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    Default Advantages of being a magical beast?

    The Primeval prestige class from frostburn along with the Primal in the Warcraft: Alliance and Horde Compendium both turn you into a magical beast at 10th level.

    I am wondering if anyone knows any specific advantages that come from this, and any cool options that this might offer for high level characters.

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    Default Re: Advantages of being a magical beast?

    Well, if the Totemist is any example of awesomeness (and it is), then being a Magical Beast or being able to duplicate some of their abilities is downright epic-fun.

    Alter Self can be used to turn you into a Displacer Beast or Displacer Serpent. The beast is arguably good, despite losing the Displacement ability, because the next spell that can do this is a 4th level spell in the SC that has a smaller duration.

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    Default Re: Advantages of being a magical beast?

    There's also the usual type immunities, so no charm person or that lot, though you lost enlarge person, which is a shame. Also no crazy banishment effects for going the typical type change to outsider route.
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