I'm starting a new project in the homebrew section!

It's a rather large undertaking. Each step is quite detailed. I have numerous other dnd projects which I also ought to get some work done on, and I only have so much free time anyways. However, it's also awesome. And all that basically just means you all have lots of time between requests.

The project is Elemental Ecosystems. The design of entire functional ecosystems for the four elemental planes. And, of course, just like any other plane, each must be divided into smaller ecosystems within. I am currently focusing on one type of ecosystem within the Elemental Plane of Fire: the Sootfields!

I am now getting close to finishing the creatures (12 finished so far) and all I need to do is go back and design a standard 'ecological niche' entry, fill it out for each creature, and write an overall description of the area.

When I make the compilation post, I would love to have some art to go along with it! I was wondering if any of you enterprising artists would like to help! I'm aiming for more traditional art, so less stick style, more realistic looking.

Now, I am also looking for likely more than one picture, so feel free to make one even if somebody else already has or already has said they will.

The picture should be a general view of the sootfields on the elemental plane of fire: the ground is a covering of black and gray speckled ash, a couple inches thick. The sky is a deep red, whether it is solid, streaked orange, with a sun, that's all up to you.

Your picture can include any number of the following, none to several, just not too many because the sootfields are a pretty barren place:
(Now, many of these creatures have camouflage: it is probably best if they are a little difficult to spot against the ash)
  • An obsidian spire 'tree'. This looks somewhat like a tree, but tapers more, wider at the bottom and thinner at the top, but still with branches bending off at sharp angles. Maybe somewhat like a stone cactus
  • An ashraven, a squat grayish black raven with small orange eyes, huddled on the ground or sitting in an obsidian spire.
  • An embercat, a small panther streaked with orange and soot.
  • Coalitts, gray worms that sift through the ash floor. You can draw these getting eaten by most other animals if you want.
  • An ashruff, basically a wombat but more grayish black and with a bright red nose. This can be peeking out of a small pile of ash with an opening, like a little den.
  • A red diver (scroll down). Basically a giant pillbug but bright red, with sharp claws and teeth. Probably about the same size as an ashruff.

I'd be hugely grateful for any artistic contributions anyone wants to make, whether it be a scene or wide view of the fields or even just a sketch of a single creature.