I've been trying to make a race of creatures between undead and living creatures, based somewhat on WoW's forsaken (and their back story inspired by the naga's from WoW). I haven't finished them completely, but felt I needed some help with the game mechanics.
If there's a thread with something similar could you please point it out to me.
Back Story: Once there was a kingdom of elves and humans, closely to the Winter Court of the Fey. Ruled by a powerful monarchy of mages, a powerful witch rose to power. In her arrogance she tried to summon and bind Mastema (a powerful arch-fiend in my campaign) but the demon was far too much for her to control. He broke free and cursed her and her people replacing their font of life with one of negative energy making them beings between undead and living creatures.
Over centuries the curse has twisted the eldest of these creatures into completely new beings, but to this day they still give birth to new unliving beings who carry their curse onwards.

Here are the stats for the basic Beshadowed which I've been trying to make into a playable race and would like some feedback + constructive criticism on how they function before I actually introduce them into the game. I currently think they ought to have a +1 LA but I'd like to get it down to +0.
• +2 Cha, -2 Con
• Undead type with Unliving Subtype (see below)
• Darkvision 60-ft

The Unliving Subtype
The beshadowed, and possibly other creatures, have the unliving subtype. Like undead they draw their life-force from the negative energy plane, but they are in no way dead the seed of life within them twisted by the demon’s curse. I later found a similar subtype (with the same name) on the DnD Wiki but decided to keep using this one at least for now.
• Unlike other undead, one with the unliving subtype has a Constitution score and does not replace class level HD with d12s.
• Unlike other undead, a living dead is not immune to mind-influencing effects.
• Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, death effects, and nausea.
• May be affected by spells targeting living creatures or those targeting the undead.
• An unliving creature is still harmed by positive energy and healed by negative energy, gaining 5 temporary hit points for every negative level an energy drain effect would normally apply.
• They do not need to sleep, eat, or breathe (although they may have special means of sustenance required depending upon individual species), but do need 8 hours of rest to prepare arcane spells, and can gain the benefits of consumable magic items and effects.
• They are vulnerable to crits and sneak attack as well as well as physical ability score damage.
• Unliving creatures have a BAB equal to +3/4 racial Hit Dice instead of the +1/2 racial Hit Dice associated with normal undead.
• Some unliving creatures do suffer aging effects and penalties.
• Unliving creatures cannot be turned as undead can but are instead shaken for 2d4 rounds or frightened instead if they would have been destroyed. They also cannot be rebuked or commanded although if they would have been rebuked they are put into a state of ecstasy which grants the same combat penalties as being shaken for 2d4 rounds, or dazed if they would have been commanded.