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    Default Darkseid [PEACH]

    This is a DnD version of Darkseid that I made. Stats have been assigned to reflect mostly the animated version of the character plus many of his comic-book powers. The system for powers is one I'm developing still.

    Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips
    Size/Type: Medium Outsider (Evil, Law, Extraplanar)
    Hit Dice: 44d8+2244 (2640 hp)
    Initiative: +15 (Dex+7, feats +8, always first)
    Speed: 100 ft
    Armor Class: 84 (+7 Dex, +16 divine, +51 armor)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +44/+109
    Attack: Fist +99 meele (2d6+22d8+53, 19/20 2x)
    Full Attack: Fist +99/+94/+89/+84 meele
    Powers: Superstrength 22, Superspeed 1, Invulnerability 22, Energy Attack 22, Immunity 22, Innate Psionics 21
    Special Attacks: The Omega Effect, Malign Intellect
    Special Qualities: Destiny, New God traits, SR 69, Negate Damage 110, Regeneration 5
    Flaws: Megalomania, Bloodlust
    Saves: Fort +97 Ref +53 Will +52
    Abilities: Str 112, Dex 24, Con 112, Int 35, Wis 22, Cha 42
    (includes level, age, inherent and power bonuses)
    Skill Ranks: Balance +47, Climb +47, Concentration +47, Craft (doomsday device) +47, Diplomacy +47, Escape Artist +47, Gather Information +47, Hide +47, Intimidate +47, Jump +47, Knowledge (astronomy, history, psionics, technology, the planes) +47, Listen +47, Move Silently +47, Sense Motive +47, Spot +47, Swim +47, Tumble +47
    Feats: Leadership, Improved Toughness, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Awesome Blow, Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
    Epic Feats: Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander, Superior Initiative, Legendary Wrestler, Fast Healing, EWF: Unarmed Strike, Shattering Strike
    Bonus Feats: Improved Natural Attack, Improved Critical: Unarmed Strike
    Environment: Apokolips
    Organization: Lord of Apokolips
    Challenge Rating: 44
    Treasure: see below
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Advancement: As character class

    Superstrength (Cs)
    Darkseid has lvl 22 superstrength. That increases his strength by 88 points (included above), further multiplies his lifting capacity by a factor of 22 (does not stack with size modifiers) and allows him to add up to 22d8 points of damage per strength-based attack to a maximum of 66d8 points per turn. This cap is per turn, not per round, and does not increase should Darkseid gain additional actions. Neither can this damage be multiplied or increased further.

    Superspeed (Cs)
    Darkseid is slightly faster than normal creatures; he has a superspeed rating of 1. He gets +4 to his dexterity, can only be surprised or flat-footed by creatures with superspeed and gets an additional standard or move action per turn. As all creatures with superspeed, Darkseid acts before those without superspeed in combat. If facing other creatures with superspeed or another ability that always allows them to act first, he rolls initiative normally against them.

    Invulnerability (Cs)
    Darkseid has lvl 22 invulnerability. That increases his constitution by 88 points (included above) and negates the first 110 points of damage per attack per damage type. E.g. if Darkseid is hit for 137 piercing and 56 fire damage, he'd only take 27 points of piercing damage. This negation applies to any damage, inlcuding divine or untyped damage, weapons of ruin or other effects that normally overcome lesser forms of damage reduction or immunities. Should all damage from an attack be negated, any additional effects are also negated. Invulnerability only works on attacks or effects that deal at least some HP damage. Effects that do not deal damage are not affected.

    The Omega Effect (Cs)
    The Omega Effect is a lvl 22 energy attack with the following options:
    As a standard action once per turn, Darkseid can create a beam of destructive energy similar to a divine blast that deals 66d6 points of damage. The beam can strike any one target within Darkseid's line of sight or any one target Darkseid can pinpoint regardless of range. As long as Darkseid can see the target or pinpoint the intended target's location, the beam tracks the target and always hits; it bypasses any and all barriers and defences (including normally invulnerable ones), veers around cover, ignores miss chances and cannot be deflected. Epic Dodge, Divine Dodge, Invulnerability and moving beyond Darkseid's line of sight in a way he can't pinpoint your location negate or reduce the effects of Omega Effect. Barriers that have a HP total and objects take double maximum damage (792 pts) and if that's not enough to destroy them they can block the beam; otherwise it burns through and deals full damage to the intended target. Damage dealt by the Omega Effect is always lethal and cannot be healed for 1 minute.
    Alternatively, Darkseid can employ the following effects instead of dealing damage;
    Portal; As per Worldwalk or Gate, opening a physical gateway between two points in the same plane or different planes. The normal defences against teleportation apply.
    Translocation; A willing target or a target with less than 300 current hp can be teleported by Darkseid (as per greater teleport), no save allowed.
    Destruction; A target with less than 300 current hp is destroyed automatically, no save. They can't be brought back to life except through divine powers.
    Dreamscape; A target with less than 300 current hp is thrown in a dreamscape where Darkseid controls reality absolutely (no save). The dreamscape can't kill the target and has no lingering effect once it ends but Darkseid can do anything to the target while it lasts and only he or a power that allows transportation through the realm of dreams can end it.
    Revival; A slain target is brought back to life as per the Gift of Life ability. This option can reverse the Destruction option.

    New God (Cs)
    Darkseid is one of the New Gods. As a deity, he never fails on a natural 1. In fact, he rolls 1d10+10 instead of D20. He gets maximum HP per HD and a +22 resistance bonus to his saves. He gets a divine bonus to his AC equal to his charisma modifier and and armor bonus to his AC equal to his constitution modifier. He is immune to death effects, destruction effects, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, form-altering attacks, mind-affecting effects, vacuum, pressure, fire and radiation. He has spell resistance equal to his HD+25 and special regeneration. This is a level 22 immunity ability.

    Darkseid takes lethal damage only from attacks that deal more damage than he has maximum HP. In effect, only attacks that would kill him outright are lethal; he eventually regenerates anything else.

    Malign Intellect (Cs)
    Darkseid can replicate any non-beneficial mind-affecting effect of 9th level or lower on a single target within line of sight by spending a number of turns concentrating equal to the level of the effect. A will save DC 48 negates the effects of Malign Intellect and affected creatures may save again once per day if given a reason to doubt that their actions and thoughts are their own. By concentrating minutes instead of rounds, Darkseid can affect up to 44 creatures at once. By concentrating hours instead of minutes, he can affect anyone within 44 miles. By focusing for weeks instead of hours, he can affect an entire planet. A natural 20 in the target's will save does not guarantee success in resisting Malign Intellect. Malign Intellect is a lvl 21 epic psionic effect.

    As a deity-level entity, Darkseid has a special destiny, his existence being intertwined with Creation. Until he fulfills it, he will continue to exist and act as he is, any setbacks and defeats he suffers only temporary. Being destroyed, imprisoned, defeated or otherwise neutralized, such conditions are only temporary; destiny will conspire to bring him back and at the same path in life, the choices of others leading sooner or later to his eventual return. For example, if he dies others might willingly or not ressurect him. If a time-paradox would cause him never to have existed, his history would have adapted so that another chain of events would lead to him being Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips. If he's somehow imprisoned, a situation will arise when others will free him.
    Neither Darkseid nor anybody else knows what his Destiny truly is or how it will be fulfilled. Only Darkseid may choose to change his course in life though wether such choice is part of his destiny nobody knows.
    That such a Destiny exists has not been confirmed. But those that track such things (Darkseid included) have realised circumstance is stretched to extremes to accomodate Darkseid's continued existence.

    If all you have is a hammer, don't be lazy; be a blacksmith and start making more stuff.

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    Default Re: Darkseid [PEACH]

    I'm not all that knowledgeable on this character. (The only DC I really read was The Dreaming) but I like the New God rolling mechanic I may have to yoink it for some of my deities.
    Having trouble writing up hard stat blocks but I'm doing a lot of sharing ideas and soft mechanics lately.

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    Default Re: Darkseid [PEACH]

    Huh. I thought Darkseid was a well-known character but I see 66 views and only one reply. Doesn't anyone have comments on the DnD transition of the character?

    @The Mentalist:
    The mechanic bridges the extremes between the random d20 rolling of mortals and the always 20 of deities-I didn't like the immediate jump so I made tiers. Taking immunity (luck) once (demigod) gives "doesn't fail on a 1". Taking it twice (lesser deity) gives "rolls 1d10+10" instead. Taking it three times (intermediate deity) gives "rolls 1d6+14". Taking four times (greater deity) gives "rolls 1d6+20" which actually increases the maximum roll possible.

    If all you have is a hammer, don't be lazy; be a blacksmith and start making more stuff.

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