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    Default What would happen if maneuvers were invocations?

    I had a thought: the idea behind the Warlock is that invocations are equivalent to spells that real casters get much earlier. This makes them much weaker than real casters.
    I don't consider myself a simulationnist, and I'm not trying to fix something that isn't broken, but I've always wondered why the invocation system wasn't used for non-casting classes in Core.
    Martial adepts also have unlimited uses of their abilities, but their recovery mechanic prevents them from using the same maneuver every round. Considering what some high-level maneuvers can do, it's a necessary limitation.
    Would a Warlock with maneuvers/stances instead of invocations be inherently game-breaking, or can it be balanced by altering a few individual maneuvers?
    I'm starting with these rules:
    -You gain access to maneuvers much later than martial adepts do, perhaps at half the normal rate, and never higher than 5th-level.
    -Iron Heart Surge allows you to ignore a condition or effect for one round, but does not end it.
    -White Raven Tactics is a full-round action, and no other actions can be taken during your turn.
    -Moment Of Perfect Mind, Action Before Thought and Mind over Body use only half your ranks in Concentration.
    Did I forget anything major?

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    Default Re: What would happen if maneuvers were invocations?

    Maneuvers aren't remotely as powerful as spells of the same level, and not intended to be: so restricting them to level five would create a class no one would want to play. Would you, on level 20, rather have a level five manuever at will, or a level 9 manuever once per fight, and whenever you refresh it?
    I'm pretty sure there are ways already to use maneuvers pretty much at will, or at least every other round with the warblade.
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