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    Default The High Enforcer: My first PrC

    [shadow=red,left,300]The High Enforcer[/shadow]

    Judge Banson sat quietly in the execution room. Alone. He wasn't supposed to be alone. The door came open and a young man burst in.
    "Ah, Draken. You're late." The boy proceeded to sit next to him without a word. Across the room was a woman tied to a chair, the executioner standing by her with his axe. "Do you recognize her, Draken?"
    "Yes, she was a classmate of mine at the Academy."
    "Then perhaps you'd be interested to know she's been accused for murder, and the punishment for murder is execution." Draken didn't say a word as the executioner raised his axe. Before the hooded man could deal the blow, however, a chain whipped out from Draken's hand, entangling the axe and pulling it toward him. "Draken, are you allowing your feelings to take precedence over the law?"
    "No, Judge. I simply noticed that you never said she had been tried and found guilty. One cannot be punished by law in the Highlands without proper trial, so says Article 12 of the 3rd draft of the 5th Highlands constitution, and Article 15 of every Highlands constitution thereafter."
    "I'm sorry, Draken, but you failed the test. There was no woman to be executed, you should have seen that." Judge Banson mentally dismissed his illusion, but was shocked to see that the woman still remained.
    "I don't understand what you mean, Judge," Draken said innocently, as the woman broke her bonds and walked away, to the bewilderment of both Judge and executioner. The Judge smiled; something very rare for him.
    "The requirements of the test were for you to recognize the illusion, not replace it with one of your own." Draken did not comment. He simply whipped the axe back directly into the hands of the executioner with his chain. Remarkable talent, thought Judge Banson, I'll have his Link constructed, though I'll need to speak with him about forgetting that the second constitution mentioned trials as well.

    The High Enforcers are the strongest enforcers of The Law in the magic-rich land of The Highlands. After spending a few years at the academy, and usually service in law enforcement prior to enrollment, young aspirants to the profession may take a test to demonstrate their knowledge of and dedication to The Law, magic, and expertise with the chain, chosen weapon of the High Enforcers. After passing the test, which is different for every student, they are given a magic chain link called an Enforcer's Link, the process of crafting which is a closely guarded secret.

    Most High Enforcers are wizard/fighters or cleric/fighters, though often times a wizard or cleric without levels in a martial class will dedicate feats to becoming better with the chain. Rarely, a cleric/ranger or sorcerer/paladin will join the order, though paladins often find that the order is too callous.

    Alignment: Any lawful
    Base Attack Bonus: +4
    -Spellcraft 7 ranks
    -Sense Motive 10 ranks
    -Knowledge (law) 6 ranks
    Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (chain), Expertise, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm
    Spells: Must be able to cast 2nd level arcane or divine spells spells; must be able to cast Hold Person

    Hit die: d8

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special . . . . Spells per Day/Spells Known
    1 . +0 +2 +0 +2 Enforcer's Link 1 +1 Level of existing class
    2 . +1 +3 +0 +3
    3 . +2 +3 +1 +3 Enforcer's Link 2 +1 Level of Existing Class
    4 . +3 +4 +1 +4 Hold Creature
    5 . +3 +4 +1 +4 . . . . . . . +1 Level of existing class
    6 . +4 +5 +2 +5 Enforcer's Link 3 +1 Level of existing class
    7 . +5 +5 +2 +5
    8 . +6 +6 +2 +6 Jailer's Touch
    9 . +6 +6 +3 +6 Enforcer's Link 4 +1 Level of existing class
    10 . +7 +7 +3 +7 Enforcer's Link 5 +1 Level of existing class

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A High Enforcer is proficient in all simple and martial weapons, as well as all chains and Enforcer's Link attacks. High Enforcers are proficient in light armor.

    Enforcer's Link: An Enforcer's Link is a magical chain link that serves as the symbol of the High Enforcers. It retains the ability to be upgraded by its crafter. Each is crafted with a unique cosmetic feature, purely forthe purpose of setting it apart from other Links. They grow in power and distinction when they are upgraded, serving as a symbol of rank. The secrets to crafting them are held by a few select enforcers. Each Level adds new powers.
    -Enforcer's Link 1: The link can be extended and retracted at will, forming a 10-foot chain in its fully extended form. This chain has no enhancement bonus, but is treated as magic and lawful for purposes of penetrating damage reduction. The retracted form can be thrown (20 ft range increment) or launched from a sling at a -2 penalty (the chain is not made to be launched from a sling, but it flies well when thrown). If it hits its designated target, it automatically extends and wraps around their feet, as if the Enforcer had made a successful trip attack. It is also locked in place, and requires a DC 30 Strength check or a DC 30 Escape Artist check to get free. Breaking the chain only separates the magically created links, doing no harm to the Link itself.
    Also, in its retracted form, the Link acts as a sender and receiver for a multi-dircetional Whispering Wind spell (CL 10) that can only be directed to other Links. The ability to send messages is useable at will, only requiring a mental command word and that the user speak the message with his mouth within 2 feet of the link.
    The Enforcer's Link has one more ability in its retracted form: locking and unlocking special locks only used in the Enforcers' prisons and armories. The locks have 5 levels of restriction, and can sense what level Link is being used. The Link can lock and unlock level 1 locks.
    -Enforcer's Link 2: The Link in both forms can now deal lethal or nonlethal damage-user's option-at no penalty. In addition, it locks around the feet of the target of any successful trip attempt at the mental command of the wielder-a free action. Can now lock and unlock up to level 2 locks.
    -Enforcer's Link 3: Once per day, the Enforcer's link can cast Dispel Magic on a successful touch attack. This can be done in either form (though the extended chain offers reach for this purpose). Can now lock and unlock up to level 3 locks.
    -Enforcer's Link 4: Up to one hour per day, the Link can create a chain armor (+4 AC) around the Enforcer. this carries a -2 check penalty, but no Arcane Spell Failure chance. Creating the armor does not prevent other use of the chain, since the armor is simply summoned into being. The hour need not be all at once. The command is a free mental action. Can now lock and unlock up to level 4 locks.
    -Enforcer's Link 5: The Dispel Magic ability is now useable twice per day. The extended form of the Link now has a +2 enhancement bonus, and still retains its property as a lawful weapon. The chain always delivers a Hold Creature (CL 17) spell if it successfully traps a target. Can now lock and unlock up to level 5 locks.

    Hold Creature: all the Enforcer's Hold Person spells and variations such as Mass Hold Person can affect any creature type.

    Jailer's Touch: The Enforcer can lock or unlock any mundane lock used to restrain a living creature simply by touching it. This is a supernatural ability useable at will.

    Ex-High Enforcer: An ex-high enforcer is one who violates the law code to which he adheres, or becomes non-lawful. The Enforcers will take his Link away unless he offers resistance. If he is able to keep the chain, the Enforcers will disconnect it from the Whispering Wind abilities and remove its ability to open Enforcer locks. It retains all its other abilities. The ex-enforcer is no longer able to target any creature type with his Hold Person spells, and loses his Jailer's Touch ability. There is no way to become a High Enforcer again after being ostracized.

    [That's as close to aligned as that chart will ever get on this board, so no talky about it]

    This PrC can be modified to suit any high-magic land/campaign setting. Please comment, because I know it needs serious adjusting.

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    Default Re: The High Enforcer: My first PrC

    mebbe change the alignment to Lawful Neutral? I'd rather be tried to someone LN than both LE and LG (well, not LG if I was the defendant)
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    Default Re: The High Enforcer: My first PrC

    It's got a well-built concept, but some glaring flaws in execution.

    It doesn't really work as either a caster or a warrior PrC. The Knowledge prerequisite is very expensive for anyone but a pure wizard, bard, or knowledge-domain cleric. A cleric could qualify at 9th level, 8th if human, but would need the Knowledge domain for that, otherwise Knowledge (Law) would be cross-class. No other class would be able to meet the prerequisites.

    Considering what a cleric taking this class gives up (all cleric spell above 7th level, and most of the 7th level spells), it seems a bit undderpowered.

    Wizards don't get Hold Person as a 2nd level spell. A wiz (or sor)6/ftr3 or wiz5/ftr4 (or any full-BAB class) would be able to qualify if you stretch the spellcasting prereq, but still would be paying a lot to qualify for somewhat lackluster abilities.

    Going with the fact that the best way to qualify is a 2/1 progression favoring wizard, I'd give it casting progression on six or seven levels.

    Also, what hit die does this have?
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    Default Re: The High Enforcer: My first PrC

    Added hit die
    Added more spell levels
    Changed requirements to be more reasonable
    Changed flavor text to include clerics (who I forgot could cast Hold Person)

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