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    Default Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    This thread ought to function as a registry for all characters who are regularly played in the Metropolis FFRP setting.

    The registry takes the form of an ID card, which all Metropolis residents will likely have. A sample ID would look like this, bolded categories the typical things your character would have on his/her ID card:
    Full Name: Normal Bland McAverage
    Age: Whatever's an average age in Metropolis
    Photo: N/A (Use an avatar, perhaps?)
    Powers: Nothing out of the ordinary
    Reason in City: Acting average professionally.
    Announced Items: The average kind of thing!
    Self Description and other Data: In case that a photo cannot be procured, and in case of shapeshifters, please fill in other personal data here for security reasons. I'm pretty average.
    Address #: Oh, that average place.

    This thread will function as a registry, and as a place for one to look up powers that have already been "taken" (by Metropolis guidelines, it is preferred that you do not give your character a power another player's character is already using, unless it's suitably different).
    Character Registry:







    Power Registry:
    Shapeshifting (into a dog)
    Minor Emotional Suggestion (via touch)
    Limited Camouflaging
    (Possibly) Enhanced intelligence
    Limited and Brief Speed, "flitting"
    Blunt Force Projection
    Dirt Control
    Limited Teleportation
    Chain Control
    Limited Pyrokinesis
    Winged Flight, with minor flame-based assocation
    Power Amplification (technology based?)
    Sonic Scream ("roar")
    Matter Creation

    If you're going to edit in new characters, edit them out, or delete posts, please do tell me via PM, so the registry doesn't get ruined. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Fred's Metro characters #1 and #2 reporting for duty.

    Full Name: Daniel Chestnut
    Age: 18
    Appearance: About 5ft 2ins, average build, short blonde hair. Emerald eyes. Often wears a pair of incredibly durable glasses.
    Powers: Daniel can shoot blasts of force from his hands and eyes at will. However, the eye-force is incredibly hard for him to control and without his glasses, he can barely restrain it.
    Reason in City: Prisoner (for having powers)
    Announced Items: Wallet containing money, a pen-knife (1 inch blade) and a packet of tissues.
    Self Description and other Data: Well you should know, you guys brought me here, not very gently I might add. Jeez, could you turn down the lights? Okay, here's my story. About a month or two ago, I was sent to go live with my Grandma, unfortunately, she gave me the wrong address. Happy now?
    Address #: 12 Highburn Street, apartment 175

    Name: Hannah Chestnut
    Age: 16
    Powers: Lion's roar - Hannah can shoot a roar-like sonic blast from her mouth.
    Reason in city: Prisoner
    Announced Items: Purse with money and a family photo inside, a handkerchief and a necklace.
    Self Description: Where is my big brother? I miss him. WHERE IS HE?
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Alex Timothy White

    Age: 17

    Photo: n/a

    Appearance: Alex is a tall Caucasian male with dark skin with short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. Heís very weak, so weak that heís confined to a wheelchair. Heís thin, almost unhealthily so. He is of average strength and weight. He usually wears casual clothes, like jeans and a white T-shirt.

    Amplification: Alexís own energy is transferred into another person while maintaining physical contact. This amplifies any powers that person may have have as well as making that person slightly stronger, faster, and more energized while contact is maintained. As a downside, Alex grows weaker as he amplifies others, and he can only do it for so long until he needs to rest. If he maintains contact for too long, he could potentially die. None. However, reports have come in that he has some weird technology with him that can amplify other people's powers and that may have other unknown functions.

    Reason in city: Prisoner. It would be safer for me and for everyone else if I was locked up. Unknown, subject is not a super, but he gave no other reason for being here.

    Announced items: Nothing noteworthy.

    Self Description and other Data: Iíve done terrible things. People have died because of me. I didnít want to do it, and I- I donít want to hurt people anymore.

    Adress #: # 12 Highburn Street, apartment 217
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Daisy Annette Flowers
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Short, about 5'5", slender, delicate-looking. She has long messy brown hair that she seems to hide behind. She has startling aqua blue eyes. She's very girly, and tries to dress in a way that won't make her stand out, usually jeans and a simple top.

    Oh, and she's pregnant now. With twins. About 6 months in, so it shows.
    Powers: emotional suggestion - very slight ability, can only be achieved while having physical contact
    Reason in City: Visitor Prisoner
    Announced Items: purse containing chapstick, a notebook and pen, and a handkerchief
    Self Description and other Data: "Fine, I come from a long line of useless alcoholics, got caught up in the cycle, moved in with this guy who was a real jerk. I dumped him, and now I'm here trying to start over." Subject was reported as a super - confirmed.
    Address #: #12 Highburn Street, apartment 222
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Damien Hendricks
    Age: 28
    Appearance: A short, wiry man with brown eyes and brown hair that is kept thick and shaggy. He usually keeps his skin tone lightly tanned but will sometimes shift it into whatever pattern he wishes, but he usually doesn't advertise his abilities. Still, he is very handsome.
    Powers: Chameleon. He is able to shift his skin and clothing/items in contact with him to match that of any background or area that he wishes. Brick wall, wood panelling, anything. When standing still, it renders him effectively invisible but can be detected as a slight "wave" when he moves.
    He Is also very good at sleight of hand tricks and other skills such as lockpicking but those are trained abilities and not particularly super.
    Reason in City: Prisoner, but he won't say how he got caught.
    Announced Items: Pack of smokes, rusty revolver and Glock pistol hidden in jacket, switchblade knife.
    Self Description and other Data: "I finally found something to live for, I gotta go legit, for Daisy... for my family.
    Address #: #12 Highburn Street, apartment 212
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Ophana Jacobson.
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Hair, dyed black, has a multitude of red streaks in it. Skin was once tan, but is now paler-looking. Her eyes are still sky-blue.
    She only has one wing, and it is black.
    Powers: Able to "flit", which entails very (VERY) quickly moving up to twelve feet in any direction.
    Reason in City: Resident.
    Announced Items: None.
    Self Description and other Data: N/A
    Address #: N/A

    Full Name: Saffron Davies.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Black hair in classic emo fashion, obscuring most of her face. Crossed scars across face. Dusty yellow eyes. Red birthmark around navel. Ragged jeans, ragged sneakers, tough tan canvas jacket, leather halter-top. Bandage around right hand, bandage around left arm, leather fingerless gloves.
    About 5'8" tall, 110 pounds.
    Powers: A sort of koniokinesis/psammokinesis; ability to manipulate (and to a lesser extent, generate) dust, sand, and similar gritty debris. She can also shapeshift into such material, and is not harmed by breathing it in. Her lungs are very durable, as lungs go.
    Reason in City: Worker (Street Cleaner/Debris Mangement/Etc)
    Announced Items: Push-broom for streetsweeping. Lighter. Pack of horrible, gritty cigarettes.
    Self Description and other Data: I can make dirt move around. I clean the streets. If I could maybe find a home, that would be nice... Subject then fumbled for lighter and cigarette, then began to smoke.
    Address #: N/A

    Full Name: Clarice Benfer.
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Semi-petite, pale skin, greenish-blond hair with pinkish tips. One eye socket is covered with an eyepatch (which has a field of dasies painted on it), and the other is unharmed, a sparkling scarlet eye.
    (This, but her jacket and jeans have chains laced through them. Her shoelaces are small chains too.)
    Powers: Able to control the chains on her body, and occasionally other chains as well.
    Reason in City: Resident.
    Announced Items: None.
    Self Description and other Data: Subject is not sane enough for a self-description.
    Address #: N/A

    Full Name: Griever
    Age: N/A
    Appearance: Nearly 7' tall, seems to be skeletally thin. Subject is a synthetic being, and has a grey polymer skin. Head is skull-like, lacking external ears or nose. One eye in center of head. No hair.
    Wears a dull grey trenchcoat (appears to have superfluous straps on shoulders, arms, and back) , grey military pants, and army boots. Occasionally a black, battered bowler hat. Broad-shouldered.
    Powers: Extremely agile and strong.
    Reason in City: Resident
    Announced Items: Penknife, several items of childcare.
    Self Description and other Data: I care for Mistress Seraphina, just as her mother instructed me.
    Address #:

    Full Name: Renna Veidt.
    Age: 21
    This, but wears black full-arm leather glove on left arm. The glove has lots of buckles and straps and studs.
    Powers: Unknown, but seem to be related to hand.
    Reason in City: Prisoner
    Announced Items: N/A
    Self Description and other Data:
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Name: Dr. Albert Henderson

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Dirty, greasy black hair. Very tan dirty skin, 6'2" very skinny.

    Photo: None

    Powers: None, though had shown ability to create unusual machines of dangerous power.

    Reason in City: Prisoner.

    Announced Items: A shopping cart, filled with random broken pieces of computers, radio's, satellite dishes, wiring and other electronics's. All scanned, none able to make any known kind of weapon.

    Self Description: You say, we did something wrong? We don't remember doing anything wrong. It's hard for us to remember anything... What do you mean why do we say "we"? Subject suggested to receive psychiatric care.


    Full Name: Eve Wygal

    Age: 17

    Appearance: 5'7" dark black hair, black eyes, red skin, cloven hooves for feet. Bat like wings that fold neatly on her back, so she can hide them under a big coat. In essence she looks like a small devil. Usually wearing a large raincoat with a hood to hide her features.

    Photo: Unavailable.

    Powers: Wing's grant flight, immune to fire, and when engulfed in fire she is slowly healed.

    Reason in City: Prisoner.

    Announced Items: None

    Self Description and other Data: What does it matter what I look like? Why can't I just go home, I wasn't bothering anyone.

    Address #: #12 Highbourn Room 112
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Neil Griffith
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Light skin and slightly above average height. Bears many bruises across his body. Muscular body and jet black hair. Very handsome.
    Powers: "Blink"ing. The power of limited teleportation, so he can teleport up to 5 feet, with only what he is holding.
    Reason in City: Prisoner.
    Announced Items: Pocket Lint and knives (Smuggled). Also, an electric guitar and amp. Illegal drugs (Also smuggled).
    Self Description and other Data: Subject lit a cigarette and took a long blow before speaking. You guys need to chill more, y'know? Maybe smoke some pot. Oh, and I'm the most awesome guy I know.
    Address #: Residence 12, #234.

    Full Name: Jean Valjean
    Age: 18
    Appearance: 6'1, in shape, and has naturally purple hair and eyes.
    Powers: Limited Pyrokinesis
    Reason in City: Prisoner
    Announced Items: Motorcycle.
    Self-description: "The name's ValJean, Jean Valjean. No, not that one..."
    Address #: None
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: Lech Bojarski
    Age: 27
    Powers: None known
    Reason in City: Esaping from the war in Eastern Eutrope
    Announced Items: Clothes, books, a laptop, a set of lockpicks, chemicals, a magnum .357 with amunition.
    Self Description and other Data: Lech comes from Poland has has a less than clean track record with the law.
    Address #: Highburn Street
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    Full Name: Alfred Smith
    Age: 34
    Photo: N/A
    Powers: Skilled illusionist (stage magic), contortionist, escape artist, and great shot with a revolver
    Reason in City: Traveling around to give shows, or perhaps to rob a bank or preform other activities.
    Announced Items: Black Suit, a .44 revolver, a red tie, white gloves, cloak that is black and red, a straight jacket, various items one would see at a magicians show, box to escape from.
    Self Description: Combed over black hair, blue eyes, slightly tan skin, 5'5, and a curly mustache. Loves giving preformances, lives his life in the moment, often doing illegal acts for fun. Possibly insane, but that's what a downward spiral of life does to people.
    Address #: The 'Ton Hotel

    Full Name: Dr. Alexander Krauser
    Age: 54
    Photo: N/A
    Powers: Can build robots of all sorts, repair mechanical items
    Reason in City: Easier to procure parts and build robots.
    Announced Items: Laser Pistol, repair kit, tools to build robots,
    Self Description and other Data: 5'3, bald, brown eyes, slightly tan skin. He used to live in a rural farm community, though its god-fearing population didn't approve of his building of robots. So he packed up shop and moved to a place where he knows he can continue his work in peace.
    Address #: An abandoned car factory
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    Default Re: Metropolis Character Registry Thread

    Full Name: (Fleetmaster) Elendro Elessedil
    Age: 169 (immortal)
    Race: Eladrin
    Photo: N/A
    Powers: A paladin and sorcerer combined from God Wars to Temporal Stasis here.
    Reason in City: Find a place to settle on until missions come in (deadtime)
    Announced Items: M2A73 Assault Rifle with Sniper Rifle, SMG, MG; N56 Auto Magnum, Intelligence Provision Unit (IPU), NX-342 Battle Armor, Starship Blue Knight, normal cashmere for city wear (leather trenchcoat, jeans, boots, boxer briefs, undershirt, normal white shirt.
    Self Description and other Data: 6'5" Works as a fleetmaster to the RuneScapian Loyalist division, under Marines, and normally works on ground missions.
    Address #: 117 Creek Avenue, Misthalin, Gielinor
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