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    Default Seeking advice for Epic Sith

    Greetings all,
    I'm currently in a Dark Side game on the verge of epic levels, and I'm contemplating a new feat, akin to the craft wonderous feat of DnD...

    As starwars generally only has force imbued items appear as artifacts of bygone eras, I figured making the feat into an epic feat would be appropriate. Since Sith Sorcery/Alchemy already imbues some minor pseudo-artifacts (Sith swords, Sith poison, dark armor, etc.) I figured that was a good starting point as far as prerequisites go (possibly with some other feat as a prerequiisite for a light sider equivalent feat).

    Also some ideas on items that could be crafted... Sith Holocrons, the force focusing massasi temples, the minds eye gem, animate dead, and the dathomir force amulets are the first things that come to mind. Any othe suggestions?

    Lastly, we are still using the revised core rules, that is....we are still in the 3.5 era of DnD and the D20 system and will not be shifting to Saga edition (or it's 4th ed counterpart) anytime in the forseeable future.

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