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    Default Fighter with no bonus feats.

    So I was looking over some ACF for Fighter and noticed that there seem to be a lot of them.

    So heres the question, how high can you get as Straight Fighter with getting the minimum number of bonus feats due to ACF or RSL.

    For this things like the Kobald's 1st lvl would count as it give you a set # of predetermined feats, not just Fighter Bonus feats.

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    Default Re: Fighter with no bonus feats.

    Sneak Attack Fighter 20 gets no bonus feats.

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    Default Re: Fighter with no bonus feats.

    Quote Originally Posted by infinitypanda View Post
    Sneak Attack Fighter 20 gets no bonus feats.
    Sneak Attack Thug Fighter loses the 1st level feat twice, and explicitly stacks that way.
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