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    Default PrC - Drunken Brawler

    Yes, I've heard of the Drunken Master PrC in the Complete Warrior. That was the inspiration for this.

    See, the Drunken Master requires you to be a monk / ex-monk at some point, in order to get flurry of blows. (a pre-req) All it's flavor text is rather monk-ish as well.
    So me and me mate, we thought "Piff, monks only wtf?" Because Barbarians and Fighters are tavern brawlers as well, but they don't have a PrC for them!

    And this is the result, The barbarian's and fighter's answer to the Drunken Master:

    Drunken Brawler
    "You want to know how the Broken Nose Tavern got its name? Ask that guy."

    A Drunken Brawler that decides to have a drink in his favorite tavern gets accosted by a couple of self-centered adventurers, that demand he make a proper example of himself in this tavern or they would carry him out. Of course, they are justified; he has indeed been drinking the whole tavern dry all night and is tipped off of his knocker. What does the Drunken Brawler do?
    Why, grab the table and whack it against the adventurers' heads with a roar to rival a giant's, that's what.
    In fact, he sometimes doesn't even need that. A Drunken Brawler might start punching random passersby because they didn't acknowledge his presence in the way he'd like them to, or because his tavern recently ran out of ale.
    NPC Drunken Brawlers are commonly found in the vicinity of their favorite tavern, or if that isn't around, the nearest serviceable tavern will suffice. They can be used by DM's as an answer for that group of overconfident adventurers that are in need of a taking down of a peg or two.
    PC drunken brawlers can sometimes be adventuring connoisseurs, adventuring to find his favorite tavern of choice, and taking up quests for the sake of something to bash.

    Hit Dice: d10

    To qualify to become a Drunken Brawler, a character must meet all of the following criteria.

    Alignment: Non-lawful
    Base Attack Bonus: +6
    Skills: Tumble 3 ranks.
    Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple
    Special: Must have gotten into some sort of tavern fight or brawl, and emerged the last one standing in the room.

    Class Skills
    The Drunken Brawler's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Ride (Dex), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).
    Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int Modifier.

    Level   BAB   Fort   Ref   Will   Abilities
    1               +1      +2         +0      +0         Improvised Weapons, Alcoholic Rage
    2               +2      +3         +0      +0         Improvised Reach, Weapon Focus (Improvised Weapons)
    3               +3      +3         +1      +1         Greater Improvised Weapons, Lightning Reflexes
    4               +4      +4         +1      +1         Improvised Disarm, Dodge, Ability Increase (+2 Con)
    5               +5      +4         +1      +1         Improvised Shield, Greater Alcoholic Rage, Superior Improvised Weapons
    Weapon & Armor Proficiency: A Drunken Brawler does not gain proficiency with any weapon or arrmor.
    Improvised Weapons (Ex): A Drunken Brawler can use improvised weapons, such as a chair or a glass bottle, to deal damage to his opponents. Such attacks deal 1d6 damage plus the attacker's strength modifier (1.5 times the attacker's strength modifier if the improvised weapon is wielded with two hands) to their targets. Most damage dealt this way is bludgeoning damage, although some (a broken glass bottle, for example) would deal piercing or slashing damage. When a drunken brawler rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll while attacking with an improvised weapon, that weapon breaks apart and becomes useless.
    Alcoholic Rage (Ex): While under the influence of alcohol, a Drunken Brawler can rage once per day (twice per day by 4th level), with the same advantages and drawbacks of the barbarian's class ability. A Drunken Brawler has to have drunken an alcoholic beverage within the last hour in order to use Alcoholic Rage. Uses per day of the Alcoholic Rage ability do stack with the uses per day granted by a Barbarian's rage, however they are treated as two different abilities, and do not interact with each other. If a feat regarding the Rage ability is taken, the player can decide at the time the feat is taken if the feat will apply to the Barbarian's rage ability or the Drunken Brawler's Alcoholic Rage ability, this choice cannot be taken back.
    Improvised Reach (Ex): At 2nd level, a Drunken Brawler can use long improvised weapons (such as ladders) as reach weapons according to their length.
    Weapon Focus (Improvised Weapons): A Drunken Brawler gains this as a bonus feat at 2nd level.
    Greater Improvised Weapons (Ex): At 3rd level, any weapon used by a Drunken Brawler deals 1d8 initial damage instead of 1d6.
    Lightning Reflexes: A Drunken Brawler gains this as a bonus feat at 3rd level.
    Improvised Disarm (Ex): At 4th level, when an opponent attempts to disarm a Drunken Brawler wielding an improvised weapon with multiple protrusions (such as a chair), the Drunken Brawler gains a +2 bonus on his check to resist being disarmed.
    Dodge: A Drunken Brawler gains this as a bonus feat at 4th level.
    Ability Increase (Ex): At 4th level, a Drunken Brawler's Constitution improves by 2.
    Improvised Shield (Ex): At 5th level, a Drunken Brawler can upend a large object with a broad, flat surface (such as a table) to use as a tower shield.
    Greater Alcoholic Rage (Ex): At 5th level, a Drunken Brawler's Alcoholic Rage ability improves, granting him a bonus of +6 to Strength and +6 to Constitution, and a +3 morale bonus to Will saves. the AC penalty remains at -2.
    Superior Improvised Weapons (Ex): At 5th level, an improvised weapon wielded by a Drunken Brawler deals 1d10 initial damage instead of 1d8.


    Okay, now my main fine-tuning concerns are:
    1) Too close a resemblance to the Drunken Master. The Improvised Weapon abilities, and the resemblance of Alcoholic Rage to Drink Like a Demon, as well as some of the feats and such, the only big difference is the chaos.
    2) Power. I was thinking that perhaps there are too many abilities in the Drunken Master, and not many downsides to balance it out. I mean, you're raging at a minimum level equal to that of a regular barbarian (Slightly better thanks to the ability boost) and there's a full BAB and nice weapon damage and everything, is it a bit over-the-top?
    3) My mate originally wanted this to be a 10th-level PrC, but I don't think there's enough to such a concept (He's a pissed idiot, what else is there?!?) to warrant an extra 5 levels. Any opinions on this matter?

    Comments and/or Answers welcome.
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    Default Re: PrC - Drunken Brawler

    Heh, you are in good company. I present you - the Complete Drunkard!


    Drunken Berserker was already made, as well as Threepenny Fencer, but there's no rogue (yet), and only Cleric of Dionysos to heal the hangover.

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    Default Re: PrC - Drunken Brawler

    I would have thought that if they weren't in their local watering hole, they'd be wandering out of the local hoosegow shielding their eyes from the noonday sun. :P
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