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    Default Dragonmarked questions

    Looking through the Art Gallery for Dragonmarked on the Wizards site, I noticed an interesting piece of artwork that didn't make it into the final book. According to the caption, it was for a prestige class known as the Child of Khyber.

    I also noticed that the picture of the different sizes of Aberrant mark also had a picture of a Siberys-like Aberrant mark, which was cut off when the image was put into the book.

    Putting two-and-two together lead me to believe that the Child of Khyber was intended to be an Aberrant version of the Heir of Siberys. I googled the name after I thought of this and found a Dragonshards article that showed it as an Aberrant version of the Dragonmarked Heir, rather than the HoS as I'd originally thought.

    But I'm still wondering about that Siberys-sized Aberrant mark (which I've taken to calling a "Khyber Mark" to differentiate it from Siberys ones). Does anyone know of a prestige class (published, web-enhancement or homebrew) that grants a Khyber mark?
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    Default Re: Dragonmarked questions

    i don't think an official resource exists, but it's quite easy to create the PrC if you need it. just take the syberis heir PrC, and exchange the power granted to reflect "abberant" powers. you might tweak a few things, like giving the ability for the burst by replacing the feat and so on.

    i used something totally homebrewed for a reincarnation of the lady of the plague, but i just basicaly gave her powers equivalent of a 9th level spell twice a day and a feat instead of 34 of her levels.

    suggestion: make the abberant power something totally different, but utterly powerfull, not just a replica of a spell. this might give the power a bit more of a unique feel.

    sorry, not much help i know, but it's what i've got.

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