Hello there. A couple of days ago I decided to put my homebrew campaign on a short hiatus to DM some Eberron goodness after reading the Eyes of the Lich Queen module. I could use a short break and in my experience DMing a module in an exsisting campaign takes a lot less work than creating your own world and story around an explorative party (also, I can blame the module in case things go horribly wrong ). The players are already making characters (human fighter/cleric/bone knight, human artificer (going for extreme explorer), gnome beguiler with mark of scribing, and something else, probably half-orc ranger) and I'm preparing the first session.

However, when Red Hand of Doom just came out I DMed it (first campaign we actually completed) and later I found out there was lots of online support, mainly handouts. Lazy as I am, I was wondering if there are any handouts etc. for EotLQ, but google didn't really help all that much, though I did find the beginnings of an erreta (and 4E conversion guides, but I don't need those). I anyone here could help me out that would be great, tips for DMing this module and annecdotes about it are also welcome.