I'm currently filling out the backstory for the BBEG for my current campaign and I just wondering what are the favourite big bads that you guys have faced or used in your own games. I'll go first.

The Swanlords parents were part of a travelling caravan of merchants and migrants making a journey through a forest in southern Kaderish (I'll post a map of the campaign world in a spoiler) when they were ambushed by a group of fey bandits who stole most of the goods that were carried by the caravan along with a small human child.

The child was raised as a slave by his fey masters and lived a life of pain and humiliation, in order to stop him running away his was often shown scrying pools and illusions which featured his parents either being tortured or beaten and told that this is what would happen if he escaped.

He grew to nurse a strong hatred of all fey but one, a blinded saytr who in his adventuring years had mastered both the physical arts and the arcane, much to ire of his community. The satyr, who went by the name of Tiyaron (Swanlord) took the child under his wing and in the space of 10 years taught him all that he knew.

When he no longer considered the man his apprentice he handed him a large white-feathered cloak and whispered a few words into his ear "Set yourself free and never let another be held like you have." With the new title of the Swanlord passed onto him Swanlord felt the courage to do what he had always wanted, he went through the Fey village and slaughtered all he could find, freeing every slave who could walk and putting any who couldn't to death.

After escaping back to mortal civilization he used his skills to place the image of himself as a hero and champion into the citizens of the villages and towns he passed until he finally had enough followers to make a journey to the island of Faalenstearr (Actually a meteor around the size of Ireland that introduced magic into the world when it impacted and yes I am incredibly bad at thinking up names.) where he then established his new kingdom.

He has taken the message his mentor gave him to heart and he now is looking for a way to make sure no person will every have to face any kind of suffering again. Unfortunately being raised around fey has altered his mind and body to the point where he does not really consider other peoples free will as something that really matters while his body is now like that of a fey and he will never die from old age and he appears to be stuck at around 25 years old even though at the time of the campaign he is around 70.