hemisphere

    As snowpack melts throughout the northern hemisphere, radioactive and toxic contaminants that fell throughout the winter of 1954 enter the water cycle. This, coupled with nuclear winter causing an especially cold and gloomy summer, triggers a rapid die-off of much of the crops irrigated with rivers that contain significant snowmelt (read; all rivers in the temperate zones). Major shortfalls occur in Europe, Canada, China, the USSR, Central Asia, India, and the American Midwest.


    Europe: Totally, completely screwed.
    Spain: Needs to secure at least 2 trade with a food exporting nation to avoid significant famine. Loss of 5 trade output.
    Canada: Self-sufficient, but not food exporting. Loss of 5 points of potential trade output.
    USA: Self-sufficient, but not food exporting. Loss of 10 points of potential trade output.
    Nationalist China: Major food shortages. Needs to secure at least 6 points of trade with a food-exporting nation. Loss of 3 points of trade output.
    Tibet: Food shortages. Needs to secure at least 4 points of trade with a food exporter. Loss of 3 points of trade output.
    Communist China: Major food shortages. Needs to secure at least 6 points of trade with a food exporter. Loss of 3 trade output.
    Iran: Self-sufficient, but not food exporting. Loss of 5 points of trade potential.
    USSR: No food grown locally. Needs to secure at least 2 points of trade with a food exporter. Loss of 2 points of trade output.
    India: Food Shortages. Needs to secure at least 10 points of trade with a food exporter. Loss of 5 points of trade output.

    Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Austraia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Colombia, Africa south of the Sahel, Southeast Asia.

    Salk Announces Success of Polio Vaccine

    Dr. Salk completed a successful vaccine for the scourge of the developed world today at the National Institute of Health's new campus in Dallas. A nationwide polio eradication campaign is set to begin shortly.

    Rosa Parks Arrested, Martin Luther King Jr. Organizes Bus Boycott in Alabama

    The spunky secretary of the NAACP in Montgomery refused to give up her seat on a bus, and was tried and convicted by an Alabama court. The NAACP in Montgomery has organized a bus boycott in the city, which has dramatically reduced revenue. Neither side has budged as of yet.

    Eisenhower Dead!

    Cancer claimed an American hero today, and thousands turned out in the streets of Denver for the president's funeral.

    Taft Inaugurated

    Eisenhower's VP, who he butted heads with repeatedly in the final year of his presidency, took the oath of office, waved to the crowd, turned, and signed the forms required to dismiss Secretary of Defense Richard Nixon and Secretary of State John F. Dulles.

    For replacements, he selected South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond as Secretary of State, and Charles Erwin Wilson as secretary of Defense. Both were considered unusual picks, as Thurmond is a staunch Dixiecrat, and adamant segregationist (some would say racist), while Wilson is a major stockholder in General Electric.

    Taft Proposes Comprehensive Space Program and Missile Research Agency

    In a bill Taft pushed into congress through one of his contacts, he proposed a massive civillian research agency in partnership with the air force. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is set to begin work on rockets capable of launching orbiters shortly.

    Communists Win Elections in Tibet

    In Tibet's first elections since the Communists' surrender, the Communist Part of Tibet won a landslide victory as its better-funded (from mysterious sources) and educated politicians run roughshod over the other fledgling parties. In the next few months they institute a thorough Communist state.

    Several Prominent South African Rocket Scientists Assassinated

    The best and brightest of rocket scientists in South Africa (mostly Nazi refugees) suffered heavy casualties as a wave of assassinations ripped through Pretoria. No groups have claimed responsibility, and evidence is sparse.

    Communist Insurgency in Cambodia, Laos

    Partisans, probably from Vietnam, have shown up in the two nations bordering Ho Chi Minh's country and have begun armed campaigns against the existing governments. Both nations ask for help in the UN and their embassies throughout the capitalist world.

    Taft Speaks on World Conflict

    The president addresses the camera, wiping sweat from his forehead as he begins, "My fellow Americans, we have recently been in the two worst wars in human history, and we have emerged victorious. We beat the fascists, and then we beat the communists. What did our victory get us? Millions dead by atomic fire, decades lost in total war. No more. America is done being the world's policeman. God will sort them out."
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    The Republic of Egypt is led by President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Having come to power with the independence of Egypt, the generous leader seems to have the best intentions of Egypt in mind. Under his benign rule, Egypt has steadily modernised over the last years.
    In 1950, the Revolution Command Council came to power through a revolution. They made Egypt a republic and put Gamal Abdel Nasser to power as President. There was a three-year transitional period during which the RCC ruled, after which elections were held and Gamal Abdel Nasser won the elections. Just before the elections a law was passed granting women the right to vote for the first time in Egyptian history. Serving his second term as leader of Al-Ittihad Al-Qawmi party, the National Union, popularity of the ruler is currently high.

    Arab World

    Over the last years, President Gamal Abdel Nasser has put in a lot of effort to form greater relations between Egypt and the rest of the Arab World. Through his efforts, he propagates the idea for the unification among people and countries of the Arab World into one nation, this movement is Pan-Arabism. Trying to establish himself as leader of Arab nationalism, over the years and into this year, Gamal Abdel Nasser seeks contact with the following nations for improved political relations: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. He will pay them a visit if possible or sent ministers for negotiations and closer relations.

    Not surprisingly, it is with these nations that Egypt seeks to trade, to solidify relations and aid. President Nasser also encourages the nations to improve trade between nations of the Arab world. Lending his support towards Arab nationalists in Egypt as well as the other nations, President Nasser hopes to bring a greater sense of cohesion to the Arab World. To this end, he has held speeches, which have also been broadcasted on one of the latest technological sensations: television.


    Trade: Giving 14: Receiving 0 as of yet

    [Offering 14 trade throughout the Arab world at a 1:1 ratio. Of specific interest are Syria, Libanon, Libya, Sudan and Saudi-Aurabia.]

    Aswan Dam Planning

    An ambitious plan to dam the Nile again, the Aswan High Dam Project is meant to provide Hydro Electricity and tame the Nile. Its seasonal flooding is different each year, meaning that without a dam one year it can flood crops and endanger the lives of those living close to the Nile and the other year it can leave crops to dry. There is already a dam in place, but that Aswan Dam almost overflowed in 1946. The Aswan High Dam would be built 6 kilometer upriver and planning is currently underway. However, it is only planning so far. The funds are not there yet and the current Suez Crises has drawn away the attention of the government.

    Nationalisation of the Suez Canal

    In response to Australia's blockade, Nasser officially seized control of the canal from its British and other Western shareholders, citing naked aggression by the West. Egyptian forces have had the hand in the nationalization of the Canal. All assets of the Suez Canal Company had been frozen, and that stockholders have been paid the price of their shares according to the day's closing price.

    Australian Tensions

    Egypt is shocked and dismayed by the actions of Australia. Not only the government, but the populace is taken by this action. As one of the nations that called for ceasefire in the Third World War, it is shocking to see a nation like Australia to seek out conflicts only two years after a World War. One Egyptian Minister, Abdul Rahman, was noted for saying: “A nation develops an atomic weapon, is located far from the Third World War conflict region and now it looks for conflict? It seems like we are not the only ones affected by nuclear radiation.” While receiving heavy criticism for this statement, Abdul Rahman suffered no further consequences.

    The origin of Australia is hardly forgotten either. Many see not Australia, but Britain behind this action. Having become independent from Britain, to see the army of basically a Britain colony almost literally on their doorsteps angers the Egypt nation throughout. It is as if the child comes under a thinly veiled order from its parent. With the many Britain immigrants in Australia, this seems a likely cause as well. In a newspaper article the comment “Australia, the new Britain?” seems to have gained traction amongst the populace.

    Presidential speech

    A public announcement was made by President Nassar. It would find its way in newspapers and even television, but mostly the masses of people whom had gathered in the plazas of Cairo to hear him speak. The charismatic President Nasser spoke to a public, looking serious and determined.

    This world lives in a chaotic and hectic time. A dark period lies behind us, where weapons of mass destruction were used without restraint. Even we can see the effects from here and experience it. In this dark time, we must unite and look out for each other. Not just as Egyptians must we take care of each other, but as Arabs. We have rid ourselves of the chains of colonisation, together, and we must cherish the freedom we now have. No longer do we have to live under the corrupt rules of people not even living on this continent. We live together, strong and determined as a people.

    Despite the adversaries and obstacles we had to face, we have come out together, ushering in a new era where we can rebuild and prosper. Yet already, there are those seeking to undermine our Arabic values and cultural history. Invaders from the west, thinking they could take land for themselves without care. And now the servants of those who chained us for too long have arrived. The forces of Australia stand before us, threatening with its mere presence. It seeks to take away the property rightfully ours and lay upon us the chains we have cast aside from our previous corrupt oppressors. Their forces lay before the Suez Channel, but I will say to you now that we will not stand for this!

    I call upon the Arab World to lend its assistance, to show that we are free and independent! I call upon the Arab World to show an act of unity and of defiance! We will not be intimidated by their display of force, nor their arsenal in wait! We will not tolerate the presence of those who seek to chain us and thus we say: Leave now, Australia!

    I call upon each of you, fellow citizens of the Egypt Republic, here and now! Stand vast with us! Our roots are deep and our hearts are strong! Like the desert, our might is fierce and unwavering!

    Call for reinforcements

    As per the Presidential speech, the neighbouring countries and other countries considered part of the Arab World are contacted. As the Australian diplomats move, phone conversations are being held with foreign forces to ask for aid against this foreign threat seeking to lay colonisational claim once more from Britain origin. It is time for the Arab World to unite and show that they are a force of their own as well. A force ready to stand on the same level as the powers of today, the Southern Hemisphere powers, as well as the USA and USSR.

    As the Australian ships are stationed outside of the Suez Canal, their radars do pick up signals soon. Inside the Suez Canal and in the nearby waters, a large portion of the Egyptian fleets are amassing. The Army and its artillery stands ready near the coasts while airships land on nearby airports. While the Egyptian forces remain outside of firing range of both forces and no engagements are being made, it is obvious that the Australian forces are not welcome.

    [Stationing part of the army near or in Suez Canal.]

    Success obtained in unification - Arab World Unites in Condemnation

    With the increased relations with its neighbours, it is not surprising that the Arab World shows a clear sign of unification. In the UN and in embassies around the world, diplomats from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebannon all call for an immediate, UN-imposed halt to hostilities and withdrawal of Australian forces.

    A letter published in a public Egyptian newspaper

    “It seems that Australia is intent on introducing war on this short term after the Third World War. Has the Third World War not ended to prevent further nuclear devastation? But already, one who has called for the cease fire in such a global conflict sees before it the power of the nuclear weapon and hastens to make use of its threat. In such an unstable world after a great conflict and crisis, a country who has had no effects from it seeks to exploit the current state of the world.

    Are we, as world, ready to see such atrocities commence again? Do the countries of the world not realise that this obvious display of arrogance, domination and aggression from Australia is a threat to world stability? Ready to wage a war this soon after developing a nuclear weapon must mean that it will soon be ready to use that same weapon as well. Who will be the first victim to fall to the new nuclear threat?”

    Australian Retreat?

    The newspapers clearly show that the Australian forces have retreated in the Red Sea. Still a clear threat and disruptive of the economy, speculations are abound about the cause of this action. Are the Australians retreating or do they have other goals in mind? The consensus is clear though; the Australians still have to leave.

    Australian Diplomats taken in with suspicion

    The Australian diplomats have been allowed to enter negotiations, but an atmosphere of suspicion surrounds them. They are allowed to have their say in this grievous matter.
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    A formal letter arrives on the Austrailian Prime Ministers desk, from the Prime Minister of India.

    Due to severe food shorteges in india, I come to you now begging for the grain needed to keep my nation from starving. As we speak, starving farmers and food shortages threaten to cause one of the few bastions of Capitalism in the Middle East to fall. Therefore, I beg of you to supply us with the food needed to keep our people alive. In exchange, I will offer you the suppourt of all of my Naval forces, but I ask that you allow the nation of Israel to send its ships through.

    Yours Truly,
    Rajendra Prasad

    OOC- Requesting a 10:5 trade with Austrailia for full Naval suppourt. Will be given suppourt of 4 worth of ground forces if Israel's ships are allowed to pass through the canal without hinderance.
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    Israel Decries Suez Seizure!

    PM David Ben-Gurion gave a speech today regarding the situation on our doorstep. In it, he condemned Egypt's seizure of the canal as, "The sort of naked greed civilized countries had come to accept from King Farouk," but added that he hoped that, "...Any [democratically elected] government will hold itself to a higher standard." He also added that while Australia's apparent adventurism is somewhat alarming, it is also completely justified: until WWIII, Suez was home to an 80,000 strong British garrison. Even today, the Suez Canal Corporation is held almost entirely by British citizens, the majority of whom have immigrated to Australia. Though there were no open words of conflict, Ben-Gurion's speech seemed to imply heavily that Israel would be willing to provide military and logistic support to the Australian military in the event of conflict; this conclusion may be strengthened by the recent shipments of brand-new jet fighters, apparently received from Sydney.
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    Kremlin Announces Projects to Improve Living Standards

    "A significant amount of the government's resources would be devoted to ensure the security of the Soviet people. It is our hope that within 5 years, every citizen in the Soviet Union will have access to safe drinking water and better public health care. We will also be embarking on a project to construct fallout shelters capable of surviving nuclear blasts in case of another Nuclear conflict." - Nikita Kruschev in a recent public address.

    Will Where be War?

    Regarding the escalating situation in the Middle-east, the Kremlin has yet to issue an official comment but it is know that troop activities in Kazakhstan. Speculations run wild on what this means.

    Construction of Trans-Siberian Railway

    The Kremlin has recently announced the construction of a trans-Siberian railway, as well as an oil pipeline to bring in oil from more remote sections of the Soviet Union. This is regarded as the first step in making the Soviet Union a cohesive economic body. This mega project is predicted to span 7 years though the economic benefits could be huge.

    Full Bellies at Last?

    In a recent statement by the Kremlin, it has been revealed that the Soviet Union is currently negotiating with several food exporting nation in an attempt to prevent a famine. Little is know about the current state of discussions

    OOC: So there you have it. 14 points in Economy and 10 points into Civil (3 on water, 4 on health, 3 on shelters). Still waiting for the NPCs to reply...Especially Vietnam

    Trade offers:

    Brazil: 4:4
    South Africa: 4:4

    Change of offer to Iran to 10:10
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    After hearing and seeing the famine first hand that his people and neighboring countries were going through Chiang Kai-shek did not give up hope but believed he must take drastic efforts to ensure the safety of his people.

    To Korea:
    "I regret to inform you but I must already cancel most of our trade agreements before they even come into effect because all of China has been struck with a great famine and I need support from a nation that can immediately send help.

    I am going to contact Australia for aid. If its leader really wants to help in the fight against the communists it should be willing to help my cause.

    I will also ask India for military support. I suggest trying to trade with it.
    I believe we should try to form an alliance between ourselves and Australia and India since they are also anticommunist nations."

    To Australia:
    "Although other countries may have already requested aid from you or began regular trade relations but I hope you will put some of them aside for now because my people are in great need of help.

    All of China has been struck with famine and the communists have once again become the dominant force in my land. If you truly wish to protect the world or at least your own people from the threat of the communist your aid is crucial now.

    If my people survive this famine while the communists starve we may be able to reclaim our land soon. India may have already asked for your assistance but my people are at war with the largest communist force in the world. The mere existence of my free unconquered land despite being surrounded by communist forces is an attack against them. I do not ask that you send military aid. I only want to a stable source of food so that my people can continue to fight for their freedom.

    I will be asking India for military assistance. If it wants to protect itself from communist influences it should be willing to fight the active threat bordering them.

    I suggest all three of our nations should form an anti communist alliance to defend ourselves along with Korea."

    To India:
    "I must formally ask you for military support. My people are unlikely to win against the communist forces within China. We are the last bastion of democracy. I ask that you help us fight against communist China because it is our mutual enemy. If it manages to take my land it may soon be after yours. The soviets will definitely try aid them one way or another.

    If we strike together now we may be able to defeat them soon with the help of the famine they are experiencing. My land is also struck with severe crop shortages but I am asking Australia for assistance. You may also be seeking help from Australia but it can help us both.

    I suggest an alliance between all three of our nations and Korea to defend against the communist China and Russia."

    OOC: I am requesting 6:6 trade with Australia and keeping 2:2 trade with Korea.
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