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    Lightbulb [Creature] Do ray me...


    Medium Fey
    Hit Dice: 5d6+15 (32 hp)
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares)
    Armor Class: 16 (+3 dex, +3 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 13
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+5
    Attack: Slam +4 (1d8+2)
    Full Attack: 2 slams +4 (1d8+2)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Cry of lust, gentle gaze, green fields, quills
    Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/cold iron, hide in plain sight, how many licks, low-light vision, scent, tongues of man and beast
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +9
    Abilities: Str 15, Dex 18, Con 17, Int 7, Wis 20, Cha 18
    Skills: Diplomacy +12, Escape Artist +8, *Hide +8, Jump +16, Listen +13, Move Silently +8, Tumble +11
    Feats: Leap of the Heavens, Run
    Environment: Any Plains
    Organization: Solitary or Tustle (2-5 di'li)
    Challenge Rating: 4
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Usually Chaotic Good
    Advancement: By character class
    Level Adjustment: +4

    A di'li appears as a humanoid doe, though with fur so slight as to be barely more than colored fuzz. In fact, she is almost a parody of the perfect human woman's form, with a long, lithesome body and tapering legs that allows her to stand at least seven feet tall. Hands and feet split into three prehensile digits with thick, blocky nails. Her freckled visage is the most human thing about her, with two large, liquid black eyes with elongegated lashes in a furless, pixie face. Her nose is somewhat longer than normal, ending in a round black tip, and her lips are somewhat extruded. Instead of cranial hair she has quills much like a porcupines, though it branches out at several places with needle-sharp slivers. A di'li does not often show it, but also possesses a tongue several feet long with which she uses to lick the dew off plants and pollen from flowers.

    Di'li are the sweethearts of the natural order, spirits of spaces wide and open enough to hold all creation. An alluring woman that combines the wild nature and simplicity of the beast with the sophistication of the civilized. They are the bridge between the two, with a heart that encompasses both worlds. They are the lamb that lies with the lion. They are both tamer and the tamed who seek peace above all things. The blowing wind, the child's laugh, the babbling creek, the whistle of travelers. This is their music as they dash breathlessly about the fields that lie between forest and town.

    The unions of di'li's normally produce only other di'li's. In times when di'li are hunted or their lands threatened they sometimes produce a male, purposely mating with the strongest warrior or most vicious beast they can find. The resulting crossbreed becomes a fierce protector of his mother and sisters.

    Di'li speak every civilized and bestial tongue heard on the wind.

    Di'li fight only in self defense, lashing out with powerful kicks if seduction neighter seduction or flight is possible.

    Cry of Lust (Sp): A di'li may offer a cry part challenge and part seduction. Male humanoids, giants, monstrous humanoids, animals, magical beasts and fey will seek to capture her and couple. The latter gain a +4 bonus to their save. This acts as the Dominate spell, but only within the limitations that she can force them to pursue. This is a mind-affecting, sonic effect.

    Gentle Gaze (Su): A di'li has a gaze attack that extends 60 feet. Whomever she looks into the eyes of feels a sense of peace invading them. They must succeed on a DC 19 will save or lose their ability to Rage for a number of minutes equal to the di'li's Charisma modifier. As well, the focus of her gaze loses any notions of hostility towards her, as well as all others. They will fight to protect themselves, but will not willingly kill even if their worst enemy were at their mercy.

    Green Fields (Su): A di'li can seduce the land, making it become jealously protective of her. She can enchant an area of 20 feet, increasing by 5 feet for each round she concentrates, up to 5 feet multiplied by her charisma-modifier. This area stays seduced for as long as she concentrates and for a number of minutes afterward equal to her Charisma modifier.

    This has a number of effects, caster level to any duplicated spells equal to the di'li's HD. Each round she concentrates she can produce an additional effect.

    First Round: The plants rustle a warning right around the intruder, even if they are up to 10 feet above, making all move silently checks impossible. This even applies to incorporeal creatures as long as they are visible for the plants to see.
    The di'li also gains the benefits of Trackless Step and Woodland Stride as a druid of her HD level.
    Second Round: Those in the area are grasped and hindered as the Entangle spell.
    Third Round: Those in the entangling locale automatically take 1d6 points of damage per round as they are cruelly whipped, constricted, and torn with thorns.
    Fourth Round: The di'li can make a ranged disarm check, using her Charisma-modifier. The plants may hand along anything taken to the di'li at a speed of 30 ft. per round, or anywhere else in the area that she dictates.
    Fifth: The di'li may use mind-affecting abilities upon plant creatures in the seduced area.

    Hide In Plain Sight (Sp): As long as di'li remains within the plains she may use Invisibility as the spell at will, caster level 10th. In other natural locations she merely gains the Hide In Plain Sight ability.

    How Many Licks (Sp): A di'li's tongue has many uses. First, she may make a touch secondary attack with a reach of 5 feet. Those touched are effected as by the Deep Slumber spell. Second, anything it touches is cleaned and freshened as the Prestidigitation spell. Third, it makes wholesome what it touches as the Purify Food and Drink spell. Fourth, any area in which a di'li feeds off the dew and nectar for a week is affected as if by the enrichment quality of the Plant Growth spell.

    Quills (Ex): The quills of the di'li make them very difficult to grapple unless they wish it and thus gain a +4 bonus to escape checks. Creatures with a natural armor class less than +4 take 1d3 points of damage each round they successfully grapple the di'li. This damage cannot be healed until the barbs are removed, which takes a DC 15 Heal check or else they take 1 additional point of damage with it's removal.

    Tongues of Man and Beast (Ex): A di'li is continuously affected as if she had the Tongues and Speak With Animals ability.

    Skills: Di'li have a +4 racial bonus on Escape Artist Hide, Move Silently checks and a +8 racial bonus on Jump checks. They use their Dexterity modifier instead of their Strength modifier for Jump checks. *In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth, the Hide bonus rises to +8.
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    Default Re: [Creature] Do ray me...

    A deer woman, eh?
    I am both intrigued and slightly aroused. Am I right in assuming there are males, I.E. stags, possibly in parties? Alright, enough of the terrible joke. I'm really fond of this one. One of these days I'm going to have to actually print out some of these monsters and throw them at my players. Great work, Vorpal! We are all but worms in your godly, monster-making sight.

    This title reminds me of a bit from the Simpsons, back in the 90s when it was good, though:
    *Homer hits a plastic deer with the car*
    Homer: "D'oh!"
    Lisa: "A deer!"
    Marge: "A female deer!"
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    Default Re: [Creature] Do ray me...

    That's quite interesting...your description is really good, it does a great job portraying a simultaneous beauty and the kind of mysterious strangeness that nature often confronts us with. Very cool creature, very flavorful abilities.

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    Default Re: [Creature] Do ray me...

    Nice work VT! Very evocative.

    Nice to see deep slumber being used instead of just a sleep spell.

    How Many Licks really is two separate special abilities jammed into one. It really should be more narrowly define since it should be an extraordinary ability. The spell-like abilies should be listed seperately. Also, Tongues of Man and Beast looks like it should be a Supernatural ability.

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    Default Re: [Creature] Do ray me...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Tygre View Post
    This title reminds me of a bit from the Simpsons, back in the 90s when it was good, though:
    *Homer hits a plastic deer with the car*
    Homer: "D'oh!"
    Lisa: "A deer!"
    Marge: "A female deer!"
    Omigosh, hilarious!

    Also, I like the creature, very good concept and abilities.
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    Default Re: [Creature] Do ray me...

    Most excellent
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