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    Default Adapting the Spirit of the Century rules to other settings

    So... I was looking over my rulebook for SotC again recently, and I got to thinking. (As I am wont to do)

    There's no question that the game is designed for a single, specific type of game setting. Even with variations, there is a basic assumption that you are part of the Century club, the players are Centurions, and that the pulp novels form the primary focus.

    However, of the two games I've played, one of them was a dramatically over-the-top riff on the World of Darkness, circa 1920. And it was awesome. We didn't even change the rules at all, just some baseline fluff and the entire thing flowed from there.

    But I've had even more interesting ideas since. Like... Firefly.

    Fast paced, with combat that almost never results in actual injury unless important to the plot? Sure. The Browncoat trait getting compelled all the time, leading to [email protected]%%-ness later on? Vera as a custom weapon perk for the Gun Crazy Jane?

    It's too good to be true.

    Your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Adapting the Spirit of the Century rules to other settings

    The FATE system SotC is designed upon was built to accomodate many different types of games. It should be easy enough to adapt SotC to other settings. I'm not surprised it fits well, especially in things that already have pulp elements.
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    Default Re: Adapting the Spirit of the Century rules to other settings

    I've actually done JUST that with my first SotC hack. It was called Spirits of the Galaxy, where it was focused on Space Opera.

    What I changed:

    pilot and drive are changed into
    pilot - planetary (hovercars, etc)
    pilot - space (space fighters, freighters)
    pilot - interstellar (imperial class large scale starships)

    Gunnery (for ship mounted weapons)
    Cybernetics (for computer usage)
    Zero-G (for zero-gravity movement)

    replace mysteries with Supernatural and allow full on psychic power usage.

    psychic stunts that allows players to pay a fate point and use their supernatural skills to replace their other skills
    cybernetic stunts that allow players to hack, have a micro-computer brain chip implant, and perform a bunch of other skill replacement stuff
    zero-G stunts that allow you fight in space just as effectively as on planets
    cyborg implant stunts that further augment the character's abilities

    think that's about it.

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