Hello all, I was wondering if any here would like to help with updating some spells to the 3.5 or pathfinder system. These are all from the AD&D system and I do not believe that they are copywritten. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will post a spell and see if anyone here can help with updating it. If I am doing this incorrectly then please forgive me, I have not posted in years, and with that said here is the first spell.

Anti-Gravity (Alteration, Enchantment)
Range: 10 feet per level
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 9 hours per 10-foot cube
Area of Effect: 10-foot cube per level or special
Saving Throw: Negates
Author: Kai Rottenbacher <c/o [email protected]>
This spell reduces the effect of gravity to absolute zero in the area
of effect thus causing anything to effectively float with no weight
(note the mass still exists (while a vault door weighs nothing it still
can crush someone who has the unfortunate luck of being between
it and its door frame)). It can be lain on an area without a focusing
object but in that case it is limited to the area of effect noted above.
If a focusing object is used the casting time changes to 1 hour per 10
feet per level per side cube. The focusing object is not destroyed in
the casting but if it is ever moved from its place or even touched by
the caster after the enchantment is placed the spell fails immediately.
Once the spell is in effect anything within the area of effect of one
10-foot cube per level can be moved almost without effort (unless it
is very large). If the spell is focused on an object then the object is
within the centre of the cube. This cube then measures 10 feet per
level per side (an 18th-level wizard creates a 180-foot cube).
The material component (even without the focusing object) is a
hollow diamond which has a perfectly round hollow inside without
having any hinges. This diamond must have cost a least 10,000 gp
before being hollowed out. The focusing object (if it is used) has to be
a completely priceless object which is absolutely unique such as the
largest gem ever found on the planet, the complete and untarnished
set of platinum teeth of the poorest man ever to have lived on the
planet or something likewise illogical or (almost) impossible (as the
DM desires for that special case).

I found this one in the great net spellbook and it is listed there as being 9th level. I am thinking that maybe it should have a range of short and the casting time of 1 hour per area. any other help would be appreciated. Thank you