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Thread: help with build

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    Default help with build

    Does a scout to dervish build work?

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    Default Re: help with build

    Sure. If you want to go Dervish, Scout 4/Ranger 2 (with Swift Hunter)/Dervish 10/Ranger+Scout +4 works out just fine. It's a bit feat intensive hence making Human the best race choice (for a change) though Strongheart Halfling is also solid. And it's definitely one of the best ways to go about with Dervish if you can't add Dex to Damage somehow.

    Build stub:
    Scout 1/Ranger 2/Scout +3/Dervish ->
    1. Expeditious Dodge [RoTW], Combat Expertise
    3. Mobility
    R. Two-Weapon Fighting
    6. Weapon Focus
    S. Swift Hunter
    9. Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
    12. Improved Skirmish
    15. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
    18. ????

    The principal issue here, of course, is that you get your Improved Skirmish and GTWF so late, and that you can't really make good use of the Mobility/Weapon Focus-feats. Also, you don't get Evasion unless you take 5th Scout-level at some point. On the other hand, you'll be dealing fair amounts of precision damage that works on almost all creatures (as long as you tailor your Favored Enemies appropriately) with a large number of attacks and solid AC buffs (Expeditious Dodge+Improved Skirmish = +5 to AC as long as you're moving; combine with Elaborate Parry for great justice).

    Oh, and note that this here is an Str-focused build; you almost need Flaws to get Dex-focus in there (though this build works fine with decent Dex; say 15 to start with).
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