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    Default [4e] Thunderspire Help

    My group should leave now. You know who you are.

    Here's the skinny: I'm not that good of a DM. But, it's my turn, so...

    I'm gonna run through the Thunderspire module. We're picking up right at the end of the Shadowfell module, crawling up outta the ruins.
    I've never really DM'd a legit 4e campaign, and I don't know how the timing really works out.
    I have planned and read through the a1-1 encounter, and some of the random encounters, planning to break when they come into the main commons area. But I don't know how many random encounters I should drop in there...
    So, in your experience, if I have a group of 3-4 mildly focused players (who enjoy role-playing for extra xp and loot), and about 4-5 hours of gameplay, how far ahead in the module should I prepare for?
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    Default Re: [4e] Thunderspire Help

    first of all, i suggest you read through Colmarr's excellent campaign journal. just skip to the parts concerning your module. his DM has great ideas, and you might get inspired from them. it might also give you an idea of a pace.
    Colmarr's journal
    i'm currently DMing a 4ed group, and we usually get through up to 2 battles per session, but tthe sessions include a fair bit of roleplay and so on (which you should have plenty of in the hall).
    my suggestion is this:
    - read the reavers and the halfing encounter.
    - read the hall well, realy well, and preapre it's NPC's and rumors, and possible interactions there. include two intersting routes that might lead to the random encoutners mentioned. choose them well (see how colmarr's DM made such a random encounter into a main part of the plot) send the party after one of these side plots if a third or more of the session have passed. if however they followed the reavers trail quickly, and aren't interested in the hall, then continue there.
    - read and prepare about the reavers base. warning: once they get through, the battle that ensues can take a whole session, so i suggest you end the session there if this happen too soon.

    some might disagree with me, but i think this is best.
    hope this helps,
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    Default Re: [4e] Thunderspire Help

    I'm currently DMing this module for a group of mine.

    Firstly, thanks for the link to that campaign journal, it's given me some neat ideas for my players.

    I agree with Kol Korran in that you should read the entire Chamber of Eyes section, and be prepared to run all or none of it. My players have this habit of chaining encounters together, and the module doesn't exactly make this difficult. Thus, they'll often end up fighting 2 or 3 of the listed encounters without a short rest. Needless to say, this often ends in a hasty retreat.

    Dropping one of the random encounters in before they reach A1-1 is not a bad idea. Don't be surprised if they hack through it and A1-1 quickly, though. You'll have an opportunity to do some interest roleplaying with Rendil, but don't count on that to carry you 4-5 hours. My players sound less focused than yours, and they were halfway through the Chamber at 4 hours in.

    Spend as much time in the hall as you'd like, there are some interesting NPCs that you should take a look at, but when they head to the Chamber, you might want to call it at the door, before they begin. I made the mistake of not doing so, and our session ended up having to pause mid-combat.
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