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    Default 3.5 paladin magic paladin variant!

    Ive been trying to find the paladin variant that turns your hit die into a d8 but gives you access to arcane spells and I think a dispel magic?

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    Default Re: 3.5 paladin magic paladin variant!

    I know of no such variant. However, the Sword of the Arcane Order feat lets you prepare wizard spells in your paladin slots, and the hexblade and duskblade classes are often referred to as "arcane paladins".

    There is, though, a ranger variant (mystic ranger) which improves your spellcasting, and an ACF which grants more spell slots. Sword of the Arcane Order can also be used by rangers, so combining these makes a decent gish.

    If you want to dispel a lot you could try the Mage Slayer->Pierce Magical Protection feats, but each feat in the chain reduces your caster level for all classes by four.
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