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    Default Grappling Feats (Need help with balance)

    I have no idea what to set up as the prerequisites for these grappling-focused feats.

    Particularly, can Tenacious Grapple be a two-parter that you gain the effects of and different levels (X and Y here), or does it need to be split into two separate feats, one of which being a prerequisite for the other?


    P.S. Are there any anti-grappling effects I've neglected to think of?

    Exhausting Grapple

    With every failed attempt to break free of your grapple, your foe becomes further weakened and demoralized.

    Benefit: Whenever a foe fails a grapple check against you during this round, you gain +2 to your next grapple check against that foe. These bonuses stack, and are reset to zero at the beginning of the next round.

    Tenacious Grapple

    "Did I say we were finished?"

    Your expertise at grappling is so great that you can hang on even during the strongest of magical effects.

    At X level: If, while during a grapple, your foe comes under the effect of a teleportation-like spell or a dimension door, you may roll an opposed grapple check to hang on. If you succeed, you travel with your foe.

    Note: For extra flavor, your DM may force your foe to roll a miss chance on the teleportation effect.

    At Y level: If, while during a grapple, your foe comes under the effect of freedom of movement, she may still be grappled. She receives a +20 bonus to her opposed grapple check against anyone with this feat. (stolen from arts of war fighter variant)
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    Default Re: Grappling Feats (Need help with balance)

    I personally would flatten the second one into something like

    "if the target becomes subject to an effect that would end the grapple, you may instead make a grapple check with a -10 penalty to maintain the hold. This may break teleportation effects due to weight or living matter limits."

    certainly a useful ability and one that is likely to be learned in a hurry in a high magic environment. Probably needs BAB+6 minimum because there are few teleport or grapple denial spells below that sort of experience level to practice with.

    The first feat looks troublesome, simply because of what could happen if combined with Constrict. Probably a fighter feat to keep it out of the hands of monsters in which case [it parallels the improved bashing one from 14th level in PHB2 fairly well].

    edit: the only other antigrapple effect i can think of is Grease, which is only a +5 bonus if memory serves. Not something that's worth spending a feat on really...
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