The rules of the game are simple; there are four teams total, called RED, BLUE, GREEN, and YELLOW. On sign-up, you'll pick a team to join, as well as a three-digit Code, and send the information to the host (which, for this first round, will be me).

Your objectives throughout the remainder of the game will be to glean as much of this information as possible from the other players, using it to eliminate competition and obtain immunity for yourself. Players that have immunity can't be eliminated from the game, while players that have been eliminated can't do anything but talk. Play will continue until no more eliminations are possible, at which point the team with the highest number of players still in the game wins.

Once the game starts, you may post at any time, doing one of three things:

1) Cash in Codes. In your post, state that you're going to cash in, then post two Codes; one belonging to your team (but not you), and one belonging to another team (it doesn't matter which, and you don't have to know which), in that order. If both are right, you gain immunity for the remainder of the game.

2) Oust another player. When you do this, you post what team you believe them to be on. Results of this action vary, based on whether you're right and on the same team.

-If you're wrong and they're on a different team from you, they gain immunity automatically.

-If you're right and they're on a different team from you, the player is eliminated (unless they have immunity). Their Code is also revealed in the process.

-If you're wrong and they're on your team, you're eliminated from the game and your Code is revealed. As a small mercy, your team remains concealed.

-If you're right and they're on your team, they gain immunity if they don't already have it.

3) Talk among yourselves. It should be pretty obvious that you can do this, but being able to share information between each other is a crucial part of the game, so talk away. Also worth noting is that you can still talk even if you've been eliminated; even once you're compromised, you can still help your team win, and by extension, win the game yourself.

If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to ask me.

Round 1 Roster
Host: Ironsmith