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    Default group tatics for monsters

    hello playground

    I was just wondering if they ever made rules of the phalanx aside form lots of aide-other actions

    also is there a formula of the wealh of a tribe of kobolds?

    thank you
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    Default Re: group tatics for monsters

    The following feats:

    -Phalanx Fighting (Complete Warrior)
    -Formation Expert (Complete Warrior)
    -Shieldmate (Miniatures Handbook)
    -Shield Wall (Heroes of Battle)

    I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately.

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    Default Re: group tatics for monsters

    Vexing and adaptable flanker from PHB 2.
    It's easier to give flanking to an ally, and the bonuses you get from flanking are better.

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    Default Re: group tatics for monsters

    Swarmfighting is also in Complete Warrior, and is useful for small races like Kobalds to gang up on someone.
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