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    Default Re: The Master Tactician, a prC

    I think a skill, somewhat like 'bardic knowledge', which on a successful roll would reveal the optimal strategies to take in the fight would be perfect, and fit with the flavor of a low level combat tactics.

    For the flavor of massive command and battles (like where three different thousand strong-armies tangled) you could have an epic variant of the class based on large scale war tactics. :P

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    Default Re: The Master Tactician, a prC

    ah, mmkay then. So, uhh... the REAL Version Seven!

    Master Tactician, Version Seven

    Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus: Any Weapon
    BAB: +5
    Special: Must have been on the winning side, strategically and operationally, of a large military battle with at least three different armies, each consisting of no less than one thousand men or women, involved, and has to have played some role in directing the tactics of that battle.

    Hit Die: d10
    Skill points per level: 2 + INT modifier
    Class Skills: Intimidate, Know: History, Diplomacy, Heal
    BaB: Good (1:1)
    Saves: Fortitude: High, Will and Reflex: low

    Level One: Master Tactic
    Level Two: Master Tactic, Tactical Mastery +2
    Level Three: Master Tactic, Sneak Attack +1d6
    Level Four: Master Tactic, Tactical Mastery +4
    Level Five: Master Tactic, Tactical Analysis

    Master Tactic: Each level, The Master Tactician selects one of the following abilities, called Master Tactics.
    Tactical Trip: The Master Tactician can tell what enemies are more susceptible to trip attacks. To represent this, a Master Tactician with this Master Tactic can re-roll a single missed attack roll when attempting to trip an opponent, once a day.
    Tactical Flank: The Master Tactician can flank opponents better. This is represented by a +4 bonus to attacks when flanking, instead of a +2.
    Tactical Defensive: The Master Tactician knows how to better defend themselves. This is represented by a +6 bonus to AC whenever the Master Tactician is on Total Defense
    Tactical Sunder: The Master Tactician knows various weak points of many different kinds of weapons and armor. This is represented by +1d4 damage to all items that the Master Tactician attempts to sunder.
    Tactical Usage of Tower Shields: The Master Tactician knows how to use a tower shield tactically. This is represented by lowering the check penalty of tower shields to -2.
    Know Thy Enemy: The Master Tactician knows how to find and hurt certain enemies. This functions exactly like the Rangerís Favored Enemy ability. This Master Tactic can be selected multiple times. Itís effects do not stack. Each time you select this Master Tactic, select a different enemy. Itís effects do not increase like a Rangerís Favored Enemy abilityís effects increase.
    Tactical Disarm: The Master Tactician can easily disarm opponents. While in a grapple, or when adjacent to an enemy, the Master Tactician may attempt to disarm the enemy as normal. However, if the Master Tactician succeeds, and has a free hand, they now hold the disarmed weapon, and may use it as if proficient in it.

    Tactical Mastery: Upon reaching second level, the Master Tactician and all friendlies within ten feet receive a bonus equal to half the Master Tacticians INT bonus to all saving throws, attacks rolls, and damage rolls, as long as the Master Tactician is not participating in combat of any kind, instead barking orders from nearby. This bonus increases to the Master Tacticianís full INT bonus at level four.

    Sneak attack: As the rogue ability. This stacks with sneak attacks from other sources.

    Tactical analysis: The Master Tactician has a +4 bonus to attack rolls and opposed feint maneuvers if a Master Tactician fights the same opponent for more than 2 rounds.
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