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    Default So... we might be switching to Saga

    Just played our first session of SW:Saga last night and it was a big hit. Most recently we've been playing 4ed but I think that the group would prefer Saga over any edition of D&D.

    Reasons for the switch:
    The guy that GMed and the other players are big SW fans, or at least SW is more familiar to them than D&D. My gf for instance, she hasn't read any of the books, but she's seen the movies and played things like Battlefront and Rogue Squadron.

    Its 'easier' to understand. As in, the multitude of powers in 4e/the multitude of spells/whatever in 3.x add to the rules heaviness of the systems. Saga lacks this.

    'Easier to get into'. This may be related to the first reason, but they seem to get more immersed into the RP than they did in D&D, where they were paranoid sociopaths. Possibly its because in SW, you're dealing with 'real people'.

    Easier with fewer players. 4ed really pushes groups of 4 or 5, we only have 3. This isn't really a problem in Saga.

    As for our game, if anyone is curious, our group is comprised of a female Mon Cal Jedi, a female Miralukan Noble, and a male human soldier (me). We're all at level 3 and its the Old Republic era. After all getting drunk in a bar in Coruscant (the ladies, who work for/with the Senate were slumming in a dive frequented by my corporate soldier ant) we decided to ditch our lousy, boring jobs and go in search of adventure. I blame the Jedi for this, talking up her adventuring Master. So we meet up a few days later at the Noble's impulse bought (used) Gthroc 720 [the Titanium Terrapin apparently]. We had a little run in with some corrupt customs agents, my soldier was accused of kidnapping a Jedi and a Senator's assistant, we crippled two of the three interceptors that Coruscant ATC sent after us when the ladies failed at their persuasion checks, and we blasted into hyperspace, destination unknown.

    We really didn't want to fire at the interceptors, but the GM sorta railroaded us into it (*fist shake*), guess it works though since my solider put in his two weeks... and then made off with all his work supplied gear, so I'd be wanted anyway I guess.
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    Default Re: So... we might be switching to Saga

    Sounds like you're in for fun times.

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