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    Default Dreamscape Epic Spell

    Here's the link to the spell:

    How exactly does it work? The spell is very vague about a lot of details. It can be used to travel quickly or move to another plane (but both seemingly slower and riskier than just teleporting or plane shifting or gating).

    What is the dreamscape like? Is each dreamer's dreams a separate realm or do they all occupy a shared reality? Can you explore people's minds by wandering through their dreams? Can you attack people's minds in their dreams? Will a dreamer you visit be able to remember you? Are dreamed up creatures and objects identical to their real counterparts? Can you take dreamed objects out into the real world? Can visitors dream up their own things and exert control over their surroundings? There's an almost endless list of questions.

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    Default Re: Dreamscape Epic Spell

    Manual of the Planes describes the dreamscape in detail in the Variant Planes section in the back; the epic spell is meant to refer to that. In fact, the epic spell is almost exactly the same as a 7th level spell in MotP used to get there. Getting your hands on MotP would probably provide the best explanation.
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