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    Default Whisky Bottle Champion

    Inspired by the Threepenny Fencer and Dipsomancer PrC's, I've crafted yet another alcohol-based prestige class for martial characters who fail at some great personal goal and turn to alcohol for consolation. Thus was born the Whisky Bottle Champion.

    Hit Dice: d10
    BAB: +5
    Feats: Power Attack, Great Fortitude, Martial Weapon Proficiency (any)
    Special: Must have entered a state of near-perpetual drunken depression as a result of some personal failure or crisis
    Class Skills: The Whisky Bottle Championís class skills are Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Profession, Ride, and Swim
    Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + int modifier
    BAB: as fighter
    Saves: fort good, ref and will poor

    1 - Drink Like a Demon (+/-2)
    2 - Depression
    3 - Drunken Frenzy 1/day
    4 - Drink Like a Demon (+/-3)
    5 - Drunken Determination
    6 - Stagger
    7 - Drink Like a Demon (+/-4)
    8 - Drunken Frenzy 2/day
    9 - Drunken Bullrush
    10 - Drink Like a Demon (+/-5)

    Class Features
    Drink Like a Demon - As the Drunken Master class ability (p. 28 of Complete Warrior). Additionally, the bonuses and penalties associated with this ability increase as shown on the above table.
    Depression - Beginning at 2nd level, a Whisky Bottle Championís depression at his/her failure has sunk so low that he/she no longer cares whether he/she is alive or dead. This attitude grants the Whisky Bottle Champion a +4 bonus on saves against fear effects.
    Drunken Frenzy - Beginning at 3rd level, once per day, a Whisky Bottle Champion under the influence of an alcoholic drink can enter a state of drunken frenzy. The Whisky Bottle Champion gains a +2 bonus to both strength and constitution (cumulative with the effect of his/her Drink Like a Demon ability), takes a -2 penalty on AC, and gains the ability to make one additional attack at his/her highest base attack bonus as part of a full round attack. A Whisky Bottle Championís drunken frenzy lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 + the Whisky Bottle Championís (newly improved) constitution modifier, and can be used only once during a single encounter. Additionally, while under the influence of a drunken frenzy, a Whisky Bottle Champion cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except for balance, escape artist, intimidate, and ride). Beginning at 8th level, the Whisky Bottle Champion can enter a drunken frenzy an additional time per day. If a Whisky Bottle Champion has the ability to enter a rage or frenzy from another source (such as levels of Barbarian of Frenzied Berserker), he/she can spend a rage/frenzy use to enter a drunken frenzy.
    Drunken Determination - Beginning at 5th level, a Whisky Bottle Champion clings tenaciously to life, remaining conscious even while between 0 and -10 hit points. He/she may fight unimpaired until he/she reaches -10 hit points.
    Stagger - As the Drunken Master class feature (p. 28 of Complete Warrior).
    Drunken Bullrush - Beginning at 9th level, a Whisky Bottle Champion gains the ability to bullrush opponents while in a drunken frenzy. If the Whisky Bottle Champion makes a successful attack during a charge attempt, in addition to dealing damage as normal, he/she may initiate a bullrush attempt without provoking an attack of opportunity (even if he/she does not have Improved Bullrush). Additionally, the Whisky Bottle Champion gains a +4 bonus on the opposed strength check to resolve the bullrush instead of the normal +2 bonus for charging.

    So, let me know what you think. Any balance issues, suggestions, criticisms, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Whisky Bottle Champion

    Like the class abilities. Most of them duplicate existing feats so there's no way they can be called overpowered. It looks like the class is all about flavour rather than raw "I am Powergamer, hear me roar!" cheese. Good job! :)

    I now have a *folder* of drunkard PrCs thanks to the GitP boards. I love you guys. ;D

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    Default Re: Whisky Bottle Champion

    This is great... 4 alcohol-depenant PrCs... I am going to set up a taven in my campaign where all the NPCs are alcohol-dependent PrCs. It'll be...interesting... ;D Just don't start a barfight.
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    Default Re: Whisky Bottle Champion

    Hahaha, I cant help but imagine an entire party composed of drunken characters. I can't imagine the bar tab they'd generate...
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    Default Re: Whisky Bottle Champion

    Haveing seen first hand the effect of Jack daneils one to many times, I'd have to attest to the apt choice of makeing it the "Whisky Bottle Champion"... BOOZE IS BAD KIDS!

    Second this seems like a very valid balence with the "drunken master" PrC from Complete Warrior. This class filling the more Figher/ barbarian counter part to the more monk oriented "Drunken master"

    The only thing I would recomend is adding "Base fort save +4" to the Pre req's.

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