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    Default The Colorless Soul, it was a request

    and at the request of the requester, I won't tell their name. but to business, the class.

    The Colorless Soul, Five level PrC.
    Use Magic Device Eight: Ranks
    Disguise: Eight Ranks
    Special: Must believe that discrimination based on the returns of a spell such as detect good/evil/law/chaos is an evil act.

    HD: d6
    Saves: as bard
    BAB: as bard

    Lvl 1: Imitate alignment, Return Smite 1/day
    Lvl 2: +1 level of existing spellcasting class, Smite those that Smite 1/day
    Lvl 3: Imitate alignment 2, Return Smite 2/day
    Lvl 4: +1 level of existing spellcasting class, Smite those that Smite 2/day
    Lvl 5: Imitate alignment 3, Return Smite 3/day

    Imitate alignment: This supernatural ability allows The Colorless Soul to switch from their current alignment to one a single step away on the good-evil OR the chaos-law axis a move-equivalent action, and if the character chooses to use a full-round action, they may register as two steps away on the good-evil OR the chaos-law alignment axis.. (EG: a chaotic good Colorless Soul becomes chaotic neutral or neutral good.)
    This only effects the character’s alignment for detection purposes. At level three, the character may choose to become one step, or two steps away on the good-evil OR the chaos-law alignment axis as a move action. At level five, this becomes a free action.

    Spells per day/spells known: At every even numbered class level, The Colorless Soul gains new spells per day and spells known, if applicable, in any caster class they may have had beforehand.

    Return Smite: A number of times a day, The Colorless Soul may reflect any damage or effects done by spells, spell like abilities, or supernatural abilities that only effect people of a certain alignment, EG: Smite Evil. In order to do so, the smiter and The Colorless Soul must do a contested CHA roll.
    If The Colorless Soul wins, then the smiter takes damage as if they are of the least favorable alignment. If the smiter wins, The Colorless Soul takes damage as the least favorable alignment, instead of whoever the target may have been.

    Smite those who Smite: This functions as the paladin ability Smite Evil, except that it effects the following: Anyone that has used a spell to detect alignment, or smite someone of a certain alignment, in the past twenty four hours, Anyone with an alignment cleric domain, and anyone who has a spell prepared that would be effected by Return Smite.
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    Default Re: The Colorless Soul, it was a request

    heh. Seems like a funny PrC. I'd love to use it for the funny concept it can make.

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    Default Re: The Colorless Soul, it was a request

    I'd say this is a bit lacking in features / power. 2nd lowest HD, loss of 3/5 spell levels, only medium BAB.

    The class features are nice, and flavorful. But quite limited in use. I'd suggest giving them +1 spell level at 2,3,4.

    The alignment faking is a tad too complex, I suggest letting just go 2 (then 4) steps as a move action. At L5 let them be able to do it as an immediate action and let them sense when they are subject to a Detect Alignment spell / power.

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