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    Default One of my players just owned me

    One of my players got a job in the town guard as a trainer getting paid 1 gold per day. The party needs to find a way to get a certain guard member lured out of town, and decided that the party rogue forging orders would be the best way, so the player in the town guard went to get a copy of his orders for the rogue to use as an example.

    When he asked for a copy of the orders, his supervisor was uneasy thinking this to be about money(the previous trainer had been receiving 3 gold/day) so he kind of dodges the question of orders a bit, asking the player what he's heard about pay, and how whatever it is it's probably ridiculous.

    So the player looked me dead in the eye and said, "Sir, I'd be willing to settle for 2 gold per day if you would supply me with the orders I'm looking for".

    The guard had no reason to argue at that point, but probably would have if the player had asked for anything more, so he got what he wanted, and doubled his daily earnings.

    Oh, and this is only his second session ever, the first having been last week with us.

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    Default Re: One of my players just owned me

    Hah, that's great. Sounds like he's a natural.

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    Default Re: One of my players just owned me

    Your player is awesome. I wish I could screw with DMs half that well. He's an inspiration.
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