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    Default An Odd Pair [3.5, Gods, PrC, Unsightly ramblings and hooplah]

    Interest expressed in this thread has roused me into posting dumping a gross amount about a pair of my homebrewed gods. We'll begin with the god Xochitl and see where two posts of reserved space take us.


    It seems any mention of Xochitl's portfolio and background has been lost in the great purge of whenever. Because I'm not AM the kind of guy that would leave you all hanging like that I'll edit IGNORE this in over the course of this week FOREVER. In the meantime, I offer a physical description and sheet filler.

    Portfolio and description will go here. In short; Xochitl is a god of compost, worms, and recycling. He/It's the druidic god you don't hear about, usually because he works without complaint and behind the scenes and is associated with medicine and the hunting of undead.

    Picture reference

    In person, the deity appears as a shrouded androgynous figure. The cloth is a modest dirt soiled linen, but the face is a solid gold mask wrought into a gentle smile. No mortals have seen his naked body, but if one listens closely a soft wriggling can be heard under the veil. A nearly choking, stale sweetness permeates the air around Xochitl, some combination of rot and perfumes. The god's voice is comprised of many, not always collateral, soft whispers. Xochitl refers to himself as "we" when talking in the first person, although he has a habit of referring to many entities in the plural regardless of how others would group them.

    Xochitl is a caring deity by manners and means. It is rare that he takes a life or interferes with the material realm. There is a certain disconnect between him and the mortals he propagates. For his part Xochitl can not understand the concept of possession after death just as mortals find it difficult to trace his workings.

    Cenobites of the Foundation (C&P'd from the Worm Shepherd thread)

    A loose federation of healers and holy men, dedicated to improving the lot of the peasantry. They toil in the fields with their constituency and preach the virtues of the Worm God in exchange for board and an open ear. The group lacks any hierarchy, dispersing itself according to the sympathies of the people. A cenobite's oaths are personal, but contain themes of selflessness and humility in every case.

    As an organization, the Cenobites are overwhelmingly comprised of low level paladins, clerics, healers, and shaman. The labor inherent in their profession tan their backs and shape their body. When traveling or plying their healing arts they commonly wear heavy cloaks and masks to emulate their shrouded god. Members commonly take Vows of Poverty or Nonviolence and may not refuse healing to any good or neutral creatures. Druids may take the Child of Winter and subsequent feats while retaining their good alignments (seriously, what's so morally ambiguous about wild shaping into vermin?). As the members mature they are encouraged to pursue careers as Contemplatives, Apostles of Peace, Vermin Keepers, or Worm Shepherd.
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    Default Re: An Odd Pair [3.5, Gods, PrC, Unsightly ramblings and hooplah]

    And now for something completely different. Preceding Xochitl, I whipped up Nauphel as a cthuloid deity of submersible beastliness. I had the foresight to save most of his material to a word document.


    Aliases: Lord of the Depths, The Drowned Father, The Grasping Chasm
    Domains: Evil, Watery Death, Blackwater, Fear, Trickery (Bonus)
    Portfolio: Schemes, Depths, Shipwrecks, Drowning, His 'children'
    Symbol: An octopus inscribed within a ship's wheel
    Weapon: Spiked Chain

    Nauphel is a god of unseen horrors and unchecked ambition. His dogma is that of opportunists, corsairs, and old men rightfully fearful of the sea. Greed and patience are the themes of his church and a number of twisted rites and proselytizers promote these virtues. He is the progenitor of krakens, cephalopods and octopi, and the Drowned.

    Typical worshipers: Pirates and plunderers who pay tribute to Nauphel make up a sizable portion of his congregation. Corrupt merchants and tyrannical naval powers round out his human followers. Krakens are almost unanimously worshipers to their dread father. Several sahuagin and ixitxachitl cults venerating Nauphel have also contributed to his base.

    Choir: Kraken, Drowned, Water Elementals, Squids & Octopi, Dragon Turtles, Blackskates (Stormwrack), Caller From the Deeps (Storm), Nereids (Storm), Rusalka (Frostburn)


    For a being able to change his form at will Nauphel is not much of a looker. In his home beneath the waves he is most comfortable in the form of a colossal black kraken. Rare tales by bravo divers describe a beast with eyes the size of wagons and a maw filled with wicked teeth. These sightings are made when the Lord of the Depths skims the shallower waters for whales and other fresh meat.

    When summoned to divine councils or other terrestrial meetings Nauphel assumes a more humanoid visage. In a heavy green-gray coat and admiral's hat he looks like an ordinary sea captain. Even his pale clammy skin and algae stained beard would not look out of place at the docks. Rounding out Nauphel's human features are his navy blue eyes. His lower body is an entirely different story. Instead of legs Nauphel glides over a writhing mass of tentacles. Two dominant members protruding from his hips act as his "hands" when gesticulating and manipulating objects not requiring fine motor skills. Most of the time his humanoid arms hang listlessly at his sides.

    The voice of the Drowned Father is labored like the gasps of a drowning man. Each breath he manages lets spill a swash of salt water down his chin. His short beard manages to sop up most of it to the relief of any hosts he may visit.

    Shaper of the Depths and Drowned template
    Shaper of the Depths
    Prerequisites: Divine Water Mastery, Wis 30, Divine Rank 6
    Effects: When a creature would otherwise die of pressure or drowning the Drowned Father may take a twisted pity on them and grant them a new life in his service. When a humanoid drowns in an ocean or sea a string of dark whispers promise him life anew and horrible power, forcing a Will Save DC 15 to resist. A pious devotee of another god gains a +10 to their save. Those that have paid the "Squid's Silver" automatically fail the save. Upon failure he applies the "Drowned" template and may apply any mutation entitled at will.

    Drowned ones are the result of humanoid bodies being molded by the crushing pressure of the depths. Bones and other landwalker organs are squeezed out to be replaced with the amorphous form of a cephalopod. The creature's skin turns pale and over time hair grows sickly green. The most distinctive change is the addition of at least two tentacles, usually along the hips. Such a creature is unfit for surviving on the land and thus can never escape the grasp of its new master.

    "Drowned" is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal creature (other than undead) that can die from either pressure or drowning.

    Size and Type
    The creature's type changes to monstrous humanoid and gains the water subtype. It retains any subtypes except alignment subtypes and subtypes that indicate kind. It gains the augmented subtype. It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Hit Dice
    d8. All Drowned begin with 3 racial hit dice.

    The base land speed of the creature is cut in half. If a creature did not previously have a swim speed it gains one equivalent to it's base land speed before the transformation.

    Armor Class
    The base creature’s natural armor bonus improves by +2

    A drowned one retains all the attacks of the base creature and also gains 2 slam attacks with a variable reach if it didn’t already have one. If the base creature can use weapons, the drowned one retains this ability. A creature with natural weapons retains those natural weapons.

    Tentacle Damage/Reach

    Size / Damage / Reach
    Fine 1 -
    Diminutive 1d2 -
    Tiny 1d3 5 ft.
    Small 1d4 10 ft.
    Medium 1d6 15 ft.
    Large 1d8 30 ft.
    Huge 2d6 45 ft. (???) help
    Gargantuan 2d8 60 ft.
    Colossal 4d6 (???) help on this one

    Full Attack
    A drowned one fighting without weapons uses either its slam attack (see above) or its natural weapons (if it has any). If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as its primary attack along with a slam or other natural weapon as a natural secondary attack.

    Special Attacks
    A drowned one retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains those described below. Saves have a DC of 10 + ½ drowned one’s HD + drowned one’s Cha modifier unless noted otherwise.

    Blood Drain (Ex): A drowned can suck blood from a living victim with its tentacles by making a successful grapple check. If it pins the foe, it drains blood, dealing 1d2 points of Constitution drain each round the pin is maintained. For each round the pin is maintained the drowned one gains 5 temporary hp. The drowned's tentacles end in hooked barbs which grant +4 to grapple checks for maintaining a hold.

    Children of the Depths (Su): Drowned ones command the lesser creatures of the depths and once per day can call forth 1d6+1 eels, 1d4+1 medium sharks, or a pack of 2d6 squid as a standard action. These creatures arrive in 2d6 rounds and serve the drowned one for up to 1 hour.

    Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a drowned must hit an opponent of any size with its tentacle attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and initiates Blood Drain

    Special Qualities

    Water Breathing (Ex): Drowned ones are amphibious, breathing both air and water, but must remain bound to the sea. A drowned one suffers 1d6 points of nonlethal damage for each hour spent out of water. After a day spent out of water the drowned one suffers 1d6 points of lethal damage per hour. A drowned one recovers nonlethal damage suffered this way only after being doused in a minimum of a gallon of salt water. It recovers lethal damage suffered this way only after being submerged for a full period of rest. Magical healing works normally but does not prevent further losses.

    Deep Dweller (Ex): A drowned one is unaffected by pressure changes due to ocean depths.

    Aquatic Healing (Ex): As one of the many changes wrought by their dread father drowned ones heal at twice the normal rate when they are underwater.

    Mutation (Ex): The flesh of his children is like clay to the Lord of the Depths. He can engender hideous mutations in them to further his aims. A drowned one may choose to gain another HD as a monstrous humanoid and gain one mutation (See following table). Some mutations require multiple levels. These HD are treated as equal to character levels. There is a limit to how many time a mutation can be gained. Drowned ones with extra arms may acquire the Multiweapon Fighting feat.

    {table=head]Mutation|Monstrous Humanoid Levels|Limit
    Thick scales (+2 nat. armor)| 1| 3
    Regeneration 1| 1| 2
    Size increase| 2| 2
    Claw/bite (1d6 damage at Medium)| 1| 1 each
    Blindsight| 1/2| 1
    Extra arm| 1| 6
    Constriction| 1/2| 2
    Ink jet (underwater total concealment 50-ft. radius)| 1/2| 1
    Poison spines/claws/bite| 1 first, 1/2 for extra mode| 1 each[/table]

    Constriction: The supplicant's arms become supple, much like their tentacles. One level allows the drowned one to deal an extra 1d6 points of constriction damage per round while grappling.
    Ink Jet: Usable only underwater, once every 1d10 rounds; effect is otherwise as the spell obscuring mist.
    Poison Spines: Usable as a melee weapon, dealing 1d4 + Str modifier damage plus poison. Injury, Fortitude DC 11 + Con modifier, initial and secondary damage 1d3 Dex. Poison DC increases by 3 per size increase; damage increases as normal for size shifts, for both the spines and the poison.

    Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +2, Cha -2

    A drowned one gains a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks and can always take 10 on a Swim check. Due to a lack of bones the creature also gains a +10 bonus on Escape Artist checks.

    The ocean and its depths.

    Solitary, pair, gang (3-5), troupe (1-3 plus 2-5 squid), or crew (20-150 plus captain and 3 officers)

    Challenge Rating
    Same as the base creature +2.


    Always lawful evil

    By character level

    Level Adjustment

    It's black, pitch black. You're being crushed, from what direction is not immediately apparent. If you have some form of darkvision it looks as though an ocean should, except for the sea floor. It's littered with every ship imaginable, canoes, galleons, junks, schooners, even rafts. Between the ships are crags so deep even the oldest inhabitants know not where they end. You're in the realm of Nauphel. Pray he gives you leave soon.

    The realm is not an ocean, but in truth a sphere of water encompassing a web of tunnels and trenches. The gravity is directed to the center and increases in magnitude as the distance from the core does. That is not to say it is ever moderate, even mere yards from the core the pressure could crush an ordinary man. An astral traveler had best receive immunity from such forces before considering to seek audience with the Drowned Father.

    Nauphel's choir go about there business in the shipwreck city along the crust. Great Kraken lords inhabit the dreadnoughts where they display their hoards of wealth and power to visitors. They engage in extravagant galas in a never ending carnival of oneupmanship. Between the sunken palaces, galleons and tradeships serve as homes to Nauphel's favored humanoid servitors. When not enjoying the company of their squid lords, the notable Drowned field minor prayers to their deity. Periodic pagodas provide an anchor to the Material Plane's deepest trenches. In the miscellaneous ships and crafts littering the seafloor dwell typical deep sea fish, cephalopods, and the bulk of his Drowned hordes.

    Under the crust are webs and catacombs ranging the size of cathedrals to mere mouseholes. Only Nauphel's favored cephalopod children can navigate the depths with ease. Here lies the Grasping Chasm, ever stalking the halls enraptured in plot. Occasionally he suspends his brooding to attend a Kraken's soirée to break the monotony or enact a plot he has previously prepared.

    Squid's Silver Ritual
    Nauphel's faithful have grandiose rituals of sacrifice to appease their patron. Normally in the business of causing storms, he grants safe passage and favorable winds to those who take part in the most horrific of his rites, The Squid's Silver. When a supplicant sinks a ship full of treasure worth 10,000 gold or 20 humanoid lives (or some combination of the two, lives being worth 500 gold each) the dark god takes favor with him. For a week the captain responsible for the wreck will gain the ability to cast control weather twice per day as a level 10 druid. Additionally each member of his crew who shares in his devotion to Nauphel receives a +5 profane bonus to Profession (sailor) and Swim checks.

    Association Table

    {table=head]Criterion|Affiliation Score Modifier
    Character level|1/2 levels
    Profession (sailor) 5 ranks|+1
    Swim 5 ranks|+1
    Has at least 1 level of dread pirate, legendary captain, scarlet crusader, or leviathan hunter|+2
    Has at least 1 level of wavekeeper, sea witch, or iron marauder|+4
    Becomes a Drowned|+4
    Lives out of sight of the sea|-2
    Cannot swim, sail, or cast spells with the [Water] descriptor|-4
    Multiple Use|
    Pays the Squid's Silver|+3
    Drowns a sentient being with own hands (around their neck for example)|+2, good once a week
    Sinks a vessel of gargantuan size or bigger|+3
    Deliver a cargo of 5,000g or more across the sea|+2
    Make a living off the sea|+1/5 per year
    Saves creature from drowning|-3
    Runs own ship aground|-4
    Aids or abets a member of Pegason or Velia's clergy (or pick any two gods you imagine would oppose Nauphel)|-6
    Steals from the depths|-8 (may also incur armed reprisal)[/table]

    {table=head]Rank|Affiliation Score|Titles: Benefits and Duties
    0|3 or lower|None
    1|4-10|Sea's Scion: +2 profane bonus to Swim and Profession (sailor) checks. If on a boat plundered by Drowned marauders they will be spared.
    2|11-20|Reclaimant of the Deeps: May request a sunken item to be returned of less than 1000g value. If the request is met the item will reappear by the nearest body of saltine water with no apparent courier. Only one request per year. Feet become webbed.
    3|21-29|Blackwater Acolyte: Limit of requests increases to 5000g, twice per year. Webbing on feet develops and increases swim speed by 10 ft. Minor mutations may arise such as patches of scales, glossing over the eyes, perpetually damp hair, or suction cups behind the ears.
    4|30 or higher|Sunken Servitor: Sunken ship dredged from the ocean floor for the servitor's use. Type is chosen by supplicant. Drowned are obligated to obey or aid the devotee. If the servitor would die of old age they instead disappear and are rumored to appear on the deck of a Drowned vessel.[/table]
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    Default Re: An Odd Pair [3.5, Gods, PrC, Unsightly ramblings and hooplah]

    A prestige class, two specific baddies, and an epic monster.

    Iron Marauder
    Only a suicidal loon would wear full plate on a ship out to sea, and Nauphel's devoted followers don't look to break that mold. Half mad with brine and blood, iron marauders crash along decks in heavy armor, looking to prove their devotion. These zealots have no fear of drowning and will happily throw around their weight on the high seas. As is often the fate of those who deal with the Drowned Father, marauders adopt aquatic traits at the cost of their terrestrial identity. Rumors circulate that the most powerful of these devotees become something more than human in the heat of battle, sinking entire ships in hideous ichthyoid forms.

    This class was designed with multi-class fighter/clerics, warblade/crusaders, and paladins of tyranny/slaughter in mind.

    Base Attack Bonus: +6
    Alignment: Any non-good
    Skills: Intimidate 4 ranks, Swim 4 ranks, Profession (sailor) 2 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks
    Proficiency: Heavy Armor
    Special: Must be a follower of Nauphel

    Iron Marauder
    {table=head]Level |Base Attack| Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

    1st| +1 |+2 |+0 |+0 |Weapons of the Tide, Aquatic Transition, Mutation
    2nd |+2 |+3 |+0 |+0 |Sea's Blessing, Smite Landwalker 1/day|+1 level of existing spellcasting class/+1 level of stance using class
    3rd |+3 |+3 |+1 |+1 |Command the Depths, Mutation
    4th |+4 |+4 |+1 |+1 |Scourge of the Seas|+1 level of existing spellcasting class/+1 level of stance using class
    5th |+5 |+4 |+1 |+1 |Transformation from Below, Smite Landwalker 2/day , Mutation[/table]
    HD: d10

    Class Skills (2+Int modifier per level): Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Handle Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (religion), Profession, Ride, Swim

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Iron Marauders are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor, and with shields (including tower shields).

    Weapons of the Tide: An iron marauder gains proficiency with spiked chains and harpoons. If he already has proficiency with them he receives Weapon Focus as a bonus feat (Weapon Specialization if Focus, etc.)

    Aquatic Transition: If the iron marauder has an animal companion, paladin's mount, or familiar of a non-aquatic nature he can exchange it for a non-good aquatic creature from appropriate lists.

    Mutation: Every odd level, an iron marauder adopts a Mutation (see table in "Drowned" template) with a monstrous humanoid level cost of 1 or less. The marauder must imbibe a gallon of salt water a day to maintain the use of these mutations and is considered exhausted if not properly hydrated.

    Sea's Blessing (Su): An iron marauder of 2nd level or higher applies his class level as a competence bonus to Balance and Climb checks to keep his footing on deck.

    Smite Landwalker (Su): Once a day, a blackguard of 2nd level or higher may attempt to smite a non-aquatic creature with one normal melee attack.

    He adds his Charisma modifier (if positive) to his attack roll and deals 1 extra point of damage per character level. If an iron marauder accidentally smites a creature that is aquatic, the smite has no effect but it is still used up for that day.

    At 5th level an iron marauder can smite landwalkers twice per day.

    Command the Depths (Su): At third level an iron marauder can use the Children of the Depths ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + his Charisma modifier. See "Drowned" template.

    Scourge of the Seas (Ex): Starting at 4th level, an iron marauder can instill fear in his enemies. When using Intimidate to demoralize foes, the attempt affects all enemies within 30 feet who can see and hear the iron marauder, and the effects last for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1 round). This is a mind-affecting ability, and multiple uses do not stack.

    Transformation from Below: Once per day a fifth level iron marauder may activate Megalodon Empowerment [Storm, 118] as a Spell-Like Ability which lasts for 1 hour or until dismissed. Should the marauder activate Form of the Killer the duration shortens to 15 rounds. The armor and weapons of the iron marauder grow to accommodate his new size during the transformation.

    Nauphel's kraken are not his only favored children. Among the Drowned he holds two particularly dear. Between them, they match the combined clout of his gaudy invertebrate host.

    First is Lord Vernes. First in his council. First among his Drowned. Admiral Vernes is Nauphel's oldest humanoid servitor. A dread pirate in life he was already a legend before the deep whispers seduced him. He leads the Drowned Father's fleet in times of trouble and captains Mariner's Rime, an bleached-black ivory vessel carved from the bones of his patron's meals. A six-foot-seven terror, Vernes is impressive enough before taking into account his horrific mutations. Under his heavy coat are his numerous arms, tentacles, and barbed scales. His hair has twisted into salty dreadlocks which brush his hips. The admiral's temper matches his countenance, always pleading Nauphel to lease his crew on any offenders. Lord Vernes is an accomplished orator and proudly booms epic poems and boastful sea shanties in the midst of good sport.

    If Vernes is the wrath of the sea lord then Millia is his patience. She is a curiosity in the court, merely a child when taken in as a Drowned. An illusionist of shocking talent she acts as his envoy to the surface world. At times she can be seen skipping through the docks in the most seedy of ports on her way to treat with influential parties. For a Drowned she looks unbelievably human. Hiding her tentacles under a little ladies' dress she'd not look out of place at in fine ballroom. Her mood is uninhibitedly dapper and creative, something that troubles her sovereign despite it's resourcefulness. In spite of that, of all his children Millia is his favorite. Nauphel dotes on her when not dealing with pressing issues of governance. Her sunken dreadnought palace is littered with the waterlogged dolls and toys from a myriad of civilizations.

    The Figurative Dragon
    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven eyes and arms innumerable, and upon its arms the name hunger.

    Size/Type: Colossal Magic Beast (Aquatic)
    Hit Dice: 56d10+1008 (1293 hp)
    Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
    Speed: 100 ft., burrow 80 ft., swim 120 ft.
    Armor Class: 60 (+3 dex, -8 size, +55 natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +56/ +100
    Attack: Tentacle +80 melee (4d6+28/19-20)
    Full Attack: 6 Tentacle +80 melee (4d6+28), bite +76 (8d6+14), tail slap +76 (4d8+14)
    Space/Reach: 30/20 (tentacles 40)
    Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities, frightful presence, improved grab, constrict, swallow whole, ink cloud, summon fiendish kraken, trample, maddening presence
    Special Qualities: Abomination traits, acid immunity, regeneration 15, SR 46, DR 15/cold iron & epic, depth damage immunity, limited sanity
    Saves: Fort +48, Ref +33, Will +25
    Abilities: Str 66, Dex 16, Con 46, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 34
    Skills: Balance +36, Hide +47, Search +57, Swim +59, Spot +41
    Feats: Multiattack, Improved Multiattack, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Awesome Blow, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (black tentacles), Blind-Fight, Improved Critical (tentacle), Iron Will, Weapon Focus (tentacle), Greater Weapon Focus (tentacle), Violate Spell (fire in the blood)
    Epic Feats: Epic Weapon Focus (tentacle)
    Environment: Ocean depths, its planar prison
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 34
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Always neutral evil
    Advancement: 57-80 HD (Colossal)

    A horrendous serpent-like being breaks the previously calm waters and rears its hideous head. It’s multitude of eyes and appendages dart about, searching for food. As the monster slides out of the brine it appears nearly a quarter of a league long, a slimy orange, and utterly mad. It is the Leviathan and it has one thought, feed.

    A leviathan is a twisted cross between a kraken and dragon. The resultant offspring is born mad and rips out of its parent mortally. What spawn do not die in the first hours are kept in sub-realms along Nauphel’s realm. By virtue of planeshifting they are fed a steady diet of bloated corpses and the enemies of the Drowned Father. The adolescents grow at alarming rates, but only two have made it into their fifth year. The largest recorded leviathan is half a mile long and 35,000 tons.

    Leviathans speak Common, Aquan, Abyssal, Draconic, and Infernal. However, the only word they know is “food”.

    Leviathans plow through the depths, surface, even stone, snatching those unfortunate enough to be in its way with its tentacles and depositing them in its maw. Aside from its one-track mind of mastication this monstrosity maddens onlookers. As it crashes by a leviathan exudes a maddening aura it considers a gift, sharing its hunger with the survivors.

    Spell-Like Abilities: At will- haste, black tentacles, greater shout, fire in the blood (HoH) 3/day- chain of sorrow (HoH), maelstrom (Storm); 1/day- pact of return (HoH), depthsurge (Storm)
    Caster level 20th; save DC 22 + spell level. The DC is Charisma-based.

    Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a leviathan must hit an opponent of any size with a tentacle attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can constrict.

    Constrict (Ex): A leviathan deals automatic tentacle damage with a successful grapple check

    Ink Cloud (Ex): A leviathan can emit a cloud of jet-black ink 200 feet high by 200 feet wide by 200 feet long once per minute as a free action. The cloud provides total concealment, which the leviathan normally uses to escape a losing fight. All vision within the cloud is obscured.

    Frightful Presence (Ex): A charging leviathan is the definition of terror to anything mildly edible. Creatures of less hit dice within 90 yards are subject to a DC 25 Will Save. On a failure, creatures with 6 or less HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds and those with 7 or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds. Dragons and other frightfully present being are immune.

    Maddening Presence (Su): A leviathan’s very existence is an affront to self-restraint. Its limitless gluttony forces slivers into the id of those who have glimpsed it. Any being, whether through scrying or natural sight, which beholds the leviathan is affected by Call Forth the Beast (HoH, Will Save 27).

    Summon Fiendish Kraken (Sp): Three times per day a leviathan can summon a fiendish kraken

    Swallow Whole (Ex): The leviathan can try to swallow a grabbed opponent of Huge or smaller size by making a successful grapple check. Once inside, the opponent takes 2d8+14 points of crushing damage plus 2d8+6 points of acid damage per round from the leviathan’s digestive juices. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by dealing 50 points of damage to the leviathan’s digestive tract (AC 35). Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. The leviathan’s gullet can hold 4 Huge, 16 Large, 64 Medium, 248 Small, or 1014 Tiny or smaller creatures.

    Regeneration (Ex): Leviathans take normal damage from cold iron or weapons lost to the depths and reclaimed

    Trample (Ex): A leviathan can trample Gargantuan and smaller creatures for 8d6+42 points of damage. Opponents who do not make attacks of opportunity against the leviathan can attempt a Reflex save (DC 60) to halve the damage.

    Limited Sanity: Leviathans are without doubt dangerous creatures, even to their dread master. Anticipating for a breach of personal security, Nauphel has keyed each beast to a sub-plane and item of recall. This item usually takes the form of a tubular silver whistle, which when blown plane shifts the leviathan back to its prison without a will save. The Drowned Father has good reason to do this. Should a leviathan gorge itself for more than a half-hour per hit dice it will come under the effects of insanity, a permanent mighty rage, and gain back its will save against plane shifting.
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