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    Default Dagarian: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)


    These masters of telepathy are not afraid to use their powers to get their way!

    Medium Aberration
    3d8 (15)
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Initiative: +4
    Armor Class 14; touch 14; flat-footed 10
    (+4 Dexterity)
    Base Attack/Grapple +1/-
    Attack psychic blast 40 ft +4 (1d8 +4)
    Full-Attack psychic blast +4 (1d8 +4)
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Telekinetic blast,Telekinetic mastery
    Special Qualities:
    Saves Fort +1 Ref +5 Will +7
    Abilities Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 15
    Skills: Listen +6 Spot +6 hide +6 Move silently+6 Bluff +6 Sense Motive +6
    Feats:Alertness, Diligent
    Organization: solitary,pair,squad (3-7), platoon(10-30, Army (40-100), colony(500-10,000 plus 50% noncombatants)
    Challenge Rating 2
    Treasure standard gold; half-standard gems; double standard art;
    Alignment: LE
    Advancement: none
    Level Adjustment:-

    "The purple, one eyed, three legged, armless monster approaches you, ready for a fight"

    Dagarian are the creation of a mad wizard, gifted with telekinetic powers, they plot to control all. Dagarian believe themselves to be THE supreme race of all the planes. Dagarian are usually 7 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds usually. Dagarian have no arms, but because of their Telekinesis, that doesn't matter.
    Dagarian speak Undercommon and Abyssal

    Dagarian use all their telekinetic powers to good use, and prefer their psychic blasts only in emergencies, they enjoy using their telekinetic blast to send their foes into deep pits. They can switch powers seamlessly.

    Telekinetic Blast(Su): Once per round a Dagarian can channel their their telekinetic power to unleash a devastating telekinetic blast that can forces a target to make a DC 14 Will check or be blown back up to 30 ft and take 1d10 damage.

    Telekinetic mastery(Su): as a standard action Dagarian can use telekinetic manipulation on anything 300 pounds and under, but sentient beings get a DC 14 will save to resit being manipulated. They can do It on anything they can see. They can only Manipulate something 100 ft or closer to them.
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    Default Re: Dakons: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)

    If they have no arms how do they grapple? What limits their number of attacks? How many fronts can the employ their Telekinetic powers on at once and how fast and far do they switch?

    Dakons in D20, are also Sentient Apes. I think they've been around since 1st ed.

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    Default Re: Dagarian: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)

    I don't see any telepathy here. Call them the 'masters of telekinesis' and then I'll be happy.

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    Default Re: Dagarian: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)

    Quote Originally Posted by gamerkid View Post
    "The purple, one eyed, three legged, armless monster approaches you, ready for a fight"
    Needs a fly speed and a gore attack.
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    Default Re: Dagarian: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)

    I was also reminded of that same song...
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    Default Re: Dagarian: Masters of telepathy(3.5 monster)

    I see a few problems with the Stat block.

    Hit points are wrong. 3d8= 3x4.5=13.5 and you always round down for 13 hp.

    Aberrations have 3/4 BAB (3x.75=2.25 rounded down to 2). BAB is +2.

    What kind of attack is the psychic blast? It looks like it should be a ranged touch attack. What is the range? How many targets can it affect? How close together do the targets have to be to be affects?

    Telekinetic Blast needs a range. It only affects one target.

    They have 3 feet. Why don't they have a melee Kick attack?
    Can't they grapple with their legs and feet if necessary? Other monsters with no arms can grapple just fine (like a horse for example).

    It seems like you are purposely hamstringing these creatures to force them to fit the "master of telepathy" design you have. However, if they were true masters of telepathy, they would be psionic creatures for starters, as in subtype Psionic.

    Telekinetic mastery won't work on most fighters if they are wearing armor. Figure the average fighter can weigh 200 lbs or more before he carries any equipment, add longsword (4 lbs) and chain mail (40 lbs) and a few other items, he's going to be well over the 300-pound limit a dagarian can handle. It might work on the party's wizard or rogue but they probably have good Will saves and can stay out of range. While it is engaged in moving the mage or the rogue (moving both targets isn't possible) the fighter will go for as much damage as possible.

    Giving it one eye is interesting, but it should have some game affect. Does having only one eye mean that they have no depth perception and can't tell when the party is in range?

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