So, I must confess, I like these spells. Not so much for their combat potential even, but for their versatility (you can turn into anything!) and their flair (mages can turn into dragons, awesome!).

Now, the idea has been thrown around on several threads lately that these spells should give one or several from a list of specific boni. My thought on this idea was something along these lines: make a list of Least, Lesser and Greater shapeshifting boni. Then change the spells to approximately the following:

Alter Self: gain two least shapeshift boni and a one more for every x caster levels, to a maximum of y. Also disguises you, similar to disguise self?

Polymorph: gain (or give to someone else?) one lesser shapeshift bonus and several lesser ones, plus more lesser boni per caster level.

Greater Polymorph (probably replacing shapechange): gain one greater, several lesser and even more least shapeshifting boni.

Now, the task at hand would mostly be making a balanced list of boni. This would, obviously, involve some discussion. Still, I propose the following as a baseline:

+2 bonus to a physical attribute.
+1 natural armor
Minor natural weapon (1d4 claw attack or similar)
Minor utilities (slow climb speed, perhaps a kind of gliding, instead of flight, gills, +4 boni to physical skills like climbing, swimming, hide).

+4 bonus to an attribute
Strong natural weapons: bites, tail slaps, reach weapons
Better utilities: fly speed, swim speed, burrow speed, good skill boni, elemental resistances and the like.

+8 or so bonus to attributes
Powerful weapons, size changes
Great utilities: limited list of supernatural abilities, breath weapons, immunities and others that are strong, but not game breaking.

Thoughts on this? Anyone willing to contribute to such a list?