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    Default [4E] Necromancer Class Features - Help!

    Right, I need some help from you knowledgeable folk out there.

    I'm attempting to craft a necromancer build and am springing for a nice class feature titled "Afflictions". Here are the facts, gentlemen:

    They are designed to improve the leadership functions of the class by lowering defenses other than AC.

    As such, there are three of them: Mark of Frailty (fort save penalty), Mark of Anxiety (will save), and Mark of Blundering (reflex save). They will probably work in the same way as Drow racial encounter powers (use one of the three once per encounter)

    To make them more interesting, I'm thinking of adding other features (like reducing damage rolls for weakness, speed for blundering, and attack rolls for Anxiety).

    I'm having difficulty deciding on what to make the afflictions an attack against.

    For example:

    Mark of Anxiety                 Necromancer Feature
    You trace a rune in the air and from it bursts forth a torrent of souls which scream in agony. Into it you whisper horrors, and the ghostly stream carries them to your foe, who quails in terror.
    Encounter * Arcane, Implement
    Standard Action                 Ranged 5
    Target: One creature
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
    Hit: The target takes a -2 penalty to will saves, and takes a penalty to attack rolls equal to your charisma modifier (save ends).
    Why would you attack the will defense of something that has a high will defence (hence the tactical decision to use the power)? Should I make all powers versus AC or make it Intelligence+2 vs RelevantDefense?

    Hope someone has some good ideas.

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