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    Default Aberrant Races (PEACH)

    starwoof's Aberrations



    Physical Description
    Eyedusa resemble humans in body shape, but that’s where the similarities end. Their skin is covered in dark scales and their fingers end in sharp nails. Their strangest features are their heads, which are covered in eyestalks where hair would be. Their faces are dominated by one large eye, and they have mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. Their ears are short and pointed. Their eyes can be any color, though they are usually all the same shade.

    Personality, Lands, and Relations
    There are no eyedusa lands and they have no language of their own. One thing that all Eyedusa do share, however, is a desire for power. Magic seems to come naturally to them, even more so than combat. Because of this, eyedusa often become Duskblades, Hexblades, or multiclass fighter/wizards. Eyedusa get along with few other races, especially beholders. Then again, beholders don’t play nice with anyone.

    The origins of the eyedusa are a mystery, but they breed true with each other and are a distinct race.

    Almost all eyedusa are chaotic, and the preference is evil, though neutral individuals have been known to exist. If there was ever a good aligned eyedusa, its fellows probably ate it.

    Eyedusa worship The Great Mother, who created the beholder race. They figure that she created them as well, and that they are the true forms of her children.

    • +2 str, +2 int, -4 wis. Eyedusa are strong and intelligent, but their minds are warped and they are prone to rashness.
    • Aberration
    • Medium Size
    • 30 ft Move
    • All Around Vision – Eyedusa’s heads are surrounded in eyes, and so they can see everything around them. They cannot be flanked and gain a +4 bonus to spot and search checks.
    • Darkvision 60 ft
    • +1 natural armor
    • Detect Magic – An eyedusa’s main eye projects a constant 30 ft cone of detect magic, as the spell of the same name.
    • Favored Class – Duskblade
    • Automatic Languages: Common or Undercommon. Bonus Languages: Common, Undercommon, dwarven, draconic, elven, goblin, orcish.
    • LA +1


    Physical Description
    The mad duergar wizard Gharil created Adolboleth’s. They are a hodgepodge of humanoid and aboleth parts. They are about three and a half feet tall on average, weighing about 50 Ibs. Their backs are humped, with their heads seeming to come straight out of their necks. They have three eyes, lined up right on top of one another with plus shaped pupils. Their mouths are suckers on the bottom of their heads. Their limbs are small and barely look like they could hold its body, but they have two long thick tentacles on their backs. They use these tentacles primarily for grappling. They have three small vents on the sides of their heads, which they speak and breathe through.

    Personality, Lands, and Relations
    Adolboleths are sneaky, deceitful, and generally unpleasant. Their created heritage means that they have none of the racial memories of the Aboleths they seem to be related too. Adolboleth’s can be quite prolific in some areas, living in tribal societies in the underdark or in swamps. Aboleths see Adolboleths as abominations, but some manage to wrest control of tribes and use them as willing slaves. Adolboleth’s sometimes come into conflict with lloshhi, but the two races are often too evenly matched, with the Lloshhi’s power and the Adolboleth’s numbers.

    Adolboleth’s are hermaphroditic, and just a few of them can quickly populate an area.

    Adolboleths tend toward evil, but have no racial tendency towards law or chaos.

    Adolboleth’s have the same opinion of gods as Aboleths.

    • -2 str, +2 dex
    • Aberration
    • Small
    • Move 20 ft
    • Tentacles – The Adolboleth’s tentacles grant it a +4 bonus to grapples. This negates the usual size penalties to grapples.
    • Darkvision 60 ft
    • Fish Creature’s Blood – Adolboleths can hold their breath underwater for a number of minutes equal to their constitution scores. In addition, they gain a +4 racial bonus to swim checks.
    • Naturally Psionic – 2 Bonus PP at first level
    • +2 move silently
    • Favored Class – Rogue
    • Automatic languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Undercommon, goblin, aboleth
    • LA +0

    Ok, so I think I have the two races presented here pretty balanced out. Im thinking the Eyedusa is pretty close to a LA +1, but still in the LA 0 race. Im putting all my future aberration races into this thread, because someday Im going to run a campaign with only these races and this will make it easier for people to find. Also, I realize that these are all pretty much humanoid versions of several of the cooler aberrations.:)

    So, criticise away. (but not on the pseudo-illithid or lloshhi, they're done)
    I used to do avatars on request, feel free to use them.

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    Default Re: Aberrant Races (PEACH)

    I think the Eyedusa are well into the LA+1.

    They are a rogue worst nightmare, in my opinion. No flanking, +4 spot and Detect Magic all around to negate any benefit from an Invisibility spell. These guys won't get Sneak Attacked much.

    Other than that, both are pretty cool races. ;D

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    Default Re: Aberrant Races (PEACH)

    Agreed, with those bonuses Eyedusa are definitely in the LA+1 range.

    Some things are better left in the darkest places...
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