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    Default Magical Pseudo Science Gadgets

    I'm staring a 3.5 PbP game in Eberron called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As part of the Spy genre I want to incorporate gadgets that resemble modern day technological doodads. I've got a few ideas and I'd like feedback on those, but primarily I'm looking for new ideas for gadgets.

    *Potential players may read this thread but it may ruin the surprise factor of encountering new gadgets.*

    The items below don't have any price listed as they are not going to be created, bought or sold like normal magic items. They are treated as a class of magic items below minor artifacts, if that makes sense. In other words they are still very experimental and costly to develop and make, and are not available in large quantities.

    Here's what I've got so far.

    Holocube: This small quartz crystal has been shaped into the form of a cube. Thin silver wires run across the surface creating a lattice frame. Upon activation (Manipulation - Standard) a three dimensional image is projected from the cube. The image is a miniaturized replica of an area no larger than four 10ft cubes. The projected image is roughly the size of a 3ft cube.

    The character activating the Holocube can rotate the image on any axis and increase the level of detail by changing the scale of the representation.

    A Holocube may hold only one image in it at a time. To store an image the character must empty the Holocube (Manipulation - Swift), then activate it while in the area that is to be recorded. The character activating the Holocube is not recorded.

    Explanation: The Holocube uses the Silent Image spell to recreate an area for reconnaisance and teleportation. It allows an advance team to mark the area and bring the cube back to let a spellcaster view the area prior to teleportation. Furthermore it allows for an in depth examination of an area, such as a crime scene. The image can be magnified by changing the scale to allow for close examination of details.

    Teleportation Tracker: This device detects any recent lingering auras of teleportation magic and discerns information concerning who used the spell. The Detect Magic spell is usable at will. Once a Conjuration(Teleportation) Aura has been found, the character using the tracker may activate the Locate Teleport function of the device. With a successful DC 20 Spellcraft check the character learns the number of creatures that teleported, what size they were, what direction they went, and how far they teleported.

    The tracker does not give an exact location, just a distance and direction. The Locate Teleport function may by used 3/day.

    Explanation: The Tracker detects the lingering Aura of any Conjuration(Teleportation) Spell. According to the Detect Magic spell description Teleport has a Moderate Aura that will last 1d6 Minutes after casting. The spells used are Detect Magic, Locate Creature, and Anticipate Teleportation.

    I don't have a good idea for what this device looks like yet. I've thought about some kind of wand, also maybe a bracer of some type.

    Soarsled Jetpack: The Sharn skymages have experimented on the soarsled and streamlined the design as well as changed the function. The crystalline disk has been shrunk to an oval shape about 2ft in length by 1ft wide. The soarpack is then strapped into a body harness that the character wears. It weighs 15lbs and takes up the Shoulder magic item slot.

    While in Sharn's manifest zone a character may fly at a speed of of 90 feet with good maneuverability. Outside a manifest zone the character flies at a speed of 60 feet, 3/day for 6 minutes each use.

    Explanation: It's a jetpack.


    That's what I've got so far. I have some ideas for other items that aren't fully fleshed out. These include using Rarys as some type of subdermal comm system and having an energy crystal that records conversations.
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    Default Re: Magical Pseudo Science Gadgets

    A quick suggestion set, some of which are non magical, or in the lines of wondrous items:
    Listening rings: magical rings which carry the voice of one person (who has the master ring) to anyone holding a slave ring, a person with a slave ring can take ten minutes to send a response back, doing so requires a piece of wire. the rings were invented for the kings dark lanterns, used during the war as a method of connecting covert ops teams to central command and their team leader.

    explanation: these devices use a modified form of Message keyed to a specific magic aura, anything with that aura can receive the message, the slave rings have a lesser quality enchantment, and require time and the material component of message to perform the function

    Gnomish Kite: this oddball inventions is highly unique, small sphere on one end allows it to be charged when released it flies away rapidly, one round's charge= 60 ft, 2 rounds= 120, caps at 10 rounds (600 ft). It can carry a heavy rope, lights, or anything under 15 pounds (drop in tiny creatues swarms mwhahaha)

    Explanation: when held, a magic had works complex interior parts to charge it up, then a modified version of feather fall allows it to travel further than natural.

    Burning ink: when exposed to a Heat source (even momentarily, or just the ambient temperature is over 100 degrees), this normal seeming ink bursts into flames as if it were a vial alchemists fire.

    Force tube (limit acess to these severely): invented by a mad artificer many years ago, these rare and powerful tools are one of the things that separate top agents from any one else. seemingly a Harmless metal tube, when something is placed inside this device activates breaking the object down into component parts, and transferring them into energy. (any object placed inside provides 1 charge/10 gp consumed) with this energy you can create a orb of force (Cl 20) 1 charge, or a dispel magic (cl 20), 1 charge. All charges can be expended to create a burst of (untyped) power, equal to 1d6 per charge, the wand shatters if it holds more than 100 charges.
    these devices are given to high class troops, who use them to destroy sensitive objects and as a combat weapon

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    Default Re: Magical Pseudo Science Gadgets

    Nice ideas. I like the Listening Ring and Burning Ink.

    Possible revision:

    Explosive Ink [Transmutation]
    Sor/Wiz 1

    Based on the spell Explosive Runes, this spell transforms the ink of a small written message into Explosive Ink. Up to 25 words may be transformed in this manner and the spell lays dormant until the message is read. When the message is read, the Ink ignites. If written on parchment or other flammable material, the parchment catches fire. If written on inflammable material, the writing fades away after burning for 1 round.

    Unlike Explosive Runes there is no way to specify which creatures may read the writing without activating the spell.
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