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    Default Silence really is golden. (PEACH)

    Protector of Silence

    Long ago, Emporer Fyllius III outlawed all forms of music as a way to appease the gods. There are those who feel that this action was not grand enough to subside the wrath and grief of the gods. Those people were and are known as the Protectors of Silence. His understanding of silence allows him a greater concentration when fighting, and he can dispatch of his foes with the greatest of ease.

    Any class that does not need to make use of their ability to speak would make a fine Protector of Silence. Wizards and other spellcasting classes are not suited to this Prestige Class as they must use their voices to cast spells.

    Hit Die:d8
    Skill Points:4+Int Modifier

    Base Attack Bonus:+5
    Skills:Listen 10 ranks, Concentration 10 ranks, Move Silently 5 ranks
    Feats:Alertness, Toughness
    Special:The character vows never to speak another word so long as he lives. If he does speak a word, voluntarily, he loses all the special abilities that this class grants him.

    Class Skills:Balance, Concentration, Hide, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot
    Saves:Fort good, Ref bad, Will good

    1st Level:Complete Silence 1/day-The Protector of Silence may, at will, create an unnoticable barrier that extends from him with a radius of 30 ft in all directions that squashes all noise, per the Silence spell (the target is himself, he may not center this ability on any other target). While he is within this bubble of quiet he gains a +2 bonus on his attack rolls, and a +2 bonus to his AC. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1d4+the Protector of Silence's Con Modifier.

    2nd Level:Complete Silence 2/day

    3rd Level:Eerie Silence-Complete and utter lack of sound can be a very frightening prospect, and the Protector of Silence utilizes this fact to his advantage. With a few simple hand movements he is able to completly block all noise from entering the space around his chosen target. The target must succeed on a DC 20 will save or become shaken. Contuining Eerie Silence is the equivilent of a move action. Once an enemy is shaken, on their next turn if Eerie Silence is still focused on them they must succeed on another DC 20 will save or become frightened and flee for 1d6+1 rounds. Once an enemy makes their will save they cannot be affected by Eerie Silence for another day.

    4th Level:Complete Silence 3/day

    5th Level:Silence is Golden-The Protector of Silence stops all noise directly centered around him. Because of this he is able to greatly improve his concentration and precision gaining himself a +4 bonus to attack, damage, and saving throw rolls; and a +4 bonus to AC (This bonus to AC is negated if he is caught unawares). These affects last for 1d4+Con Modifier(minimum of 1) rounds.

    Note:Now, I know this can abused by certain people, mainly as a way to say "Ha! I don't ever need to roleplay again!" I've already got a way to deal with that, but I would like to know if you fine people out there think this is balanced or not for a 5 Level PrC. If it isn't balanced could you please post some suggestions as to how I could balance it. -GoldDragon

    Oh, and I just realize that I haven't listed the Protector of Silence's class skills. I'll have those up in a minute.
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    Default Re: Silence really is golden. (PEACH)

    Oh my gawd, I was thinking of building a class with EXACTLY that prerequisite.

    Get out of my mind sir.

    As it is, this might be a little unruly when combined with a barbarian (although good luck getting those ranks in concentration if you do).

    What was the preferred method of getting into the class? 10 ranks in both concentrate and listen isn't exactly easy to get, especially if you aren't a monk or ranger, and taking the BAB requirement down or off might allow other classes like rogue to hop in.

    I might also add an ability at level 1 so that you can't be coerced into speaking, mostly for flavor purposes. And if you do speak for some reason, can you "repent" and continue to progress in the class?

    By the way, this Emperor Fyllis III guy sounds like a total jerk.
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    Default Re: Silence really is golden. (PEACH)

    MY Psion is taking this class! HA! manifesting dosent require speech and this is too cool!

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