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    Default [3.5]Planar marine (WH40K based)

    So, despite the ways I some times act, I actually find WH40K pretty cool. And what I find cool I try to implement in D&D. Altough WH40k is heavily based on massive battles, there's plenty of potential for individual characters full of cool abilities. Unforenely the oficial WH40K Rpg, dark legacy, focuses on the weaker guys of the emperium. I want to play the powered armor guy with adamantium bones damnit! Thus let's start with the most infamous WH40K hero, the space planar marine!

    This isn't a thread to discuss WH40k. This is a thread to create a fun not broken class based on WH40K. If you think that speech merines should be immune to magic and gain feats every level because whatever book you readed had them curb stomping chaos sorcers and cultists like it was nothing, then please exit this thread. Thank you very much.

    So, besides those excluded by the disclaimer, I'm open to all critiques! If people seem to like my work, I may advance to homebrewing other facets of WH40K.

    Planar Marine

    Onwards! To glory!

    Nobody knows from where they came from, but long ago someone developed a series of rituals, training methods, brainwashing and oils wich would turn any normal humanoid into a mighty unstopable, fearless, killing machine during the course of several years. To back them up there were also designed a series of powerfull weapons, armor and equipment. Their purpose was to conquer the multiverse in a so called Great Crusade. To keep them united a long code was created and brainwased into each new warrior to make sure they would fight for the same side. Togheter, they conquered world after world, starting to be known as the Planar Marines for their transports, massive flying vessels wich jumped trough the planes barriers. But alas life means imperfection, and after some centuries some of the warriors began to see diferent interpretations of the original code, and soon they started to fight against their own brothers, divided in a thousand factions. The powerfull imperium they created was broken, but the warriors endured, each one hiding or melding with the popultaion of the planets they had reached, starting then to look for new candidates for their ranks, to fuel their never ending war.


    Gender:male. The rituals to create a Plane Marine only worck in male individuals due to being based on enanching the natural agressivety and stubborness found on them.

    D12 HD


    Fort good.

    Class skills:Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Ride (Dex), and Swim (Str).

    2+int skill points per level

    Weapon proefeciencies:
    all simple and martial, any PM weapon they acquire.

    Armor profeciencies:
    all armor and shields, including tower shields.

    Class features:

    Chapter: the PM receives his equipment and special training from a extremely ritualistic organization, normally called a chapter. If they start acting chaotic they won't be able to advance as a PM anymore as their chapter condemns their actions. Details should be discussed with the DM pre-campaign.

    And he shall know no fear(ex): A Plane Marine may use remove fear as the spell on himself once per day per each 2 class levels he has. If he begins his turn affected by any fear effect, he may use this ability as a free action even if it could normally take no actions. Caster level equal to his class level.

    Faith(ex): The PM's beliefs are so powerfull that reality itself may bend to his sheer force of will. A PM has a certain number of faith points wich he can use to fuel special abilities. A PM can have faith points up to (PM level+wis modifier) and regains them at the rate of wis modifier/2, rounded down, per hour(minimum 1). Some of these special abilities allow you to sustain an effect by sacrifcing your faith points regeneration. In that case, each aditional effect you try to sustain beyond the first gives you negative faith point regeneration(so you lose wis modifier/2 faith points, rounded down, per hour, per each extra sustain), and when you reach zero faith points you lose all the sustained effects. When you end a sustained effect, you need to wait one hour to regain your normal faith regeneration.

    Whenever a PM spends a faith point to fuel any ability he may choose to glow whole or make himself glow as a torch, iluminating 5 feets per PM level. At 10th level the glow increases to the effect of a daylight spell, iluminating 10 feets per PM level.

    Wargear: As they advance in this class a PM is awarded special customized wargear from the organization that started to train him. Each of these weapons is specially built for a specific individual and in the hands of anyone else is nothing more than a pointy stick.

    All wargear is crafted from the finest alloys and specially made to whitstand all but the strongest attacks. Each piece has 50 HP and DR20. They're also protected with special runes wich render the wargear highly resistant to magic. While used by the PM, any wargear gets one fort save if it would be destroyed by any magic, extraordinary or supernatural effect, using the PM's save. If the effect allowed a save in the first place then the PM can do both saves to try to save it's wargear. If If by any reasons a PM loses a piece of wargear they may make an atonement quest to receive a new one from their organization.

    All wargear can be enchanted as normal items and is considered masterworck.

    All PM start with power armor and one wargear of his choice. At second level they may choose a new piece and then another piece every two levels from the on. Many wargears have level or other wargears as pre-requisite.

    A PM may swap one older wargear he had for a new one for wich he meets the pre-requisites whenever he gains a new one, as long as he still meets the pre-requisites for all his other wargear. All PM weapons can be fired multiple times per turn with iterative attacks and any other trick wich grants extra normal attacks.

    If a PM even tries to sell any of his wargear to anyone, he's automatically declared an heretic and will be mercilessly hunted by any means available from his foster chapter.

    Damages given here are for a medium PM. Bigger or smaller creatures deal more or less damage acordingly.


    Power armor:
    This finely crafted suit is specially fited to the PM and actually works more as a second skin than an armor, altough it makes noncombat work much harder. It counts as light armor, and it grants +6 to AC, with no maximum dexterity limit, -12 skill penalty and 50% ASF.

    Bolter: this two handed weapon is the basic ranged weapon of the PM. A gunpowder based artifact, it fires powerfull bolts of metal at long distances with incredible acuraccy wich impale the enemy. It can be loaded with up to 25 shots at a time. Reloading it is a full round action. Range 120 feet. Deals 1d8 piercing damage, crit x4. User must use both weapons to fire. The weapon is specially sturdy and can be used as a bludeoding melee weapon wich deals 1d8 damage, normal crit.

    As a full round action, the PM may make a full ranged attack and fire one extra shot at his highest attack bonus with a -2 on all attacks.

    The PM also receives a kit wich allows him to create new bolts out of raw materials, at a cost of 1 GP per each new bolt. It comes with 100 ready bolts.

    Bolt pistol: a smaller one handed version of the bolter, this weapon deals the same damage and has the same crit, but has a range of just 60 feet and can't fire more bolts than normal. It is however specially bulky and can be used as a melee weapon wich deals 1d8 bludgeoding damage, normal crit.

    The PM also receives a kit wich allows him to create new bolts out of raw materials, at a cost of 1 GP per each new bolt. It comes with 100 ready bolts.

    this one handed weapon is a sword fited with special teeths to cut the enemy's flesh deeper. Complex mechanisms make the teeths spin with the momentum of the swing, grinding down the target's meat. It deals 1d10 damage, crit 18-20 x3.

    Purity seals: Blessed scrolls and amulets fited to the power armor allow the PM to shrugg of any foul tricks the enemy may try to use on him. As an imediate action the PM may spend 2 faith points to re-roll one save, afte rbeing told if he made it or not but before knowing what the effect of the failed save is. By spending one faith point and sacrificing your faith regeneration, you may gain SR equal to 11+your character level.

    Level 2

    Stormbolter: This weapons is basically two bolters combined to fire as one. Worcks as a bolter, but instead of being able to fire an extra shot during a full attack with a -2 penalty, each attack you would normally make the bolter fires two shots, wich must ve directed at the same target. Enchanting a storm bolter costs twice the normal cost. Can be used as a melee bludgeoding weapon dealing 1d10 damage.

    Recquires level 8 and bolter.

    Flamer: A special tube loaded with alchemicals, the flamer is a two handed weapon wich unleashes a 30 feet cone of fire to burn down the enemies of the PM, dealing 1d10 damage to each unit under the cone. Enemies can make two reflex save to take only half damage, the DC being your attack roll when you use the weapon, but they must suceed in both rolls to halve the damage. If any target fails both saves, then they're dazed for one round. Stacks. Reloads as a full round action and can fire up to fifteen times before needing reloading. Can be used as a melee bludgeoding weapon dealing 1d10 damage.

    Despite the name, the flamer can be loaded with alchemical amunitions prepared to deal ice, thunder or acid damage, chosen at creation. Comes with a kit to make new munitions and 3 ready to use rounds of the PM's choice. Each new round costs 150 gp.

    Level 6, recquires bolter.

    Melta gun: Similar to the flamer, the melta gun fires forth special alchemical substances, but it's prepared to focus it's attack on a single point instead of spreading it out. It has a range of just 60 feet but counts as a touch attack, dealing 2d12 damage. Aditionaly, hit targets must make a reflex save or be slowed as the spell for one round (ex ability) as they are covered in a coat of alchemical nastyness Multiple hits from meltaguns stack. Reloads as a full round action and can fire up to fifteen times before needing reloading. Can be used as a melee bludgeoding weapon dealing 1d10 damage.

    As the flamer, can be loaded with alchemical amunitions prepared to deal ice, thunder or acid damage, chosen at creation. Comes with a kit to make new munitions and 3 ready to use rounds of the PM's choice. Each new round costs 150 gp.

    Level 6

    Plasma gun: Specially calibrated to pierce the toughest hides at distance, this two handed weapon channels raw energy trough special runes and unleashes them in the form of searing balls of force. Deals 2d10 force damage, counts as a ranged touch attack and uses no ammunition, but if you roll 4 or less in the d20 then the weapon overloads and you're automatically hit by it, receiving an automatic crit from the weapon. In this case the weapon can't be used again for 1d4+1 rounds as it needs to cool down. 120 feets range, can fire one aditional time during a full attack, but you take a -2 penalty on all attacks during that round. Can be used as a melee bludgeoding weapon dealing 1d10 damage.

    Level 8, recquires bolter.

    Plasma pistol: A smaller plasma gun. Only needs one hand to use but has just 60 feets range and can't fire more than normal.

    Level 8, recquires bolt pistol

    Power sword: Worcks as a chainsword, but this beatifully crafted one handed weapon is specially prepared to channel the PM's faith. By spending one faith point as a free action, the next blow with the power sword counts as a touch attack.

    Level 6, recquires chainsword.

    Frag grenades:
    Volatile explosives in a nutshell allow the PM to soften up his enemies before finishing them. Thrown weapon with range 10, deal 1d6 damage to the target and 1 splash damage to all adjacent targets. Affected units must make a fortitude save with DC equal to your attack roll when using the grenade or be knocked prone. You may target a square when using this ability(AC 5), but then you only deal slash damage and only oponents on the target square must save vs falling prone.

    The PM receives a kit to create new grenades out of raw material, plus 5 ready to use grenades. Each new grenade costs 5 gold.

    Level 4.

    Krak grenades:
    similar to frag grenades, krack grenades concentrate their blast in a single point, making them better for singular tougher targets. Range 10 feet, thrown weapon, deals 1d12 damage. Target hit must make a fortitude save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds, DC equal to your attack roll.

    The PM receives a kit to create new grenades out of raw material, plus 5 ready to use grenades. Each new grenade costs 5 gold.

    Level 4.

    Enanching helmet:
    Your helmet is fited with special mechanisms and runes that greatly enanche your senses. By spending a faith point as a free action you may gain a faith bonus to your spot and listen skills equal to your PM level for 1 round. By sacrificing your faith point regeneration you may sustain this effect indfenitily.

    Level 4

    Combat shield: This shield can be easily straped to the arm, providing great protection whitout any hindrance. By expending one faith point as a free action, all attacks against the PM suffer a 25% miss chance for one round(non-stackable with any other miss effects). Once this special ability is activated, you may choose to sacrifice your faith point regeneration to keep this ability up indefenetely.

    Furthermore, a combat shield grants +2 shield to AC and allows you to use a weapon in that arm whitout any penalty. Counts as a shield for all purposes.

    Level 6, demands bolt pistol or chainsword.

    Auxiliary grenade launcher:
    A special tubic compartment fited in your armor or weapon allows you to throw frag or krak grenades as a swift action. The range of this attack is 60 feet, counts as a thrown weapon. This acessory can hold up to six grenades at a time, reloads as a full round action. You can load it with both kind of grenades and decide wich one want to shoot when you attack.

    Level 8, recquires frag or krak grenades.

    Combat steed: You receive a powerfull ground combat steed from your organization. It may have been a living being in the past, but now it has been fited with powerfol armor plates and mysterious contrapitions, so it's now more machine than living. The PM may freely choose it's exterior apearance to it's likings. Popular choices include heavy warhorses, wolves and giant salamanders. It has a base speed of double your own speed, the same HP, saves and AC as you(-1 AC for the bigger size, don' count the bonuses granted by the steed itself), it's a huge long creature(15x10 feet) and you can freely attack while mounted on it whitout penalties of any kind, except that you may still not full attack if your mount moves more than 5 feets on it's turn. The mount cannot attack on it's own in any way and it's treated as a construct, but while you ride it you receive a +2 bonus to AC and all saves. If the mount is called to make any checks it uses your statistics if you're mounting it, otherwise it automatically fails them. You may spend faith points to repair it, spending one faith point and one full round action to heal 3 damage. You count as riding for benefical purposes, but don't need to do ride checks of any kind to perform special actions while riding your combat steed. Controling the steed always demands at least one free hand so you may only wield one handed weapons while riding it.

    Level 6, recquires bolt pistol

    Master crafted:
    Your weapon has been crafted with exceptional care and skill. Choose one PM weapon you already have. You may spend one faith point as a free action to roll again one attack per round with that weapon, after the DM says if the attack hit or not.

    Level 8

    Jump wings: these contrapitions come in many forms and shapes, like featherly wings and burning capes, but they all allow you to temporaly jump at great heights, or even more. By spending a faith point as a free action you gain a fly speed equal to twice your ground speed with good maneveraubility. You may choose to sacrifice your faith point regeneration to keep this effect indefenetely.

    If you moved at least half your flying speed during this turn, you may spend a faith point as a free action when to perform a free bull rush against the next oponent you hit in melee. This bull rush can push your oponent in any direction you want. If the oponent hits a surface, then it takes 1d6 damage for each 10 feet you bullrushed it.

    Level 8, recquires chainsword

    Multi-melta: Several meltaguns combined allow you to cleanse your enemies at great distances. As meltagun, but can fire up to 120 feets. Each multi-melta round costs 300 GP and can fire 15 times. Comes with 2 rounds.

    Level 10, recquires bolter.

    Heavy bolter: A bigger bolter with rotating barrels allowing for an exeptional rate of fire. Can hold up to 500 bolts at a time. For each attack you could normally make the heavy bolter fires three shots, each dealing 2d8 damage, critical x4, wich must be directed at the same target. 240 feet range. Heavy bolter rounds cost 2 GP each. Comes with 500 ammo.

    Level 10, recquires bolter.

    Flying combat steed: as combat steed, but has a fly speed(perfect maneuvarebility) of four times your land speed. If in a turn you move more than half your flying combat speed steed while riding it the you become displaced as the spell untill the begining of your next turn, ex ability. Popular choices include pegasus, griphons and small dragons, or simply a flying plataform with the heralds of the PM.

    Level 10, Recquires combat steed(it is "upgraded" to the flying version by your organization)

    Melta bomb: This special grenade unleashes a explosion of concentrated alchemical substances that literally melt the target into nothingness. Thrown weapon with range 10 feets, on hit duplicates the effect of a disintregate spell with CL equal to the PM level and DC equal to the attack roll.

    Comes with a kit that allows to create new melta bombs at 50 GP a piece, plus five melta bombs ready to use.

    level 10

    Lighting claws:
    This gauntlet possesses three long blades attached to the forearm wich strike as a single weapon. The lighting claw cannot be disarmed or sundered. They allow the wearer to cripple his enemy's soul and body at the same time. deals 2d8 damage, crit 18-20 x3. The PM can use his hands to other actions while wearing lighting claws, but cannot attack with a lighting claw and another weapon on his hand at the same time. The PM receives a pair of lighting claws.

    Confirmed criticals from a lighting claw deal 3 damage to an ability score of your choice to the hit oponent. By spending a faith point as a free action, the next strike with a lighting claw counts as a touch attack. The striked oponent is allowed a reflex save to negate this ability damage, DC equal to the attack roll that striked it.

    Level 10, recquires chain sword.

    Power fist:
    This massive gauntlet is extremely hard to use, but allows the wearer to strike with exceptional strenght. It deals 2d8 damage, crit x5. By spending one faith point as a free action your next attack counts as a touch attack. By spending three faith points as a free action, you may double your strenght bonus and count as striking with a two handed weapon in your next attack with your power fist, but you provoke an attack of oportunity from your target.

    Level 10, recquires chain sword.

    Auspex: This mysterious device allows the wearer to see with inhuman clarity. By spending 3 faith points the wearer gets a bonus on it's spot checks equal to it's PM level, plus a true seeing effect, for 1 round. By sacrificing it's faith regeneration the effect may be sustained indefenetely.

    Level 10

    Las cannon: This massive weapon fires a powerfull beam of light that punches trough all defenses. It fires a 5 feet wide line between 50 and 500 feets long(PM's choice) dealing 2d12 damage, fortitude save half, the DC being an attack roll used by the PM when using this weapon. Must be used two handed. Can fire up to ten times before reloading, wich is a full round action.

    Comes with a kit to produce more energy cores. Each one costs 200 GP, comes with 2 ready to use.

    Level 12, recquires bolter.

    Plasma cannon: This massive weapon fires balls of plasma wich blast enemies in a wide area. It works as a plasma pistol, but it has 240 feet range and when it hits a target it also affects everything in a 20 feet radius sphere around the main target. Secondary targets are allowed reflex saves for half damage, DC equal to your attack roll to hit the primary target.

    Level 12, recquires bolter.

    Thunder hammer:
    This massive one handed warhammer allows the wearer to smite his oponents with such strenght that they can't strike back. Works as a power fist, but when you spend faith points on it you may spend an extra faith point. Any struck oponent must make a reflex save( DC=damage dealt) or be dazed.

    level 12, recquires power fist.

    Relic blade:
    This blade contains splinters of the weapons of legendary PMs. It worcks as a power sword, but the PM may choose to spend 2 faith points to gain a bonus to strenght equal to half his PM level, rounded down, on his next blow.

    Level 12, recquires chain sword.

    Terminator armor: This massive armor is crafted from the remaints of the armor of fallen PM heros. It's extremely bulky but it also turns the wearer into an almost unstopable juggernaut. While in terminator armor, the PM cannot fly, swim run, ride a mount(even a combat steed of any kind) or do attacks of oportunity by any means. But it gains DR/- equal his PM level and resistance to all energies equal to twice his PM level. If the weater has SR it increases by 8. It grants +12 to AC, but it doesn't allow any dexterity bonus to it. ASF 90% and -24 skill penalty.

    By spending 4 faith points as a move action the PM may teleport as the spell, ex ability. The PM must then wait 1d4+1 rounds before being able to teleport again. The PM may only carry himself, his class equipment and 50 pounds of other equipment.

    Recquires level 12.

    Iron halo: While wearing this metal circlet in his armor, attacks bounce harmlessly of the PM. By expending one faith point as a free action, all attacks against the PM suffer a 50% miss chance for one round(non-stackable with any other miss effects). Once this special ability is activated, you may choose to sacrifice your faith point regeneration to keep this ability up indefenetely.

    It also gives +3 shield bonus to AC.

    Recquires level 12.

    Advanced combat steed:
    These massive mechanical beasts are only given upon the greatest PM heros. Worcks as a flying combat steed, but it's a long creature two size category bigger than the PM , posesses four time it's HP, and comes fited with three weapons of the PM's choice. These weapons must be chosen from weapons the PM already had available and count as natural weapons of the ACS. The PM must supply the ammo if needed. The ACS may fire them all as a standard action, using your statistics, and it may move and shoot even if you're not riding it. It only understands basic comands and is incapable of complex actions. Unlike the other combat steeds, it can grapple, bull rush, trip, sunder and other basic combat options.

    This mount's armor is specially crafted that it allows the rider to attack whitout exposing yourself. While riding the ACS line of effect and line vision to you are blocked unless you desire otherwise, but you can target everything normally.

    Recquires flying combat steed, level 14 (your old steed is "upgraded" to this one).

    Two of your weapons are combined into a single one. Each attack you make shoots either one of or both weapons(your choice). If shooting both they must be to the same target. May only be taken with ranged weapons.The same weapon can be chosen twice.

    Level 14

    Tempest blade:
    This massive weapon allows the wearer to attack with deadly speed and force. Worcks as a power sword but as a standard action, the PM may spend 6 faith points to deliver a coup de grace attack against any enemy whitin reach, even if the target is not helpless. The PM gains a strenght bonus on this attack equal to his PM level.

    Recquires chain sword, level 14

    Artificer armor: This carefully built armor offers much better protection than your regular power armor whitout being any more hindering. Grants +12 AC, DR equal to half your PM level, all energy resistances equal to your PM level, no dexterity limit, -12 skill check and 50% ASF.

    By spending a faith point as an imediate action the AC bonus from this armor counts against touch attacks for 1 turn, ex ability.

    Level 14

    Hellfire rounds: The PM is given the secrets of how to create mighty projectiles that cripple mind and body. When creating ammo of any tipe for one of his weapons, the PM may pay three times the normal cost to make that ammo deals 1 point of ability score damage when fired. The ability damaged must be chosen at the creation of the ammo. Critical hits multiply this damage as normal.

    Level 16

    Champion blade: This weapon worcks as a relic blade, but it has critical of 18-20 x5 and doesn't need to roll to confirm criticals.

    Level 16

    Chapter Banner: This sacred banner releases an aura of absolute power that makes all on the PM's path bow to his power. By spending a faith point as a free action, for 1 turn all that try to perform any action that would hinder the PM in any way must pass a Will save (DC =PM's attack bonus+1d20) or perform any other action. This is a ex ability.

    Level 16

    Planar cruiser: The PM is given his own vessel to go forth and conquer in the chapter's name. The planar cruiser exists on his own dimensioanl space and works pretty much as a Magnificent mansion, except that it exists permanently. Instead of unseen servants it has special humanoid constructs that serve the PM's basic needs and look after the cruiser. These servants crumble to dust instantly if removed out of the planar cruiser.

    The planar cruiser can travel between the planes to any place. As a full-round action and by spending 10 faith points, the PM can use the planar cruiser to reproduce a gate effect as the spell, but only for transportation purposes, CL equal the PM's level. It only allows travel from a plane to the cruiser and from the cruiser to another plane, not directly from a plane to another.

    As a standard action and by spending 10 faith points the PM may requisition an orbital bombardment from it's planar cruiser. This works as a storm of vengeance spell, except that the PM doesn't need to maintain concentration and every turn that it lasts the planar cruiser fires a meteor swarm as the spell as well. The meteor swarm can deal ice, acid or electrecity damage at the PM's choice. If outdoors the attacks come down from the sky, if inside a closed space planar rifts open to allow the planar cruiser to attack. CL equal to the PM's level.

    Level 18

    Storm shield:This mighty shield allows the wielder to shrugg of titanic blows whitout blinking. By expending one faith point as a free action, all attacks against the PM suffer a 75% miss chance for one round(non-stackable with any other miss effects). Once this special ability is activated, you may choose to sacrifice your faith point regeneration to keep this ability up indefenetely.

    It also grants a +4 shield bonus to AC. Recquires a hand to use.

    level 18

    Master weapon:
    A weapon of the PM's choice is enchanted up to a maximum of +10 enanchment bonus at the chapter's expenses. This weapons is also now considered a relics and thus cannot be destroyed by anything short of epic magic. If the weapon had any enanchments before, the chapter provides the PM with a payment equal to the costs of those enanchments.

    Level 18

    Combat tactics: the PM learns a series of special tactics to compliment his equipment. The PM starts the game knowing one combat tactic, and it learns an extra one at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th and 19th level. Unless otherwise noted, they're extraordinary abilities.


    Titanic might: A PM can overcome his mortal frame with his own convictions. Whenever it spends a faith point it receives a +2 faith bonus to either Str, Dex, Con, AC, or his saves for 1 round. It may also spend a faith point as a free action to get a 4 faith bonus to either Str, Dex, Con, AC, or his saves for 1 round, but this doesn't trigger the first ability.

    Recquires level 3

    Zealot: The PM may keep a sustainable faith effect on whitout actually sacrificing faith points.

    Take the battle to them: The PM becomes an adept on the art of wielding two weapons at the same time. By spending one faith point as a free action, for 1 turn the PM may add his full strenght bonus to off-hand attacks and 1.5 strenght bonus to his main hand attacks, and attack with both weapons as a standard action or in the end of a charge. The PM also gains the quick draw feat.

    Furious charge:
    When making a charge attack, if wielding a ranged PM weapon, the PM may fire that weapon during the charge. The shot must be directed at the enemy he's charging.
    If the PM has multiple attacks, it may spend five faith point as a free action to make a full ranged attack as he charges and a full melee attack when it reaches the enemy.

    Recquires level 7.

    True grit: The PM may wield two handed weapons with a single hand!

    Eye of Vengeance:
    The PM learns how to find gaps in the best defenses. As a full round action and by spending four faith points, The PM may make one attack wich automatically hits it's targets whitin range regardless of any and all defenses they may have.

    Recquires level 15.

    See but remain unseen: The PM learns how to overcome it's armor limitations to sneack upon his enemies. By spending a faith point as a free action the PM ignores his armor skill penalty and gains a bonus on hide and move silently checks equal to his PM level for 1 turn. The PM may sacrifice his faith regeneration to keep up this effect indefenetely.

    Feel no pain: If the PM would fall to negative hit points, it may spend a faith point as a free action to keep acting normally for 1 round. Inclusively, now the PM only dies when it reaches negative hit points equal to his total HP.

    Recquires level 11.

    Eternal warrior:
    Few things can truly stop a PM. Once per day, if a PM would be killed by any other mean that damage, destroyed, imprisioned, teleported to another dimension or somehow stoped from continuing in his path, he may spend all his remaining faith points to overcome the attack and keep fighting as if nothing had hapened.

    Recquires level 19

    Battle brother:
    At level 5, the PM training has by now completely transformed it. It grows one size category. It doesn't gain or lose any stats, but all other things like size penalty to hit and AC, bonuses to grapple/bull rush/trip and increased weapon damage apply. It also gains +1 Nat armor bonus, DR 1/- and resistance to all energies 2 as it's sking toughness.

    Veteran: At level 9 the PM has more than proved his worth to the chapter. It gains DR 2/-, resistance to all energies 4, +2 Nat armor and it gains leadership as a bonus feat. The cohorts and followers come from the chapter and are all fanatically loyal to the PM, to the point that if they get killed the leadership score of the PM doesn't receive any penalty, and replacements are provided whitin 1d6 days for each lost cohort/follower. However, neither of those bring any valuable equipment, and the PM must equip them at his own expenses.

    If the PM doesn't feel like having followers, he may pick any feat to wich he meets the pre-requisites instead of this improved leadership.

    Captain: At level 14 the PM is nothing less than a legend among the chapter for his deeds. +3 Nat armor, DR 3/-, resistance to all energies 6, and he now atracts double the number of cohorts and followers. Or another extra feat instead of this last bonus.

    Chapter Master:
    At level 17th level the PM is one of the top soldiers of the chapter. +4 nat armor, DR 4/-, resistance to all energies 8. He now atracts triple the number of cohorts and followers. Or another extra feat instead of this last bonus.
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    fluff looks good do not know about the mechanics as it is midnight here in tx so i can look and see how comparable the wargear is to the weapon and armor.
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    Maybe a little late (since this thread is here allready for a very very very long time, but some abilities (especially the Tempest Blade) seem to be slightly overpowered. I do like the concept though.
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    Actually, you are not supposed to dig up threads that are older than a month: that's thread necromancy and against the board rules.
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