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    Default How to summarise a long adventure path? suggestions welcomed!

    that's a clanky title if i saw one.
    thing is, my play group just finished a fairly long adventure (spanning 5 levels or so), and i though that maybe we could do a summary of a sort, something we could look back upon and enjoy.

    we have a site for our group (a PBWORKS wiki), in which i logged all the session summaries, but also a journal of my character that goes more into depth. so there is quite a lot of material to draw from. it is well documented.

    anyone has any suggestions as to what should be on the summary? all i can think of is opening and summary words from the DM, and each player writing a bit about the experience, what he enjoyed and disliked, that sort of thing.
    anything you guys think i can add?

    Thanks in advance, Kol.
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    Default Re: How to summarise a long adventure path? suggestions welcomed!

    Journalism 101. The summary should answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? How?

    Who were the adventurers?
    What did they do?
    Where did they go?
    When did the events happen? In what order?
    How did things turn out?

    Exactly how you colour and flavour these basic elements of reportage (IC/OOC, brief vs verbose, episodic vs singular narrative, etc.) is a matter of personal stylistic choice.

    (I am sub-editor; hear me roar!)
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