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    Default Need help with an old west setting

    Old west plus vampires and cosmic horror.

    But i have two problems.

    Classes and Guns.

    I need rules for guns and weapon postings for individual firearms (rifles, shotguns, pistols).

    I also need help with classes. Rogues can still be rogues and Rangers can become gunslingers by not giving them a choice of the two-wepaon style and making all bow feats work for guns.

    But fighters are gonna need replacing since most melee combat in the wild west was knives (rogues) and fists or improvised weapons. Monks are the obvious choice but they dont have the right flavor.

    And i dont want much spellcasting. Frog Dragon has a doctor class to replace the cleric in healing and i want Warlocks to be allowed but what do i do about the holy part of Clerics and Paladins? The world still needs clergymen but they need to have their spell power toned way down while still being useable.

    So...yeah. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Need help with an old west setting

    Weren't you in the "Draw Partner" PrC creation contest? There should be rules a-plenty for gungs in that... but see also "The Dustlands" campaign setting on these forums.
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