So I decided to give Mask of the Betrayer another try since I was feeling nostalgic for 3.5. To bring it closer to P&P, I download a hak that fixes buggy spells and makes them more P&P-compliant. I also download the latest version of Tony K's AI to make the game a lot more challenging.

My main character is a human cleric/doomguide, and my party members are:

1. Safiya, human transmuter/red wizard.
2. Gann, hagspawn spirit shaman.
3. Kaelyn, half-celestial cleric.

I thought it would be a cakewalk, but Tony K's AI makes the game a lot harder. First, enemies buff themselves before the party reaches them. Second, enemy casters routinely dispel the party's persistent buffs. Third, the monsters actually use the items that they drop. I could go on, but let's stop there.

Still, with the sheer amount of magic at my disposal, the party prevails. Most encounters begin with my character, Victor, and Kaelyn casting Divine Power, Gann summoning elementals, and Safiya debuffing and disintegrating enemy casters. All three divine casters can cast Storm of Vengeance, stunning those who fail their saving throw.

Of course, the enemy doesn't go down that easy. In multiple encounters, the enemy caster debuffed the party, dispelling True Sight, and then cast Improved Invisibility. Unable to directly target him, I had the entire party saturate his outline with area spells, killing him. After these battles, I had the preparation casters prepare multiple copies of vital buffs just in case.

So yeah. Epic combat in Neverwinter Nights is insane.