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    Default Ghost Dread Necromancer

    Here is the build

    We are working with level 10 characters with level 14 wealth and were allowed 4 negative LAs, I got a modified version of the ghost template for 4 LA giving up rejuvnation and the Charisma bonus.

    My question is what kind of undead should I focus on raising? I need to be able to keep them in a bag of holding or otherwise hide them when not fighting, and I need to be able to have beaten the creature in single combat at level nine. So what kind of undead creatures and critters would be good to stock up on? Feats I should switch out? Items I missed?

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    Default Re: Ghost Dread Necromancer

    The only thing you can create right now. Zombies. Personally, I'd try and use my STR draining touch to paralyze some wizards, kill them then turn them into skeletons. Finally, awaken them then Command the resulting skeleton. You now have a wizard skeleton who retains it's casting ability. Other than that: Make every 50th zombie an Awakened Spell-stitched zombie. Give them the Animate Dead spell and you have zombie sergeants.

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    Default Re: Ghost Dread Necromancer

    Destructive Retribution (Liber Mortis, Prq: Corpsecrafter)
    They go boom when destroyed possibly damaging foes more but also healing nearby Undead
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    Default Re: Ghost Dread Necromancer

    If you use the monster class version on the wizard's website, you can keep your rejuvination (it's at 3rd level). Actually it'd be kinda broken with your freebie points since the final level is just skill bonuses. Who decided that anyway?

    Not that I think ghost is actually worth 5.
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