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Thread: Melee Classes

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    Default Melee Classes

    I am currently looking for a decent alternative to the Barbarian Core Class, the same idea of wading into battle with nary a thought. Just a high damage output and lots of anger (if possible.)

    I have ran across both of the Dreadnaught classes here on the boards and am wondering if there are any others that are worth perusing that I have not found. I searched for a homebrew compilation thread, though the ones I found were notoriously lacking for martial characters. Here is the character sheet for my PC. I still have some time yet to decide since there is still a monstrous humanoid HD I need gain before class levels start.

    The Char Sheet

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I just havent found a similar post.

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    Default Re: Melee Classes

    Have you already looked at the barbarian variants and PrCs in PHB2, UA, etc. and/or the Tome of Battle classes? A Setting Sun swordsage or Tiger Claw warblade does the barbarian's schtick very well, and a fighter/bear warrior can do a mythical Norse barbarian fairly well without being of the barbarian class.
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    Default Re: Melee Classes

    Also I personally like to use the Nature Avenger. It's a druid, minus animal companion, plus rage. You can buff yourself up with spells, and even use rage while wildshaped. Heck, take wild casting feat and you cna cast some spells while in a dire bear form and then rage. Dire-Bear Wildshape + Barkskin + Magic Fang + Rage = Very nasty substitute for the barbarian.

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    Default Re: Melee Classes

    Thanks for the replies, I have perused the ToB and dont like the fluff of the base classes. The PrC's are useless as I am looking for a base class to replace the Core Barb. I may dip into a PrC or go full progression PrC later. As of now though, a solid base is needed as a foundation.

    Magic is something I dont want to deal with this game as thats pretty much all I play.

    Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Melee Classes

    Quote Originally Posted by y2kjman View Post
    Thanks for the replies, I have perused the ToB and dont like the fluff of the base classes.
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    Default Re: Melee Classes

    Would the totem warrior or warmain from arcana evolved suit your needs?

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